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September 11 2001


Any airplane crashed in the pentagon


Thierry Meyssan


The official documents mentioned in this book are available in the web sites indicated in the notes. In case they were retired of the Americans web sites, they are also filed in , where the reader can consult them easily.



The attacks of September 11 2001 were continued in direct by hundred of millions of paralyzed people in front of the screen of the television. The stupor before the magnitude of the attack, the impression before the gratuidad of the violence, they stunned all the viewers, included the commentators. The absence of information about the attitude of the North American authorities, as well as the spectacular violence of the images took to the chains to repeat the empotramiento of the suicidal airplanes unceasingly in the towers of the World Trade Center and its later crumbling. The demands of the transmission in direct together with the effect surprise bounded the information immediately to a description of the well-known facts and they impeded all global understanding.
In the three days that continued to the attacks, the officials surrendered to the press a lot of supplementary information on the less well-known aspects of those events. But this you dilutes in the uninterrupted stream of relative news to the victims and the aid services. After the months they were appearing other data sporadically, as many other anecdotes, without they were located in their context.
September 11 lost the life several thousands of people and to avenge them you carries out a war in Afghanistan. however, the events continue surrounded of mysteries. their description this full with strange facts, uncertainties and contradictions. In spite of the grief that you/they inspire, the public opinion has conformed with the official version, giving of course that the imperatives of national security don't allow to the American authorities to say everything.
This official version is not sustained with an critical analysis. We will demonstrate that it was just a build-up scene. In some cases, the elements that we have picked up allow to reestablish the truth. In other cases, our questions still continue without answers, what is not a reason to continue believing the lies of the authorities. Anyway, the material that we have elaborated to question the genuineness of the American's acts in Afghanistan and the "war against the axis of evil."
We invite you to not considering our work like a definitive truth. On the contrary, we invite you to the scepticism. trust just in you critic spirit. So that you can check our imputations and to be formed your own opinion, we have enriched the text with many notes that indicated you the main sources.
In this period where United States separates the Good of the Evil, we will make an effort to remind them that the freedom is not to believe in a simplistic vision of the World, but understanding, to enlarge the options and to multiply the shades.



Chapter 1


Do you remember the attack in the pentagon? The events were too much serious and so sudden that in that moment it was impossible to appreciate the contradictions of the official versions.
Little September of 2001, 11 before 10 in the morning, hour of Washington, the Department of Defense publishes a brief official statement: "The Department of Defense continues responding to the perpetrated attack this morning at 9:38 o'clock. at this time we don't have any figure on the I number of victims. The wounded personnel's members have been transferred to several next hospitals. The secretary of Defense, Donald S. Rumsfeld, it has expressed their condolence to the families of the died victims and wounded in this desaprensivo it attacks and it guarantees the address of the operations from their control center in the pentagon. The whole personnel has been evacuated of the building, while the investigation services urgency of the Department of Defense and of the neighboring populations they face the calls and urgencies you prescribe. The first estimates of the damages are considerable; nevertheless, the Pentagon should reopen tomorrow morning. The substitute work places of the parts siniestradas of the building are classifying". (1)

(1)This official statement has been extracted of the web site of the department of Defense. you can consult it in the web site of the university of Yale:

The agency Reuters, the first one in arriving to the place of the facts, announces that the pentagon has been reached by the explosion of a helicopter. Paul Begala, a democratic consultant, confirms this news for telephone to Associated Press (2). Some minutes later, the department of Defense corrects the information: it was an airplane. New witness contradict to the first ones and they give credit to the version of the authorities: Fred Hey (3), the senator's parliamentary assistant Bob Ney, saw fall a Boeing while it drove for the adjacent freeway with the pentagon. The senator Mark Kirk (4) it was leaving the parking of the Pentagon, after having breakfast with the secretary of Defense, when you shatters an airplane. The secretary in person, Donald Rumsfeld, leaves its office and he throws to the place of the facts to help the victims.

(2) "Part of Pentagon Collapse after terrorists Crash Mourns into Building", news of Associated Press of September 11 2001.
(3) "The Day The Wolrd Changed", in The Christian Science Monitor, September 17 2001.
(4) "Inside the Pentagon Minutes before Raid", by Rick Pearson, in Chicago Tribune, September 12 2001.

The firemen of the county of Arlington intervene. They unite to them four teams of the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the federal agency of investigation in catastrophe situations, and specialized firemen of Reagan's airport. Toward 10:00 o'clock, the wing of the affected Pentagon collapses.
To the press stays far from the place of the tragedy so that it doesn't hinder the tasks of the aid services and they should conform with filming the first bags with human remains that join in silence in an improvised campaign hospital. But Associated Press is able to recover the pictures of the arrival of the firemen, taken by a matter from a near building.

Photo 1

In those moments of confusion they will be necessary several hours so that the boss of the Combined bigger State, the general Richard Myers, indicate that the suicidal airplane was the Boeing 757-200 of the flight 77 of American Airlines that roped with the Angeles in Dulles and of the one that the air controllers had lost the rake from 8:55 o'clock. Always precipitate, the press agencies increase the tension speaking of about 800 deads. A not very realistic figure that the secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, will abstain from denying in its conference of press of the following day, although the exact balance, fortunately four times minor, was known then accurately (5).

(5) "Dod News Briefing", september 12 2001, 15:25.

For everybody, after the attacks against the World Trade Center, the shock is even bigger: the one exercises more powerful of the World it has not been able to protect their own headquarters and it has suffered serious lost. United States, considered invincible, it is vulnerable until in their own land.

* * *

At first sight, the facts are certain. And nevertheless one investigates in the details, the official explanations are confused and contradictory.

The air controllers of the civil aviation (FAA: Federal Aviation Administration) they explained the journalists of The Christian Science Monitor (6) that, toward 8:55 o'clock, the Boeing had descended to 29.000 feet and it had not responded to the order them closing. Then, the pilot that continued without responding, had lit his radio for intermittence from which one could hear a voice with strong Arab accent that he threatened him. The airplane gave half turn then in address to Washington and then they lost its rake.

(6) Special Edition, The Christian Science Monitor, september 17 de 2001, in

In accordance with the effective procedures, the controllers air local notified the deviation to the headquarters of the FAA. National most of the responsible ones was absent, of trip in Canada to attend a professional congress. In the madness of that day, those responsible for the watch in the headquarters of the FAA believed to receive an umpteenth notification on the second airplane deviated toward New York. When half hour had already passed they finally understood that it was a third deviated airplane and newly it is that moment they informed to the military authorities. This error made them lose 29 valuable minutes.

Interrogated September 13 for the Commission Senatoria of the armed forces, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the general Richard Myers (7), it was unable to refer the measures that they took to intercept the Boeing. Of this lively exchange with the highest military authority, did the parliamentarian reach the conclusion and that he had not been carried out any action to intercept it (does read you their appearance in the annexes). But is it possible to believe that the one exercises of United States they remained passive during the attacks?

(7) in

To counteract the disastrous effect of this appearance, the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Comand) publish an official statement (8) September 14. Besides repairing the lack by heart of the general Richard Myers, I indicate that it had not been informed of the deviation up to 9:24 o'clock. I Assure to have given the order immediately at two F-16 of the base of Langley (Virginia) so that the Boeing intercepted. But the air force, when not knowing where it was, he thought that it will maybe make a new attack in New York and control the F-16 toward the north. An airplane of military transport that take off the presidential base of Saint-Andrews, you crosses by chance with the Boeing and it could identify it. Too much afternoon.

(8) In sees you also Military Alerted Before Attacks for bradley Graham in The Washington Post of September of 2001, 15 and US Jets Were Just Eight Minutes Away From Shooting Down Hijacked Mourns", by Andrew Gumbel in The Independent of September 20 2001.

It is not certain that the version of the NORAD is more trustful than of chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. is it possible to believe that the system of military radar of United States was unable to locate a Boeing in an area of several dozens of Kilometers of radio? and that a big line airplane can mislead potent F-16 rushed in its persecution?.

Therefore, it is of supposing that if the Boeing had franked this depressed serious first obstacle when coming closer to the Pentagon. It is obvious that the device of security that protects the Department of Defense is a military secret. As that of the White House. It is known perfectly that you restructures (9) completely after a series of incidents happened in 1994, especially the landing of a small airplane, a Cesna 150L, in the grass of the White House. It is also known that this antiaircraft device understands five batteries of missiles installed on the Pentagon and F-16 parked in the presidential base of Saint-Andrews (10). Two combat squadrons are permanently installed there: the 113я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗ Fighter Wing of the air force and the 321я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗ Fighter Attack of the Marina. they are equipped respectively with F-16 and F/A-18 and they had never let the Boeing came closer.

(8) Cf. Public Report Of The White House Security Review (May 10 1995), en
(9) official site of the base of Saint-Andrews:

But, like the lieutenant colonel Vic Warzinski, spokesman of the Pentagon said: "We were not you consent that that airplane went toward us and I doubt that before Tuesday [September 11] somebody had been able to foresee something similar" (11).

(11) In Newsday, September 23 2001

Therefore, after to mislead their pursuers and to frank without damages the antiaircraft but sophisticated defense, the Boeing finishes its flight in the pentagon.

A Boeing 757-200 (12) it is a cargo carrier able to transport 239 passengers. It measures 47,32 meters long and he/she has 38,05 span meters. full, this mastodon weighs 115 tons and it reaches, however, a speed of 900 Km/h.

(12) According to the information emitted by the manufacturer that can be consulted in:

As for the pentagon (13), it is the biggest administrative building in the World. Every day they work 23.000 people there. Their name comes from its original it structures: five concentric rings, of five sides each one. It was not built far from the White House, although in the other bank of the Potomac. Therefore, it is not in same Washington, but in Arlington, in the neighbor state from Virginia.

(13) It visits virtual to the pentagon in:

To cause bigger damage, the Boeing should be had starry against the roof of the pentagon. In order to bill it was the solution but simple: the surface of the building is of 29 acres. on the other hand the terrorist preferred to smash against a frontage, although her height was just of 24 meters.

The airplane you brings near suddenly to the floor, like to land. staying in horizontal position descended almost vertically, without not even damaging the beacons of the freeway that it skirts the parking of the pentagon, touching them with the blow of their displacement. Just a streetlight of the parking was cut.

The Boeing collides against the frontage from the building to the height of the low floors and the first floor. everything without damaging the grass, neither the wall, neither the parking, neither the helipuerto.

In spite of their weight (a hundred of tons) and speed (between 400 and 700 Kilя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠п│metros/hour), the alone airplane destroys the first ring of the construction. It is what can be observed clearly in the pictures.

The crash felt in the whole pentagon. The fuel of the airplane that is stored in the wings of the apparatus, you inflames and the fire you spreads for the building. They found the death 125 people, to those that it is necessary to add 64 people that traveled on board the Boeing.

The Chance (?) wants that the airplane collided against a part of the pentagon that was in repair. It had just conditioned the new Center of Control of the Marina (14). Several offices were unoccupied, others were occupied by the civil personnel in charge of the installation. what explains that the victims were for the most part civil and that just there was a military one (a general) among these.

(14) "Inside The Ring", chronicle of Bill Gertz, in The Washington Time of September 21 2001.

These first elements are little trustful. The rest of the official version is frankly impossible.

If the form of the airplane is incrusted in the picture of the satellite, it can be proven that just the nose of the Boeing penetrates in the building. The fuselage and the wings remained in the exterior.

Photo 2

The airplane stopped immediately, without its wings hit the frontage. Any impact rake is not appreciated, except for that of the nose of the airplane. In fact, it would should it turns the wings and the fuselage in the exterior, in fact, in the grass.

While the nose of the airplane this manufactured with an alloy of a susceptible compound of melting quickly and the wingsя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■▄Б∙⌡п╣Б▄═that stores the fuel - they can burn, the fuselage of a Boeing is made of aluminum and the reactors are made of steel. after the fire the apparatus has to leave, necessarily, roasted remains. In the following picture of Associated Press, one can observe professedly that there is not airplane. However, the picture was taken in the first minutes: the trucks of firemen had already arrived, but the firemen not yet had spread.

Photo 3

During the conference of press of September 12 (15), the captain of firemen of the county of Arlington, Ed Plaugher, precise that their men had thoroughly been devoted to the fight against the propagation of the fire in the Pentagon, but that they stayed remote of the exact place of the collision. just the special teams (Urban search and Rescue) of the FEMA intervened in contact with the airplane.

(15) confers of press preceded by the enclosed secretary of defense, Victoria Clarke, Pentagon, September 12 2001; it can consult himself in

In that moment they settled down an surrealist dialogue:

JOURNALIST: " what is it of the apparatus?"

