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Chapter 4


With that fascinating sense of the organization of the one that is proud United State, the FBI rush the day September 11 the biggest criminal investigation in the humanity's history: " Penttbomb " (AcrцЁnimo of Pentagon Twin TowersБ─⌠Bomb). I Summon to the fourth part of their insole, mobilizing 7.000 officials, of those that 4.000 were agents. To their own means he/she added those that were highlighted by another agency of the Department of Justice: the Criminal Division, the Offices of the District attorneys, the Service of Immigration and of Naturalization. Also, the FBI you support in the group of the North American community of the information", particularly the CO., the NSA (National Security Agency) and of the DAY (Defense Intelligence Agency). For I finish, the FBI you benefits abroad with the international police cooperation, already outside of the INTERPOL or directly of the bilateral cooperation with the police of the combined States.

To gather tests, the FBI made calls to the witness starting from the afternoon of the attacks. In the course of the first three days he/she received 3.800 phone messages, 30.000 electronic mail and their agents' of information 2.400 notifications.

The following day of the attacks, the FBI had already been able to establish the Modus the terrorists' Operandi (1). Agents of the nets of Bin Laden would have been introduced legally in North American territory. They would have carried out pilot's quick course. Contained in four teams of Five Kamikazes, they would have deviated the line airplanes with the objective of smashing against white important. September 14, the FBI published the list of the suppositions 19 air pirates (2).

(1) The general district attorney Briefing John Aschcroft, September of 2001, 12 in
(2) He/she confers of the general district attorney press John Ashcroft and of the director of the FBI, Robert Muller III, September 14 2001; it can consult himself in

In the course of the following weeks, the international press reconstructs the life of the Kamikazes. It demonstrated that anything would have allowed their friends and neighbors to suspect of their intentions, neither that the western police discovered them. Camouflaged among the population, avoiding desvelar carefully their convictions, those sleeping agents would have wakened up alone the day of their mission. Other sleeping agents", hidden in the shade, they would probably be waiting their moment. A threat indetectable would drift on the western civilization...

* * *

As for the methodological aspect, it is evident that this investigation is made quickly and running. In a criminal process, with some facts so complex, the police would have had to sustain hypothesis multitude and to follow all the hints until the end, without minimizing none. The hypothesis of the internal terrorism you discards for principle, without never to be ended up studying. In their place, Osama Bin Laden had already been pointed out with the finger by next sources to the investigation some hours after the attacks. The opinion publishes he/she needed guilty; these they were designated at once.

It is supposed that in each one of the four deviated airplanes, the terrorists were organized in five men's team, gathered to I finish moment. However, in the flight 93 that I explode in Pennsylvania, alone there were four terrorists: The fifth member of the command, Zacarias Moussaoui, it was stopped little time before to lack off of residence. In a first moment, the FBI affirms that the air pirates had been formed to be sacrificed. Then, after the develaron of the videotape of Osama Bin Laden, the FBI suggested that alone the pirates pilots were Kamikazes, while their partners were not informed until the I finish moment of the suicidal character of its mission. Be like be, what surprises is the idea of teams of Japanese Kamikazes they acted individually, although their actions could be concerted in waves. But recently, the members of the I Exercise Red Japanese (Rengo Segikun) that they exported this technique to Next East when the attack of Lodd took place (Israel, 1972), they acted of three in three, but after following a particular formation to be able to be coupled. It is more, one of the terrorists of Lodd, Kozo Okamoto, it was captured I live. Example of teams Kamikazes is not known that have been formed to I finish moment.

On the other hand, like he/she made notice Salman Rushdie (3) with cunning, one can affirm that if the pirates were Kamikazes, then they were not fundamentalist Islamic. Indeed, the one prays it prohibits the suicide. The Islamic fundamentalists (talibanes, wahhabitas or other) they would have been exposed to the death, as martyrs, without possibilities of escaping to this, but they would not have been given death to if same.

"Fighting the Forced of Invisibility for Salam Rushdie, in The Washington Post of October 2 2001.
Nevertheless, the theory of the Kamikazes has been confirmed by documents in Arabic of those that the FBI (4) I publish an English translation and that they were picked up by the international press. Supposedly they were three copies: one in a suitcase, lost in a connection, belonging to Mohamed Atta; the second in a vehicle abandoned in the airport of Dulles by Nawaf Alhazmi, and the third among the remains of the flight 93 that I shatter in Stoney Creek Township (Pennsylvania) (5).