BOSS PLAUGHER: "In the first place, on the apparatus... there are some fragments that you/they could it turns from the interior during the fight operations against the fire of which spoke to him, but it was not voluminous pieces. In other words, there is not neither fuselage pieces neither anything of that type."

(...) JOURNALIST: "Major, there are pieces of the apparatus distributed everywhere, even in the freeway, minuscule pieces. You would say that the apparatus explodes, literally I explode, in the moment of the impact due to the fuel or..."

PLAUGHER: "He/she knows, he/she would prefer not to pronounce me on this topic. We have many ocular witness that can inform better envelope what happened to the apparatus when he/she came closer. Consequently, we don't know. I don't know it."


JOURNALIST: " Where this the fuel of the airplane?..."

PLAUGHER: "We have what we suppose that it is a fair puddle in the place where we think that this the nose of the airplane". (sic)

This way, although official, parliamentarian and military they seek to have seen fall the apparatus, nobody saw the smallest airplane piece, not even the landing train: single non identifiable metal fragments. as for the cameras of videovigilancia of the parking of the pentagon, these neither saw the Boeing in any moment and from any angle.

Let us recapitulate the official version: a deviated Boeing would have misled F-16 rushed in its persecution and it would have destroyed the antiaircraft defense system of Washington. It would have landed vertically in the parking of the Pentagon, remaining horizontal. It would have collided against the frontage to the height of the low floor. It would have penetrated with the nose and the fuselage in the building. One of their wings perhaps both, they would have caught fire, while the fuselage would have disintegrated in the interior. The fuel, stored in the wings, just it would have burned the enough time to cause a fire in the building, then it would have become a puddle that would have moved until the supposed place of the nose of the airplane.

In spite of the respect that is due to the high qualification of the ocular witness", official and parliamentary, it is impossible to swallow these lies. Far from giving more credit to their declarations, the quality of those witness underlines just the importance of the means deployed for the I exercise of United States to distort the truth.

After all, this extravagant fable was built progressively, a lie that called to another. If we refer to the initial official statement of the pentagon, mentioned at the beginning of the I surrender, it is observed that it was not a Boeing. The theory of the airplane Kamikaze appeared later single half hour. Also, neither it was F-16 trying to intercept the phantom airplane during the chariman of the joint chiefs of staff appearance. It was just after two days that the NORAD invention the lie of the F-16.

* * *

The official version is just propaganda. what is of her is that 125 people died in the pentagon and that an airplane that transported 64 passengers disappeared. Which is the cause of the explosion that I affect to the pentagon? What did it happen to the flight 77 of American Airlines? Did their passengers die? If they did Who kill them and why? If they didnя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─бЇп╠Б∙▓t, Where they are? Many questions the North American Administration should respond.

Aske ourselves, mainly that tries to hide the official versions. The general Wesley Clark, former commandant superior of the force of the NATO during the war of Kosovo, I declare when being interrogated by CNN the day after the attack: "From toward some time we were to the current that some groups drifted [an attack against the pentagon], evidently we didn't know the enough thing" (16). This enigmatic statement doesn't make reference some to a foreign aggressor, but to the threats uttered by militias of extreme right against the Pentagon. It allows to see the secret confrontations that tear to the American directing class.

(16) Nationя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─бЇп╠Б∙▓s Capitя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙▒n Under State of Emergency, CNN of september 12, 2001

CNN interviews Hosni Mubarak, September 15 (17). In that moment, the Egyptian president didn't have the same information that us. It ignored what a detailed analysis shows us. On the other hand, he had confidential information on the appearance of the attack that had transmitted before several weeks to the North American government.

(17) Text integrates available in the place of the Egyptian presidency:

PRESIDENT HOSNI MUBARAK: (...) Any service of information in the World had the possibility to say that it will use commercial flights, with passengers, to smash against the towers and the Pentagon. Those that made that, should fly over during a time this region, for example. The Pentagon is not very high. To rush this way on the Pentagon, a pilot should have flown over this area to know the obstacles that he would be flying to a very low altitude with a great commercial airplane before playing the Pentagon in a precise place. Somebody studies this very well, somebody flew over this area attentively."

CNN: " this suggesting, if it doesn't bother him that he/she asks him this question that can be an interior operation what there is behind this to their view?"

PRESIDENT HOSNI MUBARAK: "Frankly, I don't want to reach precipitate conclusions. You, in United States, when they catch somebody, the rumors run, я├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б√─п╣Б▄═oh says, oh, is not an Egyptian, he/she is a Saudi, an emiratя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠р▒ '... it is better to wait. Let us remind Oklahoma City. At once rumors that accused the Arab, circulated and they were not Arab, like we know... allows us to wait and to see which will be the results of the investigation. Because fellow men things perpetrated in United States, it is not easy for the pilots formed in Florida, so much people train to achieve the flight license, that doesn't mean that they are castrates of such actions terrorists. I speak to them as former pilot, him you very well, I have steered very big airplanes, I have steered F-16, I know these very well, they are not easy things, for that reason I believe that we should not reach precipitate conclusions."

* * *

Many people that drove their automobile for the freeway that skirts the pentagon, listened the noise of an airplane that went by their heads. The noise was strident, as that of a F-16 airplane, not a commercial airplane. Some say to have seen the apparatus. They describe it as a small airplane of eight or ten passengers, I don't eat a Boeing 757 (18).

(18) "Up to 800 Possibly Dead at Pentagon", of James McIntyre and Matt Smith, in CNN September of 2001 11 / and General Three-star May Be Among Pentagon Dead, of Ian Christopher McCabel, in CNN September 13, 2001

Danielle O'Brien, air controler of the airport Duller, wrote ABC News the way to behave of the apparatus, seen in the radar (19). it Flew approximately to 800 Km/h. in the first place it went toward the protected air space of the White House and of the Capitol, then I veer oblique and brutally on the pentagon. To her and their colleagues it doesn't fit him the smallest doubt, given the speed and their maneuver capacity that it could not be a commercial airplane but just a military apparatus.

(19) "Get These Plans on the Ground", ABC News of October of 2001 24 and in National Air Traffic Controllers Association (AFL-CIO)

The apparatus penetrates in the building without causing important damages in the frontage. It crossed several of the rings of the pentagon, opening up in each block that crossed a hole every bigger time. The final hole, in a perfectly circular way, mediates around 2,30 diameter meters. (photo 4, 5, 6) When crossing the first ring of the pentagon, the apparatus causes such a gigantic fire as sudden. Of the building immense flames that you/they licked the frontage came out. They retired with the same speed, leaving behind her a black soot cloud. The fire you spreads in a part of the first ring of the pentagon and in two perpendicular corridors. It was so sudden that the protection against fires was ineffective.

All these testimonies and observations could correspond to the shot of a missile of it finishes generation of the type AGM, provided of a hollow load and a tip of impoverished uranium of the type BLU, guided by GPS. this apparatus type has the appearance of a small civil airplane, but it is not an airplane. It produces a whistle comparable to that of an airplane it F-16, it can be guided with the enough precision as to enter for a window, to perforate the most resistant blindajes, and to cause an instantaneous fire that emits a heat of more than 2000я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗ Celsius.

Just a missile of the militars of the United States that emits a well-known code he/she can enter in the air space of the pentagon without unchaining the shot of the antimisils. This attack have been make more than for military American against other military ones American.

If the Administration Bush falsifies the attack of the pentagon to mask internal problems, could not it also hide some elements of the attacks happened in the World Trade Center?

FROM я├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■≤п▒Б■─б╟THE PENTAGONя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■▄п╠б╡

A remnant of too much

A remnant of the Boeing 757-200 of the American flight Airlines 77 has been recovered on the lawn of the Pentagon, September 11, 2001. The investigation of Thierry Meyssan falls to water. The doubt is not permitted anymore: the plane collapsed altogether on the department of Defense. Close your book.

But newspapers that published the photograph of this remnant like an element of proof skipped stages maybe in not proceeding to the elementary verifications. They seem to have found a remnant indeed of which the Pentagon himself didn't know the existence. One is besides well in pain to define of what part of the Boeing this piece of sheet metal can come.

The remnant of a plane я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ pulverizedя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ meltedя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ gassifiedя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

The famous photograph has been taken by Mark Faram, to report photographer for the CNA agency, and has been used initially in the Navy Times (to see notebook p photo. XVI). It has been published for the first time in France by Le Monde, March 21, 2002. Thereafter, several newspapers took it in color and in full page.

This photo represents a twisted sheet metal piece, of white and red color, alike to an aeronautic remnant. For all newspapers that evoke the business this picture is well more that it: it is the photographic that proof that the AA77 flight collapsed on the Pentagon, since naturally, she represents a remnant of the Boeing 757-200 of American Airlines.

On the subject, Le Monde gave it " her ". Published in loud of a titled page я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Internet transports an extravagant rumor on September 11я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, the photograph is thus lя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤gendя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤e: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ This picture has been taken by a military photographer of the Navy Times, September 11, 2001. According to the agency Associated Press (AP), that distributes it, the photo shows a remnant of the plane on the west heliport of the Pentagon. Precise AP that pieces have been scattered by the shock until the neighboring freeway. It is about one of the rare available documents in the photographic agencies. Mark Faram, the author of the clichя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤, confirmed its authenticity to the World, Tuesday 19 March. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [1]

The editorial of the newspaper, published the same day, is even more categorical on what the writing thinks the picture: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Witnesses saw the plane before it doesn't collapse on the Pentagon, a photo even showed a piece of fuselage to about hundred meters of the building.я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

In the same time, and without fearing the contradiction the newspaper reassures his/her/its readers surprised by the few of material evidence of the presence of the plane: of experts - anonymous - explain that the device disintegrated itself under the shock and had, moreover, melted. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ The impact occurred with an extreme energy, provoking the pulverization of the device, note one among them, and an immediate kindling. To the difference of cars planes are composed especially of aluminum, that goes in fusion toward 600я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷C, and structures of the device could melt. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [2]

Thereafter, other newspapers take this argument, yet contradictory with the photo of the remnant presumed. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Quid of the wing absence? Experts in aeronautics are categorical: manufactured in aluminum, they simply melted in the infernoя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, Marianne analysis. [3]

Why not? But one should find hundred tons of melted metal then. What is not the case. To explain this mystery one teaches to readers that the temperature reached the point of gasification then. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ The intensity of the heat caused by the combustion can pulverize the device comfortably. Meyssan doesn't know it maybe, but to 3000я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷ the aluminum turns into gas! я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ sign doctement Interview. [4]

Of course, one doesn't wonder about consequences of such a hypothesis. If the plane burned to more of 3000я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷ inside the building, to height of the ground floor and the first floor, how to believe that the superior floors could resist an as elevated temperature? And how authorities could they identify victims supposedly recovered in this furnace? Because, other apparently incontestable proof of the crash of the plane on the Pentagon, precise Liberation to his readers that a passenger я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ has been identified thanks to his digital prints. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [5]

How to believe that metal melted, is itself я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ gassifiedя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ and that the human bodies are even identifiable?

According to these newspapers the plane was therefore я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ pulverizedя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ before я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ to meltя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ and of himself я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ to transform in gasя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. They identified a not at all charred remnant however definitely of it.

The Pentagon didn't recover the remnant

Publications that presented this remnant refute, in fact, the official version. it comes out again, indeed, of news conferences to the Pentagon of September 12 and 15, 2001, that no piece important some plane has not been recovered. According to the department of Defense the only elements that would have been recovered would be the black boxes and a beacon, September 14, 2001.

September 12, a journalist asks Ed Plaugher, chief of firemen of the Arlington county, if he remains something of the plane. His answer doesn't give rise to confusion: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ By the way of the plane there are the small pieces of the device visible of the inside, during operations of struggle against the fire of which I spoke to you, but not of big pieces. In other words, there are not pieces of fuselage, or this kind of things. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [6]

September 15, at the time of a new news conference, relative this time to the reconstruction of the Pentagon, Terry Mitchell is to his tour interrogated on what he could see like proof of the plane (я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ hovers evidenceя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘). He indicates that one could not see some that of я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ small piecesя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. The following question especially interests us: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ To what depth inside the building [were these pieces of the plane]? Once again, we try to understand how it entered in the buildingя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■▄п╠я√я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ The official answer is eloquent: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Can one start with seeing the end of the video, before coming back thereon? я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ Journalists approve and Mr. Mitchell won't come back more ever yet to this question primordial. [7]

Also interrogated him on material evidence of the plane, Lee Evey, chief of project of the operation renovation of the Pentagon answers that him я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ has the considerable proofs of the plane there outside. That is not just very visible. [я├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■▄п╠я√] None of these pieces is not very big and the some bigger pieces, here, look like conducts of plane motor, they are circular. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [8]

September 14, the department of Defense announces that lifesavers recovered the two black boxes, at four o'clock in the morning [9]. Then a beacon. Then more nothing. Research are interrupted when the works of destruction - reconstruction start. Of the supposed remnant of Boeing photographed by Mark Faram he/it is never question in the official declarations.

In the first days that follow the attempt, authorities mention the existence therefore that of small remnants, of non identifiable metallic fragments, that could come from all something else. Hopeless among firemen, architects and the official of the Defense department didn't see the least piece of fuselage on places of the attempt - with the exception of the secretary to Defense, Donald Rumsfeld (cf. chapter я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Disappearance of a planeя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘). Six months later, the French press recovered a piece of the completely unknown device of the Pentagon therefore himself.

Six months later, the FBI can nearly reconstitute the plane

But the version of the Defense department is not the only official version. Six months are given another version of facts later. In April 2002, a short time after the exit of the book The terrible imposture, Valя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤rie Labrousse, of the Digipresse agency, returns to Washington. [10] she contacts authorities there so that they express themselves on the topic. The declaration of the FBI is disturbing: his agents would have recovered a big part of remnants, returning possible one quasi - complete reconstitution of the wreckage of the Boeing thus. A version confirmed by Chris Murray, spokesman of the FBI in Washington, interrogated by Liberation,: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Pieces of the plane are stocked in a warehouse and they are marked of serial numbers of the flight 77. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [11]

The plane has not been pulverized therefore in a small piece multitude, as affirmed it the Pentagon in September 2001. He/it doesn't have non melted, as explained him several French newspapers in March 2002. No: in April 2002, the plane can be reconstituted practically by the FBI.

More than six months after facts, the memory even comes back to several witnesses. Ed Plaugher, the chief of Arlington firemen that testified, in September 2001, to only have seen the small pieces of the plane and not of я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ sectionsя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ some fuselage is interrogated a new time by Valя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤rie Labrousse. He/it denies his/her/its own declarations: after having recognized to have arrived on places 35 at 40 minutes after the attempt he/it retails to have seen: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ of pieces of fuselage, wings, the landing gear, of pieces of motor, of seats,. I can affirm you it, there was a plane. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ Before specifying: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ A plane of line. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [12] therefore, 35 at 40 minutes after the crash, whereas fire ravaged the inside of the Pentagon, with a temperature adjoining 3000я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷C to make burn the cabin, one could approach of the inferno and recognize seats of Boeing. Ed Plaugher indicates to even have я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ seenя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ (sic) one of the two black boxes, that will be recovered yet that three days later. An officially unexploitable black box because let exposed too long to a very strong heat.

March 30, 2002, Liberation publishes another testimony confirming the presence of remnant. According to Arthur Santana, я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ lifesavers almost everywhere collected pieces of the plane. Pieces were buried in bags in plastic brown that were marked of letters " material evidence " (evidence ", in English), and a part of this zone has been surrounded with yellow Scotch tape. A thick piece of the plane, raised by two people, let clearly see the C " letter " of American Airlines. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [13] the daily publishes another testimony, the one of Mike Walter, besides: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ After the explosion I walked in direction of the Pentagon. I was to more of 100 meters of the impact, but there were almost everywhere pieces of fuselage. Several times, I should have stepped over remnants. I even remember of someone that collected a piece and am made take itself in photo, with the Pentagon in background. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ According to Liberation, я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ the journalist confirms however that remnants of the plane were not thick size. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ April 11, Jamie Mc Intyre, corresponding CNN in the Pentagon, confides to Paris - Match the manner of which he lived the crash, whereas he was to his office, to the Pentagon. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ I immediately ran on places of the crash. The hundreds of plane pieces strewed soil, of which a piece of the fuselage and a part of the windshield of the cockpit that CNN made appraise. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [14]

One now speaks us of imposing, identifiable and same remnants of taken photos of these remnants. Yet, no of these pictures (with the exception of the one of Mark Faram) has not been published, nor even preserved by agencies of press. Why? And how the Pentagon, who didn't recover, officially, that a beacon and two black boxes, could not he/it realize all these remnants of Boeing on his/her/its lawn?

Put himself to the minimum the question of their interpretation without putting back in reason the reliability of these new testimonies.

A photo that poses problem

The argument that permits to make this remnant non identified a piece of fuselage resides in a resemblance in colors. Effectively, he/it seems that the red dя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤tourя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ of white corresponds to colors of American Airlines. However, first disturbing detail, the remnant doesn't seem to have the characteristic silvery color of planes of the American company. Besides, while examining the available photographs of Boeing 757-200 of this company attentively, it appears difficult to identify only one place of which could come this piece of fuselage.

The detour bent of the red and the white excludes that it was about letters я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ AAя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ very angular extra on the tail. In the same way, a survey of the large blue, white and red strip that also makes the tour of the cabin and face on the nose of the plane permits to affirm that the remnant cannot come some. Wings don't include a red, but only of the black and the white. The underside of the device is solely plated color gray. He/it remains the word therefore я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Americanя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ registered on the side of the Boeing. But there again, new problem: the shape of colors seems to indicate that it is about the corner of a letter. One should observe therefore rightly nearby, the detour of the following letter. However, one doesn't distinguish anything of such on the photo. Last possibility: that it was about the last letter of the word. But there, new problem,: one should be able to distinguish the detour of the door, that jouxte the letter я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ nя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. Nothing of such doesn't appear on this photo.

The remnant having been distorted by the explosion, it seems however hazardous to affirm that it cannot absolutely come from a Boeing of American Airlines. But he/it is at least as much to affirm as he is about inevitably of a part of the cabin: nothing is not less sure, and no piece seems to correspond. As for colors of which one tells us that they are necessarily those of American Airlines, they are above all those of the United States. One recovers them therefore on a large number of vehicles and official or military airships.

One remembers that, according to several witnesses a helicopter was parked before the frontage, just before the explosion. Some among them indicate that the device that hit the Pentagon first struck the helicopter before embedding itself/themselves in the frontage. [15] why this remnant he/it would not come some?

" This is not an element of proof and it is presented in order to make believe " it

The Pentagon himself declared in September 2001 that he/it didn't exist any important pieces. There are little odds that this famous remnant comes from the AA77 flight therefore. Hervя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ Kempf, journalist to the World, cannot be unaware of all these incoherences. March 23, 2002, during the broadcast + Clear, on Channel +, Thierry Meyssan confronts it to contradictions that raise the publication of this photo in the daily:

Thierry Meyssan: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Has a very interesting falsification. The Le Monde newspaper, that tried to mislead his readers in mistake, published a photograph that comes from an official photographer of the marine of the United States. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

Daphnя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ Roulier, prя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤sentatrice of the broadcast,: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ US NAVY. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

Thierry Meyssan: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ On this photograph one sees a piece of metal that is not identifiable. [...] The department of Defense told us that there is only a beacon of the plane that has been recovered on the lawn. According to authorities it is not therefore an element of the plane. Yet, the Le Monde newspaper [...] uses that as argument. [Him] makes seeming to be unaware of this conference of September 15 of which we discussed extensively together [Thierry Meyssan and Hervя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ Kempf]. And you have me several times interrogated on this photograph. But to add some, they signal that they contacted the author of the photograph, March 19, to ascertain his/her/its authenticity - that of which no one doubt, but that brings us strictly anything as for the significance of the picture. [...] I would like to know why the Le Monde newspaper wanted to mislead his/her/its readers in mistake with this photo. [...]я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

Daphnя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ Roulier: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ If I can allow, I believe, Hervя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ Kempf, that you didn't agree with the explanation of this photo. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

Hervя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ Kempf: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ Then! It is very interesting that Mr. Meyssan mentions this photo and what he says some is exact. That means that I agree with him and there was a debate within the writing of the World - because the writing, this is not monolithic. And with other journalists I was opposed personally, to the publication of this photo that was presented like an element of proof. You quite overcome to signal that this is not an element of proof and that it is presented in order to make believe: " Ah! You see well that Mr. Meyssan has wrong since has a remnant with a piece of plane! " If one reads the legend attentively however, one will see that there is not an ambiguousness.я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

One can reread the legend of the photograph effectively, quoted higher, and to arrange itself/themselves of the side of Kempf Hervя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤: there is not an ambiguousness, this remnant is clearly presented like a remnant of the Boeing, even though the fatherhood of this authentication is granted to Associated Press. The editorial was, as for it, completely affirmative.
Let's mention the legend of Associated Press for memory: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ A piece of the wreckage of the plane rests close to the heliport on the west side of the Pentagon after a terrorist attack the Tuesday 11 September 2001, to Arlington in Virginia. Remnants of the device have been spilled beyond the express road and the military medical teams were mobilizing itself/themselves to carry help to injureds. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

What has just told therefore us Hervя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ Kempf? That he/it knew that this photograph didn't represent a я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ element of proofя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. That it made part of it during a meeting of the writing. But as, я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ a writing, this is not monolithicя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, the other journalists, that one imagines majority or hierarchically superior, chose to publish this photo, without no guarantee on what she/it could represent, nevertheless. And this publication even accompanies by a legend and an editorial that aim to make the reader believe that no doubt is possible on the nature of the remnant, that it comes well evidently from the Boeing 757-200 extinct of Airlines American. There is an interesting conception of the reliability of information within a newspaper.

The declaration televised of Kempf Hervя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ is very hard opposite his own newspaper. We interrogated the journalist in order to permit him to express himself and to come back on this episode. He thinks that the photo represents a piece of the Boeing well, but confirms also that it was opposed to its publication: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ I had a problem with the use of the photo as proof. For me, what counts, it is the context, the author, conditions of manufacture of the document, the sociological environment of this manufacture. [я├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■▄п╠я√] However, at that moment, we could have interrogated Mark Faram not again. We had contacted him by e-mail and he had confirmed us to be merely the author of the photo. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ He develops his methodological conception of the investigation work: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ For me, the main thing, it is testimonies. I have historian's formation, and in history the testimony is primordial. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ We will see farther than the different testimony analysis should have driven also to more of circumspection. While waiting, he/it seems well that Le Monde made proof of a guilty precipitation: to publish without no methodological precaution a photo of remnant, without even to have been able in to speak with its author, and without taking in account contradictions that raise this document in relation to the official version of the Pentagon. There is a required lack of as much more surprising on behalf of the World, that this one dedicates his/her/its editorial to give lessons of deontology to Thierry Meyssan.

To convince the reader to all price?

March 23, 2002, to in the evening of the diffusion of the Channel broadcast +, the French public knew therefore that the photograph of the remnant published in Le Monde was not a я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ element of proofя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. It also knew that this remnant didn't represent among elements officially recovered by the American soldieries. His/her/its authenticity, as remnant of Boeing, was therefore seriously put back in reason.

Yet, in days that follow the broadcast, several publications go, without fearing to mislead their readers in mistake, all over again to produce this photograph like an element of proof against the investigation of Thierry Meyssan. Successively Marianne, [16] Interview, [17] and Paris - Match [18] publish the photo of Mark Faram, without the least precaution rhetoric, all over again.

For Saveria Rojek, journalist to Paris - Match working in the United States, the intervention of Kempf Hervя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ on Channel + didn't constitute a sufficient motive not to publish the photo. The journalist has, indeed, makes я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ to authenticateя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ the nature of the remnant by an expert. According to this last the green color that it distinguishes on the internal part of the remnant would be characteristic of the painting used in aeronautics to warn the cabin of the corrosion and it would prove that one has business to a remnant of the flight 77 of Airlines American. Saveria Rojek also collected the photographer's opinion, Mark Faram,: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ I arrived there four minutes after the crash because I took my breakfast within the Pentagon. The place looked like a site of plane crash. I was in the marine in years 70 and affected to helps on disasters, including aerial. Of crash stages I didn't see pain of it therefore. When I saw this piece that strewed soil, I didn't have a doubt: it was a piece of the plane. This color money, these streaks blue and red, it was incontestably a plane of American Airlines. It is the thickest piece that I saw. it is not absolutely possible that someone brought him to this place because there nearly was not at that moment anybody. Other smaller pieces were almost everywhere scattered, of color silvery and green alu inside.я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ The authentication of the expert and the photographer's testimony allowed the journalist to publish the photo therefore я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ in all state of reasonя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘.

Yet, numerous questions remain in suspense. Being this type of painting used for example, also for cabins of helicopter, some what his/her/its presence would permit it to affirm that it is about a remnant of Boeing 757-200? How to explain that this remnant is so distant of the point of impact? From what part of the plane does it come? Why the American authorities didn't they recover him? Why there are not any other visible remnants? Is this because the plane disintegrated itself, melted and is gassified itself? To all these questioning, we didn't get an answer.

In medallion Paris - Match produces a second also я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ proofя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. In a no - identifiable material heap one can distinguish a dark and circular, alike shape with difficulty vaguely to a tire. Before the weak quality of the photo, one wonders if one is not in front of a psychological test where each is invited to project his/her/its own fantasize. Yet, Paris - Match affirms to have reproduced there, я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ dislocated, but perfectly identifiable (sic), a tire of the landing gearя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, that would have been я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ also [я├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■▄п╠я√] recovered. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ By whom this tire has it been recovered? Would not the happy owner of this cumbersome object have due to transmit it to the American authorities, who didn't arrange in September that of a beacon and the black boxes? There again, not of answerя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■▄п╠я√

Her я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ counter - investigationя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ on Internet

The same precipitation characterizes the set of newspapers that published this photo of remnant while presenting it without no precaution as coming from the Boeing 757-200 of American Airlines. Most journalists didn't even make the minimal gait done by Saveria Rojek, that means to collect the opinion of the photographer and an expert. The work of counter - investigation finally limited itself to good few things. Wanting to answer to a я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ rumor coming from the Cleanя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, several newspapers judged useful to send back their readers toward presented two Internet sites as the ultimate references: the French-speaking Hoaxbuster [19] and the English-speaking Snopes [20]. The work of counter - investigation doesn't seem to have been achieved yet better on these sites.

Snopes, for example, affirm to the contrary of the official version that я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ all five ringsя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ (я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ all five ringsя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘) have been damaged by the Boeing. To the support of this assertion the site publishes a photo of the Pentagon in yard, take it... 11 March 2002, either six months after events, and especially, after authorities made demolish all the wing of the building to make rebuild it. It proves undoubtedly, according to editors of these pages, that the plane made more damages than those described in The Terrible Imposture well. But as, apparently, the contradiction doesn't embarrass them, some lower lines they specify that three - only - some five concentric rings have been damaged by the plane. Before such a presentation of facts, this is not anymore a possible proof of plane that one searches for, but an indication of good faith of authors of the site.

Contradicting itself/themselves again, Snopes indicates a little farther that, я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ from what witnesses describe and what photos demonstrateя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, the plane touched soil before the impact, what reduced his/her/its speed considerably and therefore damages that it could cause. To our knowledge no witness related such a version. Otherwise, the different photographs distributed officially on sites of the American army show a perfectly intact lawn. Snopes mentions no testimony besides, not more that he doesn't publish photos of which he speaksя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■▄п╠я√

To explain the disappearance of wings the two sites give the same answer: they folded back against the cabin, penetrated then inside with the remainder of the plane, then burnt or melted. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ He/it is very likely that they folded back on the cabin at the time of the impactя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, explain Hoaxbuster with a lot of serious. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ As the before the Boeing hit the Pentagon, Snopes announcement, the outside pieces of wings broke at the time of the initial impact. They have been pushed then internally toward the fuselage and taken away toward the inside of the building. The internal portions of wings probably entered in walls of the Pentagon with the remainder of the plane.я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

This explanation я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ originalя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ doesn't permit to understand the absence of wing impact on the frontage. One doesn't see well how a shock on the nose of a plane could entail a recantation of wings. It is about a physical meaningless: with the kinetic energy portions broken of wings would have carried themselves toward the before and no toward the rear, along the fuselage, and in a fillip would have hit the frontage with the side of attack. To the passage the reasoning forgets that reactors - two of the most resistant parts of the plane - are fixed on these same wings and would have necessarily я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ markedя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ the frontage.

To explain the fact that this Boeing could escape planes of hunt launched to his/her/its pursuit Hoaxbuster gets involved finally, in a curious explanation: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ The flight AA 77 collapsed on the Pentagon to 09 hs 43 AMS. The American hunt took off to 10 hs 00 AMS (either more than 1/2 hour after the crash) and was content to follow the flight 93 that finished his/her/its road to Shanksville in Pennsylvania. And even though she/it would have taken in hunt the plane, she/it would not have descended him above an urban zone (it would have had the effect of to make victims a lot more)я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. One doesn't know of where come these ascriptions. Of as much more that the NORAD has, on the contrary, makes officially known that two F-16S took off to 9 hs 30 (cf. Appendices), either six minutes after the diversion has been notified by the FAA and thirty-five minutes after the transpondeur of the device has been cut [21]. So therefore, while wanting to fly to the help of the official version, Hoaxbuster contradicts it.

How her to explain я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ survalorisationя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ that journalists made these two sites obviously little qualified for this kind of work? Organizers of Hoaxbuster yet recognize them even: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ we are not practiced in aeronautics, nor in crash of plane, nor in explosivesя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. Paradoxically, after having tempted to discredit a book of investigation while qualifying it of я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ rumor on Internetя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, some newspapers didn't have any problem to have recourse, with a lot of complaisance, relatively little to Internet sites competent on an as technical landя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б■▄п╠я√

Otherwise, why do these newspapers have them city so many experts - anonymous - sometimes contradicting their subjects on the existence of a remnant? Why don't they have city Franя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠я≈ois Grangier, expert investigate - accident, yet usually guest by medias to express itself/themselves on the aerial disasters? Is this because he/it recognized publicly that the Boeing didn't have on no account can hit the frontage: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ What there is of certain when one sees the photo of this frontage that is intact, he/it is obvious that the plane didn't pass by there. One can imagine that a plane of that size cannot pass by a window while letting the standing framing. But he/it is obvious that so plane had, he/it hit to another place. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [22]?

To defend the official version authors of The awful lie interrogated Franя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠я≈ois Grangier. Unfortunately, this one confirms his/her/its analysis: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ I think that the trajectographie as one can discern it today doesn't permit to conclude to an impact on the frontage, but more presumably by the roof. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [23] all declarations and photographs, that they come from the American army or agencies, show without no ambiguousness that the device didn't hit the roof but the frontage (to see notebook photos).

Then, why partisans of the official thesis they are not more uneasy by this manifest contradiction?

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After the attack of the Pentagon the New York Times bring back the extent of damages immediately: the device я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ collapsed on the outside frontage of the building between the ground floor and the first floor, я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ to full powerя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, specify Mr. Rumsfeld. it penetrated three of the five concentric rings of the building.я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [1] One notes indeed on photographs distributed mainly by the army that the contraption pierced a some meter hole on the frontage. it penetrated in the building without touching soil that is completely intact. it came out again, three buildings farther, creating a perfectly round hole of about two meters thirty of diameter.

What device have caused these damages well: a Boeing 757-200 or a missile?

The impact

The contraption struck the west frontage of the Pentagon, before which is the heliport. A half-hour after the attempt, this frontage collapsed on about nineteen meters of large. A fire propagated itself in all the wing of the building, chatty of vast damages. The most important damages have been caused however by water used to extinguish fire, as specified him the chief of firemen Ed Plaugher [2] then the chief of project of the operation renovation, Lee Evey [3]. thereafter, the decision will be taken to shave the totality of the wing - close to hundred meters - to rebuild it to nine.

The impact is however narrow. The photograph of the VI page of the notebook color has been taken in the first minutes, to the arrival of helps, by the corporal Jason Ingersoll of the Marine of the United States. One can observe the frontage that didn't yet collapse there and the point of impact of the device. The opening has been enlarged to the gnarl on the following picture. He/it spreads of the ground floor until the first floor of the building (seven eight meters of top). His/her/its width corresponds about to the one of the two windows above (five six meters of large). It seems while the outside wall has been carried away between pillars of support of the building, and that the hole is therefore probably larger than was not the contraption that struck him.

The device that passed by this opening measures less five or six meters of diameter therefore. It could correspond to the cockpit of a Boeing 757-200 that makes 3,5 of them. But this plane also possesses wings that give him a span of thirty-eight meters. Reactors that constitute two of the strongest elements of the device are fixed on these wings. In short, he/it is provided of a big tail. When the landing gear didn't leave, the Boeing measures a few more of twelve meters of top. On this picture, one observes that the wall that is the hole rightly above is intact. He/it has not been struck therefore by the tail of a Boeing 757-200.

The hole of exit

The photograph of the XII page (also the one of cover) has been achieved by the department of Defense. it shows the hole by which left the device. The initial legend of the picture, published on a site of the Navy, indicates: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ The opening of exit marking the place where the American flight Airlines 77 finished its penetration of the Pentagonя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [4]. This hole is perfectly circular and measure about 2,30 ms of diameter.

The two pictures and their enlarging 4, 5, and 6 show the site of the hole. It is about the internal frontage of the third ring. The device penetrated three buildings according to an angle of about 45я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷.

The official version of the Boeing

According to the Pentagon the circular hole that one observes on the third building has been caused by the nose of the Boeing 757-200. Lee Evey, chief of project of the operation renovation of the Pentagon, explained him with method at the time of a news conference, September 15. [5] я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ rings are named E, D, C, B and A. Between B and C there is a path of round that makes the tour of the Pentagon. One calls him A - E path. The plane followed an angle of approach pretty much as this and the nose of the device crossed the interior wall of the C ring to clear on A - E path. [...] The nose of the device crossed the C ring and hardly came out again in the path of A - E round. One can say therefore that the plane penetrated until there. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘

[see picture A and B]

Several experts came to specify the official version. The set of this version is complex enough and merit to be studied with attention.

The absence of remnant of the Boeing explains himself by the fact that the plane has been pulverized when it struck this particularly resistant building. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ The impact occurred with an extreme energy, provoking the pulverization of the deviceя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, explain an anonymous expert consulted by Le Monde [6]. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ The shock was as the plane is pulverized himself literallyя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, annotate another specialist, always anonymous, city by Liberation. [7]

The disappearance of parts of the plane particularly resistant, as reactors or brakes, explains himself by the fact that the device melted completely (to the exception however of a beacon and the black boxes that have been recovered three days later [8]). я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ TO the difference of cars planes are composed especially of aluminum, that goes in fusion toward 600 я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷CS, and structures of the device could melt. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, Le Monde analysis. [9] what confirms Liberation: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ A lot of remnants of the plane also melted under the intense heat. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [10]

The absence of hundred tons of melted metal explains himself, as for it, by the fact that fire passed the 2500я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷ provoking the evaporation of materials of the plane thus (but not those of the building, nor those of the beacon and the black boxes). я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ According to what provoked him, materials that nourish him, his/her/its exhibition to the oxygen and his/her/its length a fire of this order can clear a heat of 1700 to 2500я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, expose another specialist. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ The heat cleared by the fire during 24 hours permits to understand therefore that the major part of remainders of the plane has been destroyed. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ [11]

The presence of the last hole of 2,30 ms of diameter explains himself for his/her/its part by the fact that, in spite of all these tests, the nose of the plane continued its mad race through three buildings. It is that that concludes the chief of project of the operation renovation of the Pentagon.

According to the official version damages have been therefore caused by a Boeing 757-200. For it the plane was capable to disintegrate itself on the frontage of the Pentagon, to melt inside the building, to evaporate to 2500я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙÷ and nevertheless to punch two other buildings according to a hole of about two meters thirty of diameter... [12]

A nose of plane?

Let's imagine one instant that one didn't tell us previously that the plane disintegrated himself, melted and evaporated. Is he/it for as much possible that the nose of a line plane punches three buildings and produces to the exit of the third one perfectly circular hole of 2,30 ms?

The nose of a plane, the radя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠п└me, contains the electronic navigation system. In order to permit the passage of device waves, it is not constituted of metal, but of carbon fibers. His/her/its shape has been studied to be aerodynamic, but it is not conceived to resist shocks. The outside envelope, as well as his/her/its content, are therefore extremely fragile. On an obstacle they collapse, but don't pierce it.

One can see the fragility of the plane nose a lot on numerous pictures of crashs less violent than the one supposed of the Pentagon. The one, for example, of the Boeing 757-204 of Britannia Airways, in September 1999 [13] (see Photo 13).

The nose is an extremely fragile shell. It is therefore impossible to recover a nose of plane after such a shock. To stronger reason he/it have produced an as circular hole not that the one observed on the third ring of the building.

A head of missile?

Yet, firemen tell to have seen that that they believe to be the nose of the plane. The Boeing penetrated until the C ring, they explain. я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ The only means that we had to know that it was about good of a plane inside the building was the fact that we had seen remnants of the nose of the deviceя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘, tell to the NFPA Newspaper the Captain Defina. [14] interrogated, at the time of a news conference to the Pentagon, on the fuel of the plane, the captain Ed Plaugher answers: я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ We have that that we believe to be right side up a just pool where is that that we think to be the nose of the planeя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. [15]

What is this piece of device that was capable to achieve such damages and that firemen tell to have observed? Unlike a fragile nose of plane certain missile heads are extremely resistant. This remnant that firemen tell to have seen and that they work hard to really identify like a nose of plane could be a rib of missile head.

However what are precisely damages? Between the hole by which entered in the contraption and the one that he/it created at the end of his/her/its course, three buildings have been pierced of part in part. He/it is to note that these three buildings have not been demolished, but pierced. One observes no other damage indeed that this way of tunnel and the important fire that are propagated himself thereafter in the west wing of the Pentagon. If a Boeing 757-200 was himself crashя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ on these buildings, he would have demolished them. Damages that he/it caused are not in anything comparable those of an aerial crash. The contraption that hit the department of Defense produced a very particular effect therefore. Some missiles are especially conceived to have an effect of drilling. These missiles are ballasted of impoverished uranium, an extremely dense metal that warms up to the least rubbing and returns the easier drilling. These missiles are used notably to pierce bunkerses. A plane collapses and demolish. A missile of this type pierces.

* * *

The observation of damages permits to decide between the two hypotheses of the missile or the plane therefore. The building is not demolished as if it had undergone a classic aerial crash, but punched like struck by a missile. To confirm the hypothesis of the missile it is necessary to now study features of the explosion and fire that followed.

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- By Pierre - Henri Bunel *
What is the nature of the explosion that had place to the Pentagon September 11, 2001? An analysis of the pictures video of the impact and photographs of damages permits to know by what type of contraption the attempt has been caused. Does the explosion correspond to the one that can be produced by the kerosene of a plane or to the one of a real exploding? Does the fire correspond to a fire of hydrocarbons or a classic fire?

Combustion or bang?

In preamble he/it appears indispensable to illuminate the reader on an essential distingue: the difference between a combustion and a bang.

The chemical exploding matter combustion, gunpowders, explosives or hydrocarbons, for example, clear the energy while producing a shock wave. The diffusion to big speed of the enormous quantity of gas produced by the chemical reaction accompanies by a flame, of noise caused by the displacement of the shock wave in air and smokes.
One also observes often, before even to see the flame, a cloud of steam due to the compression of air that surrounds the zone of explosion. air cannot immediately get in movement, then it compresses himself/itself under the influence of the shock wave. In the first time, under the compression of air molecules, the invisible water steam that always contains in addition the atmosphere or less big quantity compresses himself and becomes visible under the shape of a white cloud.
That on what I would like to insist is the notion of the shock wave. An explosion is a reaction that projects gases to a bigger speed. The exploding matters, following their chemical constitution and the physical arrangement of their molecules, print to gases that they generate a bigger propagation speed. One says that they are more progressive. The observation of the shock wave is therefore a precious indication on the speed of gases projected by the explosion.

One divides the exploding matters in two groups, following their progressivity. Explosives produce a shock wave of which the speed of propagation is superior to a value of about two thousand meters per second. One says that them я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ detonateя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. The exploding matters of which the speed of shock wave is lower don't detonate. They deflagrate. It is for example about gunpowders or hydrocarbons.
In a motor to explosion - and a turbojet of Boeing 757 is a motor to continuous explosion - fuel under pressure deflagrates and don't detonate. If he/it detonated, the structure of the motor would not resist there. The kerosene of a line plane that collapses ignites and doesn't produce generally same of combustion, except unusually and on points limited to motors. In the case of the Airbus that fell to New York on the district of the Queens in the month of November 2001 motors didn't explode to the arrival to soil. The kerosene is a heavy oil analogous to the diesel oil, trifiltrя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤e to fill the physical conditions of passage in jet-propelled motor injectors. This is therefore on no account an explosive.

The color of explosions is as enough remarkable. At the time of bangs the shock wave moves quickly. If the explosion is aerial and without obstacle the flame is often yellow pale to the point of explosion. While moving away of the point zero, it turns then to the orange to the red. When it meets obstacles, as walls of a building, one doesn't see the clear yellow part practically. The length of illumination of this color is brief. The shape of the flame gives an impression of я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ stiffnessя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ because of the speed of propagation. It is only when dusts raised by the shock wave began to burn under the brutal elevation of temperature that appears smokes. It is then about smokes of fire that only have few likeness with the black and heavy volutes of the hydrocarbon fires.

But the strong explosives are not simple chemical combinations. One can improve their efficiency while playing on their physical shapes. In principle the shock wave of explosives propagates itself perpendicularly to the surface put in reaction. While working shapes of loads one can orient the shock wave therefore in order to send the maximum of energy in a direction data, as one directs the light of a beacon with a reflector. This is how one finds the spherical loads whose shock wave leaves in all directions, of the cylindrical loads as those that equip shells shrapnells, these weapons that explode in minuscule pieces of steel of the size of a chocolate square machine-guning the field of battle, of the flat loads, that permit to make holes in the plane obstacles with the minimum of energy loss in the useless directions, but also of the hollow loads. These concentrate the main shock wave under the shape of a sting to high temperature that transports a quantity of energy capable to pierce armors of steel, composites or concrete.

The stake of fire

The explosive that constitutes the weapon [1] must explode at the wanted moment. To be able to react precisely as wishes it the user, it is necessary that he/it has a certain stability. The explosive that constitutes the main load of a weapon is too steady to explode to a simple shock. In fact, to initialize the chemical reaction, it is necessary to submit the load to a shock wave provoked by an explosive more appreciable and less powerful that one calls the detonator. The load of explosive of the detonator reacts to a shock, to a spark or an electric or electromagnetic impulse. He/it creates himself/itself then a shock wave that provokes the bang of the main load.

The system that orders the explosion of the detonator is called the system appropriate of fire. Devices are varied very and it would be too long to study them all. I am going to be content therefore with to treat two systems that have served in Pentagon, the system appropriate of fire of explosives ordered appropriate by the operator and systems of fire for hollow load to instantaneous percussion and short delay.

Shells, bombs or missiles are equipped appropriate of a system of fire that understands a release, a system of delay, a detonator. This device is called a rocket. He/it fixes himself/itself on the weapon is to the construction, either at the time of the conditioning for shooting. He/it understands a system of security that prevents the working of the whole until the moment of arming.

The release can be activated by the shock in the case of rockets to percussion, by a detecting radar of distance in the case of rockets radioelectrisities, by the reaction to a source of heat or a magnetic mass in the case of the thermal and magnetic rockets.

Either the release provokes the bang instantaneously, or the system of delay makes that the weapon only detonates some milliseconds after the impact. In this last case the weapon begins to penetrate the objective while starting him physically with his/her/its armor. The load detonates once the weapon entered already in the objective, what increases the destructive effect.

For certain very hard fortifications one finds weapons even to several loads. The first break the concrete and the or the following penetrate and detonate. In general, the anti - concrete loads is some hollow loads. The sting of energy and melted matters pierces the fortification and spills inside the hot matter quantities pushed by a column of energy that pierces walls like a punch. The high heat produced by the bang of the hollow load provokes fires of everything that are inside combustible.

During the war of the Gulf, missiles or bombs guided anti - fortification pierced all bunkerses of concrete that have been touched, notably to the Strong of Ace Salmя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙▓n. A same bomb could pierce three thickness of reinforced concrete as having begun by thickest, the one of the outside.

The missile

To drive an attack with such a system of weapon the evidence is necessary a pitcher. In the case of bombs guided the pitcher is a plane or to the rigor a powerful helicopter. The weapon leaves then with an initial speed that is the one of the vehicle carrier. She/it descends in hovered flight and guide himself in general while following a laser illumination. In the case of a missile, the range is a lot bigger because the missile arranges his/her/its own motor. To the rigor, one can even conceive that the missile leaves on the ground from a launching pad. He/it exists some ground-to-ground missiles besides capable to carry away the anti - fortress weapons.

A missile of recent model cruise follows three phases of flight in general. The launching, to the course of which he/it takes his/her/its speed of flight while coming out of a locker of plane or a launch - missile tube. Pushed by a motor to full power, he/it reaches his/her/its speed of cruise and open out his/her/its wings and feathering. He/it descends then to his/her/its altitude of cruise and follows his/her/its journey of approach. during this phase of the flight he/it changes direction often, turn according to the program of flight, go up or descends to remain low enough above soil to escape as much that to make can itself to the detection. One be able to then take it for a plane of fight in tactical flight. He/it has this attitude until the moment where he/it arrives to the point of entry of the terminal phase. This point is located to a certain distance of the objective, two to three kilometers according to models. From this point the missile steals in line right toward the target and sudden a strong acceleration that gives him the maximum of speed to hit the objective by force with the maximum of penetration.

It is necessary therefore that the missile approaches the point of entry of the terminal phase with a big precision and that before the phase of acceleration it is not only to the good place but in the good direction. It is why he/it frequently arrives that the missile ended up his/her/its flight of cruise a tight turn that allows him to take the good я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ alignmentя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. A witness can discern that the missile reduces his/her/its motor power before я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ to put back gasesя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘.

The type of explosion observed in Pentagon

March 8, 2002, one month after the polemic's beginning on Internet and three days before the exit of the book The terrible Imposture, five new pictures of the attempt are published by CNN. [2] an agency photo has them then very extensively distributed in many newspapers through the World. These pictures descended of a surveillance camera would not have been made public by the Pentagon, that was content with to authenticate them. One sees there to develop the flame of the impact on the frontage of the building of the Defense department.

The first view (notebook photo, p. II) is the one of a white sheaf that seems to be a white smoke. She/it recalls the spraying of water contained in the ambient air at the time of the beginning of the spreading in the atmosphere of a supersonic shock wave of explosive matter inevitably. One distinguishes traces of characteristic red flame of the high temperatures that reach air under the pressure of a fast shock wave however.

What jumps to eyes, it is that the shock wave starts the inside of the building. One sees the roof above the exit of the energy ball that is not again a ball of fire. One can think lawfully about a bang of an explosive to loud energizing power, but at present one can determine again if it is about a load to controlled effect or not.

One distinguishes at the level of soil, leaving from the right of the photo and active toward the basis of the white steam mass, a white furrow of smoke. it lets think frankly about smoke that comes out of the nozzle of a propellant of flying contraption. To the difference of smoke that would come out of the two motors to kerosene this one is well white. Turbojets of a Boeing 757 would have, indeed, let a trail of smoke a lot more crotchet. The only exam of this photo lets already think about a single-engined flying device of a lot smaller size that a plane of line. Not to two turboprops General Electric.

On the second view (notebook photo, p. III), one always sees the horizontal smoke furrow but one distinguishes the development of the red flame very distinctly. It is interesting to compare to this view of the impact on the Pentagon the one of the impact of the plane on the second tower of the World Trade Center (notebook photo, p. III). The color of this one is yellow, testifying a lower temperature of combustion. She/it is mingled of black and heavy smokes. It is the one of the hydrocarbon combustion in air. in this case, it is about the kerosene contained in a plane. This flame comes enough slowly forward down from the frontage that the plane penetrated, taken away by the fall of fuel that falls. On the contrary, the flame of the explosion of the Pentagon brings up the inside of the building briskly while pulling remnants that one sees mingled to the red flame. There is not the cloud of steam anymore due to the shock wave that, conceal the flame on the first photo of the impact to the Pentagon. The intense heat made him evaporate. what is, we saw him, characteristic of explosive bangs to strong output.

And let's benefit some to note the aspect of smokes that brings up the first struck tower, whereas the fire develops itself of it. It is about heavy and fat volutes. With regard to the trace of the plane in air, unlike the device that seems to have hit the Pentagon, there is not any wake whereas the impact has just taken place.

Photos of the IV page of the notebook have been taken very a short time after the explosion. firemen are not again in action. On the one of the top the flame of the explosion died out. The fire lit by the explosive sits on and flames are not even visible, to part at the level of the point of impact, at the place of the red gleam in the axis of the vertical support of the freeway panel. We are not therefore in the configuration of a fire of line plane because the kerosene would have ignited instantaneously. The frontage didn't yet collapse. She/it doesn't present a visible important mechanical destruction, whereas floors and the roof have already been reached by the breath.

On the photo of the low, taken later according to his/her/its author about one minute, fires lit inside the building by the wave of heat begin to take the size. The arrow indicates a hole in the frontage by which one sees the home of a fire going up. The frontage didn't always collapse and the initial smoke vanishes. It is only after fires will have begun to join itself/themselves and to constitute an unique fire that will appear of the stronger smokes, but without ever presenting the aspect of smokes of a fire of line plane with his/her/its reservoirs of kerosene.

In sum, nothing that the exam of these photos that everybody could see in the press permits to measure some striking differences between the two explosions. If the flame of the World Trade Center is to the evidence the one of the kerosene of a plane, it seems well that it of it goes otherwise all to the Pentagon. The flying device that didn't hit the department of Defense has, at first sight, nothing to see with the plane of line of the official version. But it is necessary to pursue the survey to progress in the research of elements that will permit us maybe to determine the nature of the explosion that damaged the Pentagon.

A fire of hydrocarbons?

When firemen intervene on the site, one clearly sees that they use water to attack fire (notebook photo, p. X). Several official photographs show a truck of fireman intervention that one calls in French language a CCFM, truck cistern for middle fire. Water comes out of spears with a white color, it doesn't contain this substance that one uses on certain fires therefore and that one calls a delaying. In general the delaying color water in reddish or in brownish. Therefore this main fire that one attacks is not a fire of hydrocarbon, because one doesn't distinguish a cannon to moss characteristic of interventions on accidents of plane nor spears projecting the adapted products.

However, the exam of the photo of the top of the VI page shows residues of carbonic moss. The explanation is given by certain testimonies of September 11 according to which a helicopter, for the some, a truck, for the other, parked close to the frontage would have exploded. One observes in any case on the right on several pictures a truck in fire of the impact. on the other hand, the quantity of moss residues is weak enough. She/it is essentially spilled no on the fire of the building but on the lawn that spreads before, as if one had extinguished a fire lit by the one of the attempt. It is that that one calls a fire by sympathy, in language of fireman. A spear to moss has been used therefore to extinguish one or several secondary fires.

One can see on pictures distributed by the department of Defense a truck armed of a launch - moss cannon to attack a fire situated forward of the frontage while pumps to big power attack the main fire inside the building. The aspersion as she/it is driven aims at that moment obviously to lower the general temperature while wetting all has priori, before can penetrate in the building to extinguish fires there not by point.

Thus, even if the fire of reservoirs nearly full should require the massive use of specialized means for the fires of hydrocarbons, firemen use the normal water that serves to intervention on what one calls the urban fires without special fuels. Besides, what one can see smoke quite corresponds to the one of a normal fire in a building in city, so much in colors that in the aspect of volutes. No possible comparison with the one that brings up the World Trade Center at the same moment.

Artillery, information and BDA

After having reacted in old fireman I am going to react in observant officer of artillery. Among his/her/its tasks he/it must mark objectives, to estimate the type of weapon that he/it is going to be necessary to use to treat them and the quantity of projectiles that it is necessary to apply to make them innocuous. Once the objective has been treated, it is necessary to make the real damage assessment again to measure if the first hits was sufficient or if it is necessary to continue shootings.

It is about establishing a balance of destructions that one transmits then toward echelons of command and information. This assessment of damages of the battle field is called in English the BDA (battlefield tamping assessment). It is necessary to show evidence of the objectivity maximum of course in these assessments: it would be stupid to ask shootings on an objective either neutralized already destroyed, but all as much to let think as an objective is out of state to harm whereas he/it presents a threat again.

Held a meeting every day to the PC of the general Schwarzkopf between the three commanders in French, British and American chief during the war of the Gulf. A part of the chapter я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ informationя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ some briefing was about the exam of photos of BDA. And Schwarzkopf carried an attention there all particular. On these holds of views one saw effects of weapons and the size of damages inflicted to objectives.

This was not voyeurism on behalf of the three general. It allowed them to decide if there was place to continue to already attack objectives treaties but also to decide to use some less powerful weapons to avoid that destructions inflicted to the military objectives have consequences on the civil environment. As much to say that the assessment of damages, for interprя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤tateurses of pictures, for observers of artillery and for officers of information is a key matter that we study carefully. And when to the theory one joins the experience, what is unfortunately my case, one arranges some elements of objective appreciation all the same to examine damages carried to a building; especially if one knows it enough well, that that there is again my case.

The official photos of the frontage

A general view of the frontage is of most interesting. Still from the American official organisms she/it is presented in loud of the V page of the notebook photo.

Whereas firemen finished to work on the outside of the building, one distinguishes several instructive elements. First, soots that cover the frontage are a mixture of those that would have put down the smokes of a classic fire. Others are characteristic of those that puts down the shock wave of an explosive to high performance, but on no account the fat and thick layer that puts down a fire of kerosene. Windows have been broken by a bang and non fondues by a fire of hydrocarbons that would have lasted several days. Most remarkable, it is that little among them are broken, and that windows reaches are essentially situated close to the point of explosion and at the level of the low floors. Close to the point zero, therefore. it is very probable that the shock wave propagated itself along passageways, and one follows it very well on the general photo of the XI page of the notebook. It corroborates the testimony of David Theall [3]. This officer of link of the Pentagon describes the sudden arrival of a violent noise accompanied by remnant that ravaged the passageway where gave his/her/its office.

Of the displacement the shock wave broke windows in the beginning and, canalized once by walls of passageways, it took an orientation that didn't have as much effect anymore on windows. It is necessary to specify that it is about windows to double glazing whose outside window is especially strong. It is that that declared the representative of the society who placed them [4] and it is also what one had explained me long before this attempt at the time of an official visit in the Pentagon as interpreter.

On a centered besides photo near and more detailed, in bottom of the V page one has a view of the impact zone after clearance. She/it permits to distinguish the vertical pillars of concrete of the frame of the building and passageways that browse floors distinctly. One understands then better how the shock wave bordered windows of which we spoke higher.

The clichя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ shows that the vertical pillars, of which some are surrounded with wood framings, have to the evidence summer fragilisя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤s in the ground floor, that means right side up where occurred the bang. But they have not been ground and broken would have been like that the case if they had been hit by the side of attack of wings of a plane of hundred tons. They would have been reached by the part of the attack side situated pretty much right side up where is fixed skiffs of motors, that means the strongest zone. Obviously no wing hit these vertical pillars of the frame in concrete.

If a plane had hit the Pentagon, as one wants to make it to us to believe in the official version, wings would have touched the vertical pillars roughly at the level of the floor on which men stand up. Obviously, zone fragilisя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤e of pillars is located below, there where one can see framings of wood and stays in steel color of minium. Therefore the vehicle carrier of the load that has fragilisя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤ pillars hit lower than would not have made him an enormous plane of line. And I send back to the first studied photograph on which we can see the trace of smoke of a propellant above very low soil.

This picture permits in addition to relativize certain expert declarations according to which я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ the Pentagon is constructed in particularly strong materialsя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. He is true that entrepreneurs used materials hardened for windows and the outside veneers, but the Pentagon is not more a blockhouse that an armored car is not a chariot of assault.

A load hollow anti - concrete

The last photo has been achieved by the department of Defense and has been published on a site of the Navy [5]. It is presented in XII page of our notebook photo. While examining him, one can nearly see a hole circular surmounted of a black trace. This perforation is a diameter of about 2,30 ms and be located in the wall of the third line of building while leaving from the frontage. She/it would have been made by the nose of the plane.

It would mean that the nose of the device, a radя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠п└me in fiber of carbon that is far from being an armor, would have crossed without being destroyed six walls carriers of a building considered like rather strong. And what would be then the origin of the black trace that marks the wall above the hole? The fire of hydrocarbon? But then all the frontage of this building would be marked of soot and not only the some really soiled square meters. And the broken windows, is this the makes the impact? I recall that it is some strong windows.

The aspect of the perforation of the wall recalls effects of loads inevitably hollow anti - concrete that I could see on a certain number of battle fields.

These weapons are characterized by them я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ stingя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘. This sting is a mixture of gases and matters in fusion that is projected in the direction of the axis of the paraboloя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙·de that constitutes the face before the weapon. Propelled to a speed of several thousands of meters at the second with a temperature of several thousands of degrees, this sting pierces the concrete on several meters of thickness. It can therefore without problem to pierce five thickness of wall of a building. Five thickness on the six because the frontage has been punched by the vector himself. The bang of the military load doesn't make himself, indeed, that once the load has been carried inside the objective. As I explained him higher, rockets arming the anti - concrete loads are not instantaneous, but to short delay. It is why the flame of the explosion developed since the inside of the building toward the outside. As one sees it on photos taken by the camera of security, the parasitic shock wave damaged the frontage, floors and the roof and is propagated himself in passageways to the height of the place where the vector struck: the ground floor.

The sting contains gases to high temperature that slow down and ends up stopping before the melted matter race. Gases fire what is combustible on their course. A schematic picture of the flame and the sting of a hollow load piercing walls is presented in XIII page of the notebook photo.

The melted matters go farther than gases and, in the species the picture recalls the effect that would have had matters melted of a sting in end of trajectory inevitably. They would have stopped in the last wall that they reach in tip of race. Again enough hot, they would have marked the wall of this black, just trace above the hole. The heat montedes matters that start cooling then and mark the frontage therefore that above the impact. TO this pointterminal, il doesn't have enough temperature there more to mark the cement more. On the other hand, remainders of the shock wave have enough energy to immediately break windows around the hole.

One understands whereas firemen intervened with water. It is the fluid extinguisher that present the strongest mass heat. It is therefore the more adapted to cool materials that took a я├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙ heat strokeя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╘ and to extinguish the urban fires that ignited by sympathy. It was not about therefore for firemen to extinguish a fire of hydrocarbons, but of the prompt fires and to cool some heated materials.

This photo, and effects described by the official version, drive me therefore to think that the bang that hit the building is the one of a hollow load of strong power destined to destroy the hard buildings and range by an aerial vehicle, a missile.

* Pierre - Henri Bunel is Saint - Cyrien, old officer of artillery, whose appraisal is recognized in the following domains,: effects of explosives on men and buildings, effects of artillery weapons on the staff and buildings, anti - fire struggle on the specific fires, wreckages and remainders of planes destroyed. He/it participated notably in the War of the Gulf, to sides of the general Schwarzkopfs and Roquejeoffres.

[1] in military language an ammunition is the set of charges it impulsive and of the projectile. The weapon is the pitcher for pitchers of small caliber, the projectile for systems of thick caliber weapons. This is how the weapon of the gunner, it is the shell or the missile and no the cannon or the launching pad.

[2] " pictures September show 11 Pentagon crashes ", CNN, 8 March 2002,: (The file of The utopian asylum has been put in line February 10, 2002 and welcomed several score of thousands of daily visitors very quickly. The book The awful Imposture has been published March 11, 2002.)

[3] " September 11, 2001 ", Washington Post, 16 September 2001:

[4] " DoD News Briefing one Pentagon Renovation ", Defense Link, Department of Defense, 15 September 2001,:

[5] " War and readiness ", All Hands, magazine of the US Navy,:


Chapter 2


Let us remember the presentation that offered of the attacks of New York. On Tuesday September 11 of 2001 at 8:50 o'clock, the chain of television of news 24 hours CNN interrupts its programming to announce that a line airplane has collided against the North Tower of the World Trade Center. As he/she didn't have images of the catastrophe, they emit in screen a fixed plane of the roofs of Manhattan that allows to see spiral of smoke that escape from the tower.

At first sight it is a spectacular aviation accident. The North American companies of transport, on the edge of the crash, maintain every worse time to their fleet. The air controllers offer a not very reliable service. The not widespread pursuit of the regulation authorizes the anarchical flight above the urban masses. Consequently, what had been able to happen happened.

However, you cannot discard, as CNN mentions unceasingly that this crash was not accidental. It would be a terrorist action then. Let us remember that February 26 1993 a truck bomb explodes in the second basement of the parking of the World Trade Center, causing the death of 6 people and they hurt more to a military one. The attack had been attributed to a directed Islamic organization, from the same New York, for the sheik Omar Abdul Rahman. For the commentators of CNN, if the crash has been an attack it is probably it works of another Islamic member, the former military Saudi Osama Bin Laden. By a Fatwa, of date August of 1996, 23 this financier, refugee in Afghanistan, made a call to the sacred war against United States and Israel. They are attributed the perpetrated attacks August 7 1998 against the North American embassies of Nairobi (Kenya) and Daar-be-Salam (Tanzania). In some years he/she has become the enemy I publish Nя├Б■░п▒Б■─б═я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗ 1 of United States". The FBI put price to its head: five million dollars. The advice of security of the UN requested the government taliban its extradition. From February of 2001, 5 United States him this in fact judging in rebelliousness in New York.

Some after other, the North American television chains connect in direct with New York. At 9:03 o'clock a second line airplane smashes against the South Tower of World Trade Center. The crash takes place when many chains diffused images of the North Tower in flames. Consequently, it is filmed from several angles and millions of viewers live him in direct. It is evident that United he/she should make in front of actions terrorists in their own territory. Fearing attacks with car bomb, the Port Authority of New York closes to the I traffic all the bridges and tunnels of neighborhood of Manhattan (the action of earth commands was feared!). at 9:40 o'clock, the police of New York informs the population that new airplanes can smash against other towers. At 10:00 in the morning, when were announced another attack in the pentagon, collapses the South Tower of the World Trade Center. A powder cloud covers Manhattan. A possible balance of several dozens of thousands is mentioned of dead. The combustion of the airplane would have removed such an intense heat that the metallic structures of the buildings would not have been able to resist.

The governor from New York, George Pataki, closes all the offices of its state and it summons the National watch. "I have friends in those towers, I think of them, in their family, and we make an effort to give support to all those that have been affected by this tragedy", he declares. At 11:02 o'clock, the mayor from New York, Rudolph Giuliani, goes to the New Yorkers talking on the phone with the radio station New York One: "To those that are not at this time in Manhattan, remain it is house or in the office. If it is in the center of business, calmly go toward the north, outside of the attack area, for not blocking the aid operations. We have to save so much people as it is possible". A dense multitude, of several dozens of people's thousands, they frank the bridges then (already closed to the I traffic smooth) to escape from Manhattan.

At 17:20 o'clock, the building 7 of the World Trade Center that has not been played by the airplanes, crumbles in turn, without causing victims. The services of urgency of New York think that the building has been affected by the crumbling of the two precedents. For kind of an effect I dominate, in turn other neighboring buildings would be about to fall. The Mayor's office of New York takes charge 30.000 bags for human remains.

In the afternoon and in the later days, the script of the attack is built: Islamic fundamentalists, of the nets of Bin Laden, organized in teams of five and armed with cortapapeles, they deviated line airplanes. Fanatic, they were sacrificed precipitating their airplanes Kamikazes against the towers.

* * *

At first sight, the facts are certain. But, however, one goes the more into the details, more contradictions appear.

The two airplanes were identified by the FBI like Boeing 767 belonging, the first one to America Airlines (I fly 11, Bostonя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■▄Б∙⌡п╣Б▄═Los Angeles) and the second to United Airlines (I fly 175, Bostonя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■▄Б∙⌡п╣Б▄═Los Angeles). The companies recognized to have lost those airplanes.

Thanks to some passengers that called to their relatives in the course of the operation with their mobile telephones, it is known that the air pirates contained the travelers in the back part of the airplane, like one habitually makes to isolate the technical personnel. Their action was facilitated by the scarce one I number of passengers: 91 in the flight 11 and 56 in the flight 175 of a total of 239 squares by air.

According to the informations revealed by telephone by the passengers, the pirates didn't take steels (I save in the flight 93 that I explode in Pennsylvania, the passengers they indicated that the pirates had a box that they said that it was a bomb). after sawing the American air space, all the airplanes in flight landed and they were registered by the FBI. In two of them, the flight 43 (Newarkя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■▄Б∙⌡п╣Б▄═Los Angeles) and the flight 1729 (Newarkя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■▄Б∙⌡п╣Б▄═San Francisco), they were discovered hidden identical cortapapeles under the seats. The investigators extrapolated that all the air pirates used this cortapapeles model. Later, the CO. discovered, in a house where Osama Bin Laden had resided in Afghanistan, cortapapeles bags that they attested that the fundamentalists had received formation for its handling.

Nevertheless it is difficultly conceivable that the one sponsored of the attacks has neglected to give firearms to their men, with the risk of seeing fail their total operation or partially. It still surprises but because it is easier to pass the control of the airports with guns (2) adapted that with cortapapeles.

(2) the synthetic guns are not localizables for the detector of metals. see you in this respect

For that to think about such questions? In the imaginary one collective, like it is well known, to the Arab, therefore to the Islamic fundamentalists, its victims like desgollar. The cortapapeles allows to deduce that the air pirates were Arab, what it lacks to demonstrate.

Before arriving in New York, the airplanes had to diminish the altitude considerably, so that the pilots could see the front towers and not from above. See from the sky, a city seems a plane and all our visual references disappear. To collide against the towers, necessary era to be positioned previously to very low altitude.

The non alone pilots had to adjust the altitude of the crash, but also to appropriate the apparatuses laterally. The width of the Twin Towers is of 63,70 meters. The span of a Boeing 767 are of 47,60 meters. In the videos it is observed that the apparatuses collided accurately in the center of their targets. A simple displacement of 55,65 meters and the airplanes would have failed their target. To half speed (700 Km/h), this distance you travels in tenth three of second. See the little manejabilidad of these you scheme, it is a prowess for weatherbeaten pilots and with more reason for pilot's apprentices.

The first airplane arrives perfectly of front, in address of the wind, what I facilitate its stabilization. But the second it was forced to carry out a complex rotation maneuver, particularly difficult of face to the wind. However, I collide, this also, against a tower, to a good height and in the center.

Pilots professional interviewees confirm that among them few they are able to plan this way an operation and it stops fond pilots they exclude it formally. On the other hand, a half certain one exists to achieve this objective: to use buoys. A sign emitted from the target attracts to the airplane that is guided automatically. On the other hand, the existence of a buoy in the World Trade Center is attested by radioaficionados that registered its sign. It was detected because it interfered the emissions of the television antennas located in the towers. It is possible that the sign was activated in I finish moment to avoid that he/she was discovered and it was destroyed. It is possible that the pirates used two buoys, since an alone one would have served difficultly in spite of the alignment of the targets. Anyway, them toward lack accomplices in earth. And if they had them, it was not necessary to have many pirates on board. A small team was enough to put the apparatus in automatic pilot. Also, it was not even needed to have embarked pirates, since it was not necessary to retain hostages: pirating the computers of on board before the take off it is possible to take the control of the apparatus in flight thanks to the Global technology Hawk put to point by the Department of Defense (3). this way, the Boeing one can teleguiar like a robot, an airplane without pilot.

(3) global Hawk, the DoD's Newest Unmaned Air Vehicle", department of Defense, February of 1997

Next, the Twin towers crumbled on if same. The FEMA (Federal Agency of Administration of Crisis) I take charge an investigation commission to the ASCE (North American Society of Civil Engineers). According to the preliminary report, the combustion of the fuel of the airplanes would have removed a formidable heat that there would be fragilizado the central metallic structure.

The association of firemen from New York and the professional magazine FIRE Engineering (4) it rejects with vigor this theory and, with the help of the I calculate, they assure that those structures could resist a lot of time the fire. The firemen affirm to have heard explosions in the base of the buildings and they claim the opening of an independent investigation (5). they wonder on the substances that it had stored in the buildings and, for lack of answers, on the criminal explosions that imply to a team in earth. An expert from New Mexico celebrates Institute of Mining and Technology, they Go Rosemary, it assures that the alone crumbling have been cause by explosive (6). Before the pressure it publishes, he/she retracts.

(4) Out the Investigation", by Bill Manning, Fire Engineering, January of 2002. Do see you also WTC Investigation? To Call to Acting" (Published Petition in the same one numbers of the magazine).
(5) for example, the fireman's testimony Louie Cacchioli (Brigade 47), in,11859,174592-3,00.html
(6) Explosives Planted in Towers, N.M.Tech Expert Says "por John Fleck, in Albuquerque Journal of September 21 2001.

Be like be, the crash of the airplanes doesn't allow to explain the fall of a third building, the tower 7. The hypothesis of a desestabilizacion of the foundations was discarded by the ASCE: indeed, the tower 7 you doesn't bow, but rather you crumbles on if same. Is the question no longer it was dynamited"? but that another hypothesis can be formulated"?.

Here it is where a sole right of The intervenes New York Times (7). The Wolrd Trade Center that was believed was a civil target, it hid a target military secret. People's thousands maybe perished because they served, without knowing it, of human shields. The Tower 7 - although maybe also other buildings and the basements - they hid a base of the CO. (8). In the years 50 ' it was a simple office of espionage of the foreign delegations of the UN; with Bill Clinton, this base extended his activities illegally to the economic espionage of Manhattan. The main resources of the apparatus of North American information had been displaced from the espionage antisovietico to the economic war. The base of the CO. in New York had become the world center of the economic but important intelligence. This reorientation of the information was strongly questioned by the most traditional sector in the CO. and for the Combined bigger State.

(7) Secret CO. Site in New York Was Destroyed on Sept. 11"por, James Risen, The New York Time, November 4 2001.

(8) we had knowledge of several testimonies according to you that the base of the CIAA was in the levels 9 and 10 of the tower 7. apparently it was used as covering the New York Electric Crime Task I Forced, Linked to the Secret Service. The same sources have made arrive pictures of the tower 7, taken after the collapse of the South tower, in the one that is distinguished a fire clearly in the level 9 we could not check the authenticity of the pictures and the truthfulness of the information.

Retrospectively, we can wonder if the target of the attack made in the Wolrd Trade Center February 26 1993 (6 deads, 1 military wounded) not serious that secret station of the CO., although in that developed much less time.

Knowing that when the first crash in the Twin Towers had between 30.000 and 40.000 people and that each tower had a hundred plants, as minimum there was a stocking of 136 people for plant. the first Boeing collides against the North Tower among the silver 80 and 85. the occupants of those levels perished immediately. People located in the superior plants were caught, since the fire you spreads up. All the people located in the 30 plants superiors died. According to the I calculate half, it should have been as minimum 4.080.

Now then, according to the official balance of February of 2002, 9 the two attacks of New York would have caused a total of 2.843 deads (I number total including the passengers and the company of the Boeing, the policemen and firemen victims of the crumbling of the towers and the users of the towers) (9). this balance is very inferior to the initial estimates and he/she allows to think that, in spite of the appearances, the attacks didn't look for to cause lost human to the maxim it climbs. On the contrary, it was necessary an intervention previous so that many people, at least those that worked in the superior plants, were absent of their offices at this hour.

(9) the I finish victims' of the World balance Trade Center it is of 2.843 deads, news of Associated Press of February 9 2002.. this figure is the early one for the city of New York. The press agency has an inferior figure, 2.799 deads.

This way, the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reveals that Odigo, a company leader in material of electronic mensajerя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠р▒a, received anonymous alert messages where he/she was informed of the attacks of New York two hours before they happened. The facts were confirmed to the newspaper by Micha Macover, director of the company (10). I Warn of all type they had been able to be correspondents to the occupants of the North Tower, although probably not all they took them seriously in the same way.

(10) Haя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙▒retz of September 26 2001. Information recovered by Daniel Sieberg in CNN: "FBI Probing я├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б√─п╣Б▄═Threating' Message, Firm Says" (September 28). Sees you also Instant Messager to Isreal Warned of WT Attack for Brian McWilliams, in Newsbytes of September 27 and Odigo Clarifies Attack Messagers" of same author in the edition of the following day. This information was diffused in way distorted by certain means to give credit to the fact that the attacks would have been the Jewish employees of the WTC. In fact Odigo sends alert messages using its technical capacities, without any discrimination possibility among its addressees.

In this attack we find an outline comparable to that of the attack perpetrated in Oklahoma City, April 19 1995 In that day, to a great part of the officials that Alfred worked in the federal building P. Murrah had been given holiday in the afternoon, so that the explosion of an alone car bomb kills 168 people. Today in day it is known that that attack was made by military belonging to an organization of extreme right infiltrated by the FBI (11).

(11) Kenneth Stern: To I Forced Upon The Plain: the American Military Movement and the Politics of Has you, Simя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠п│n & Schuster, 1996. See you also the first part of Abrose Evansя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■▄Б∙⌡п╣Б▄═Pritchard: The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: the Unreported Stories, Regnery Publishing, 1997.

Consequently, in Oklahoma City the FBI accent that an attack was made of the one that would have been informed, but it had limited its reach.

Let us analyze the president's curious confession now George W. Bush. He/she took place during an encounter in Orlando, December 4 (12).

(12) Remarks by the President in Town Hall Meeting", Orange Country Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. This material can be consulted in:

He/she asks: "The first thing that would mean, Mister President, is that she will never know all that has made for our country. Him second is this: that it felt when it was informed of the terrorist attack?"

President George W. Bush: "Thank you, Jordan. You know, Jordan, won't believe me if I tell him in that he/she sank me the news of this terrorist attack. It was in Florida. And my general secretary, Andy Card - in fact it was in a classroom speaking of a program of learning of particularly effective reading -, it was seated outside of the class, waiting the moment to enter, and I saw an airplane that collided against the tower - the tele was, clear this, lit -. AND I eat myself I have been a pilot, I told myself, because he/she goes that wrong pilot. I said, it should be a horrible accident. But [then] they took me [to the class] and I didn't have time of thinking of that. It was then sat down in the classroom and Andy Card, my general secretary that can be sat down there, enters and he told me ' A second apparatus has smashed against the tower, North America this being atacada'.

"In fact Jordan, at the beginning I didn't know that to think. He/she knows, I believed in a time in which I have never been happened that North America could be attackedя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■▄Б∙⌡п╣Б▄═its father or its mother probably thought as me -. and in this short interval I began to think intensely of what that means, to be attacked. And wise that when it had all that made [that confirm] that would have been attacked, the serious price the hell to have been put with North America (applauses)."

Therefore, according to their own declarations, the president from United States saw images of the first crash before I/you/he/she happened the second. These images cannot be those that took Jules and Gя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤dя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙≤on by chance Naudet. Indeed, the siblings Neudet was the whole day filming in the Wolrd Trade Center and its alone videotape diffused it the agency Gamma thirteen hours but late. It is, therefore, of secret images that were transmitted him immediately in the room of communications of security that had settled in the primary school in forecast of their visit. Pear if the American services of information could film the first attack it is because they had been informed previously. And in that case for that you/they didn't make anything to save their countrymen?

Let us recapitulate our information: The terrorists had the logistical support of teams in earth. They activated an or two buoys, they prevented the occupants of the towers to limit the human catastrophe and they dynamited three buildings. All first floor the look of services of information so attentive as passive.

Could an operation be conceived this way and directed from a cave of Afghanistan and carried out by a handful of Islamic fundamentalists?


Chapter 3


Let us recover the official version of that terrible day. To give answer to the two attacks happened in New York, the director of the FBI, Robert Muller III, I activate the COMPLAN (1): all the government agencies were informed of the catastrophe and they are requested them to be to disposition of the SIOC (Center of Operations and Strategic Information) of the FBI and of the CDRG (Group of Answer to Situations of Catastrophe) of the FEMA (Federal Agency of Administration of Crisis). The main places of more people concentration and susceptible of becoming scenario of terrorist operations they were evacuated and closed.

(1) United States Goverment Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operation Plan (COMPLAN)

Suddenly on 10:00 in the morning, the Secret service (that is to say the Service of Protection of Zltas Personalities) he/she gives an alert of a new type: the White House and the Air Forced One, the presidential airplane, they are threatened. The vice-president Cheney is led to the PEOC (presidential Emergency Operations Center), the underground control room located in the wing west of the White House. The Government's plan Continuity is activated (CoG). The main political leaders of the country, the government's members and of the congress, they are evacuated to sure places. Helicopters of you Marinate them the they drive to two enormous refuges antiatя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠п│micos: the High Special Point Facility (Mount Weather, Virginia) and the one Alternates you Join Communication Center, called place R"(Raven Rock Mountain, near Camp David); true underground cities, vestiges of the Cold War, created to give refuge to people's thousands.

On the other hand, George W. Bush that goes to Washington, changes destination. The presidential airplane goes first to the base of Barksdale (Louisiana), then to that of Offutt (Nebraska). This finishes it is the headquarters of the US Strategic Comand, that is to say, the nodal location from which the nuclear force of deterrence can be activated. Among the two bases, the presidential airplane moves to low altitude, in zigzag, escorted by fighter bombers. In the base, the president crosses the areas of I traffic on board armored vehicles to escape to the shots of snipers.

This device of protection of the high personalities doesn't finish Until the 18 hs., when George W. Bush returns to the Air I Forced One to return to Washington.

The vice-president Dick Cheney, invited by Tom Russtert to the program Meet The Press (NBC) (2), September 16, it describes the alert given by the Secret service and the nature of the threat (cf. Annexes).

(2) Text integrates of the interview in

According to their own testimony, the vice-president would have been informed all of a sudden for official of security that his life was in danger and it would have been evacuated to the force to the bя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗nker of the White House. A deviated Boeing that but he/she takes a long time it would check that it was the flight 77, he/she gave turns on Washington. When not finding the references of the White House, he/she would have smashed against the Pentagon. While it is evacuated to the Government's personalities and the Congress, it is informed to the Secret Service of another threat against the Air I Forced One. A new deviated airplane would threaten go to smash in the middle of flight against the presidential airplane.

* * *

once but, the official version is not sustained after a detailed analysis.

The vice-president's testimony looks for to identify the threat: airplanes they directed toward the White House and the Air I Forced Ones. It recovers the lie aired in our first I surrender: that of the flight 77 that he/she smashes against the pentagon. It even exaggerates when imagining to the suicidal airplane flying over Washington in search of a target. Nevertheless, it is sad to accept that the Secret Service, instead of activating the antiaircraft defense, thought alone in evacuating the vice-president to a bя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗nker. To distract but, Cheney invents that a new line airplane pursues the Air I Forced Ones like a western horseman and he/she tries to smash against this in the middle of flight before the impotent look of the North American air force.

In spite of those improbabilities, this Fable is not enough to explain such behaviors. Indeed, if the threat is summarized to the suicidal airplanes for that it is protected the President of eventual shots of snipers until in the area of I traffic of the strategic military base? as believing that the Islamic fundamentalists have been able to position in location so protected?

The testimony of Dick Cherney seeks mainly that they forget the declarations of the spokesman of the White House, Ari Fleischer, and the revelations of the general secretary of the White House, Karl Rove (3). The data that provided took to wonder on eventual internal hints, there where the alone propaganda of war wants to see enemy come of it was.

(3) Read you in particular The Opinion"por Nicholas Lemann, in New The Yorker of September 25 2001

The press (4) of the days 12 and 13 of September affirm that, according to the spokesman of the presidency (Air Fleischer), the Secret Service had received a message of the attackers indicating that they had the intention of destroying the White House and the Air I Forced One. What surprises is that, according to The New York Times, the attackers gave credibility to their call using the identification codes and of transmission of the presidency. But astonishing it is that, according to The Wolrd Net Daily (5), mentioning to official of information, the attackers would also have had the codes of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), of the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), of the AFI (Air Forced Intelligence), of the AI (Army Intelligence), of the NEITHER (Naval Intelligence), of the MCI (Corps Marinates Intelligence) and of the the services of information of the Department of State and of the Department of Energy. Alone a reduced one numbers of responsible he/she has access to each one of those codes. Nobody this paymaster to have several. On the other hand, to admit that the attackers of them mean that a method exists to guess them, or that in each one of those organisms of information infiltrated moles exist.

(4) For example: "White House Said targeted", by Sandra Sobieraj, in The Washington Post of September 12 2001; and Inside the Bя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗nker in there is New York Times of September 13 2001
(5) "Digital Masses in White House? Terrorists had top-secret presidential codes", in The World Net Daily of September 20 the 2001

Technically stop possible to reconstruct the codes of the North American agencies by means of the software that has been good to conceive them. That sure. However, the algorithms of that software would have been stolen by the special agent of the FBI Robert Hansen, detainee in February of 2001 (6) for espionage. For the former director of the CO., James Woolsey, the codes would have been but very obtained by moles. And Woolsey that is today in day the lobbista of the opposition of Saddam Hussein, affirms that this operation serious work of the dangerous secret services Iraqis. A third serious hypothesis that the secret service has many infiltrated and that it would have been allowed to corrupt: the attackers never had those codes, but - thanks to their accomplices - they would have achieved him to be believed this way.

(6) "Bin Laden's Magic Carpetя├Б■░п╠Б∙▓я├Б∙▓п▒Б■─б═п╠Б∙⌡я├Б∙▓п▒Б■▄Б∙⌡п╣Б▄═Secret US Promis Software for Michael C. Rupper, in From The Wilderness of November 20 2001

Anyway, the topic of the codes sample that it exists one or several traitors in the but high level of the apparatus of North American State. These are those that would be susceptible of locating snipers to murder the President until inside the strategic base of the North American air force. And to be protected of their artifices, the president Bush uses vehicles shielded in the areas of I traffic of Barksdale and of Offutt.

Another ASPECT OF THIS matter is to reveal the existence of a parallel negotiation. If the attackers contacted the Secret service and they used secret codes to authenticate their call, they made it with a precise objective. Their message either contained a recovery, either an ultimatum. For that reason, if it is admitted that the threat you vanishes at the end of the day, alone you can conclude that the president Bush business and it gave to a blackmail.

When having the autentificacion codes and of transmission of the White House and of the Air I Forced One, the attackers could usurp the imperium of the president from United States. They could give instructions to the armies to their grace, included the one of working the nuclear system. The only means that could allow George W. Bush to continue dominating to its armies was to be physically in the headquarters of the US Strategic Comand, in Offutt, and to give any order or countermand personally. With the result that he/she went there personally. The direct itinerary was impossible, since the airplane didn't have enough fuel. The Air Forced One that not this fact to fly to low altitude, it had consumed its reservations and it could not be provisioned in the flight without being exposed. Therefore you programs a scale in Barksdale, one of the five substitute places of Offutt.

The matter of the codes is not the only aspect that missing ah of the official version. He/she has forgotten another properly proven fact. September 11, at 9:45 o'clock, the chain ABC diffused images in direct of a fire in the annex of the White House, the Old Executive Building. The television chain you conforms with showing a fixed plane with hairsprings of black smoke leaving the building. You doesn't filter any information on the origin of the catastrophe, neither have more than enough their exact magnitude. To anybody he/she was happened to attribute the fire to an airplane Kamikaze. After a hour room, the Secret Service took out Dick Cheney of its office and it ordered the evacuation of the White House and of its annex. Elite marksmen would have spread for the surroundings of the presidential habitation, provided with lanzaproyectiles and castrates of repelling an assault of airborne troops. In summary, it was necessary to face a threat very different to the descripta later on for the vice-president Cheney.

Let us reread the text of the president's intervention now Bush, engraving in Barksdale and diffused in direct by the pentagon at 13:04 o'clock: I Want to tranquilize to the North American town and to guarantee him that the federal Government's troops are working to help to the local authorities to save lives and to attend the victims of those attacks.

"That nobody is taken to deceit: United States penned and it punished to those responsible for these cowardly acts.

"I have been in contact to regulate with the vice-president, the secretary of Defense, the team of National security and my cabinet. We have taken all the appropriate cautions of security to protect to the North American town. Our military ones, in United States and in the entire world, they are in maximum alert state, and we have taken the necessary cautions of security to continue the functions of the State.

We have contacted the leaders of the Congress and the main world leaders for asegurares that we will make all that is necessary to protect North America and the North Americans.

"I request to the North American town that you one to my to give thanks to all the people that have used all their energy in rescuing our fellow citizens and to pray for the victims and their families.

"The resolution of our great North American town has been put on approval. But that nobody makes a mistake: we will demonstrate to the world that we will overcome this test. God blesses them."

Those that he/she gets the attention in this address are that the president avoids carefully to designate the attackers. It no longer uses the terrorist words or " terrorism ". he/she Insinuates that it can be the principle of a classic military conflict, or of any other thing. He/she speaks of a " test " that will be overcome and it seems that he/she announces new catastrophes. It surprises that not of any explanation of their absence of Washington, giving the impression that he/she has escaped from a danger to which their fellow citizens remain exposed.

Ari Fleischer, spokesman of the White House, gave two conferences of press improvistas on board the Air I Forced One during his long rodeo. With the same meticulous care that that of Bush, I also avoid the words " terrorism " and " terrorist ".

In a context like east, the activation of the procedure of Continuity of the Government (CoG) one can interpret in two different ways. The explanation but simple it is to consider that it was necessary to protect the president and the responsible politicians of the action of traitors castrates of to cause a fire in the Old Executive Building and to steal the secret codes of the presidency and the agencies of information.

On the other hand, you can also consider that the plan CoG didn't settle down to protect the political leaders of the traitors, but rather it was established by the traitors to isolate the leaders. Indeed, the vice-president's testimony Cheney is strange. He/she affirms that the men of the Secret Service took it out of their office and that they drove him to the Bя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗nker of the White House without waiting their consent. He/she insinuates that I pass the same thing with the Government's main members and the Congress. And that it is an operation in which the Secret Services abduct the elects for the town and does it house them in a bя├Б■░я└Б√⌠я├Б■▄п╠Б∙╗nker for their security if not a coup or, at least, a palace blow?

* * *

Let us recapitulate the available elements: in the annex of the White House one declares a fire. The attacks were claimed then by a phone call to the Secret Service. The attackers outlined demands, even an ultimatum, and they gave credibility to their communication using the transmission codes and of autentificacion of the presidency. The Secret Service started the procedure of Continuity of the Government and receipt to the main ones political. The president Bush business with the attackers in the afternoon and at dusk it returned the tranquility.

Therefore, the attacks were not directed by a fanatic that believed to complete a divine punishment, but for a present group in the breast of the apparatus of North American State of achievement to dictate their politics to the president Bush. But that a coup that sought to overthrow the institutions, would not be of one taking of being able to on the part of a hidden certain group in the breast of the institutions?

photo 5