(4) "The general district attorney Brienfing, John Ashcroft, and of the director of the FBI, Robert Muller III, September 28 2001; it can consult himself in:
(5) Several European newspapers indicated by mistake that the FBI had discovered this document in the ruins of the pentagon.

It is four you paginate of compassionate advice:

1-Make the oath of dying and it renovates your intention. Shave your body and wash it with colony water. Take a shower.
2-Make sure that you know all the details of the plan and wait well the answer, the enemy's reaction.
3-Lee to To the Tawba and Anfa [martial surates of the Koran], he/she meditates on their meaning and he/she thinks of all that God promised to the martyrs."

Edited in classic theological style, often impregnated of medieval references, these documents contributed in great measure to feed the image of fanatics that the North American authorities exposed to the popular vengeance. With everything, it is a falsification of which any person that the Islam has studied captures the incongruity. Indeed, they begin with the exhortation on behalf of God, of myself and of my familia"(sic), while the MuslimsБ─⌠contrary to many North American puritan sectsБ─⌠they don't never pray on their own behalf, neither in that of their family (6). Also, the text includes in a turn of a sentence a tic of the yank language that doesn't take place in the Koranic vocabulary: "you should confront it and to understand it to 100%" (sic).

(6) Surprisingly the journalist shatters Bob Woodward it highlights this anomaly that same day, but it doesn't reach any conclusion. Cf. "In Hijacker's Bags, to Call to Planning, Player and Death", in the Washington Post of September 28 2001.

The FBI presents to Mohamed Atta like leader of the operation. In ten years, this Egyptian of 33 years would have lived in Salou (Spain), then in Zurich (Switzerland)Б─⌠where, according to the investigators, he/she would have bought, clear this, with credit card, the Swiss knives to be able to deviate the airplanes -, and for I finish in Hamburgo (Germany).

Together with other two terrorists I study studies of electromechanical, without never giving that to speak, without never allowing to see their extremist convictions. supposedly, when arriving in United States he/she met with their accomplices in Florida, it followed pilotage courses in Venice and even payment some hours in a flight shammer in Miami. Worried to hide their integrismo, Mohamed Atta you care in frequenting the Olympic Garden of the Vegas, the biggest cabaret of Topless of the world. This nonpareil agent went to Boston September 11, in an internal flight. Keeping between both in mind the little time of connection flights, it lost the suitcases during the I traffic. When revising them, the FBI discovered videos of training for the pilotage of Boeing, a book of Islamic prayers and an old letter in which announced its intention of dying as martyr. Atta was identified as the boss of the command by a member of the company that I call from its cellular telephone during the deviation of the airplane and that I indicate its I number of seat: 8D.

Should we take these informations seriously? It would be necessary to admit that Mohamed Atta offers during ten years to hide its intentions carefully and that you communicates with its accomplices following procedures written to escape to the services of information. However, in the I finish moment I leave multitude of indications after if. Although he/she was the leader of the operation, you takes a risk to lose their air connection September 11 and finally achievement to take the flight 11 of America Airlines, but without recovering the suitcases. In fact who would take suitcases to commit suicide*?

More ridiculous even, the FBI affirms to have discovered the intact passport of Mohamed Atta among the smoky ruins of the World Trade Center! It is a true miracle: we still wonder as that document he/she could survive such incidents...

Without a doubt, the FBI presents tests manufactured by him. Maybe in this alone we should see the confused reaction of police's service that has shown their ineficiencia to impede the catastrophe and that he/she tries by all possible means take out shine to their shield again.

More disturbing it is the polemic that has arisen regarding the identity of the Kamikazes. The international press comments the profile of the 19 terrorists pointed out by the FBI thoroughly. It was men between 25 and 35 years. They were Arab and Muslim, most Saudi. They had education. They acted for ideal and not for desperation.

The only shade in the profile of the Kamikazes was that the portrait robot was based on a debatable list. The embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington confirms that Abdulaziz Alomari, Mohad Alshehri, Salem Alhazmi and Saeed Alghamdi was fresher than a rose and that they lived in its country. Waleed M. Alsheri that at the moment he/she lives in Casablanca and he/she works like pilot of Royal Air Maroc, granted an interview to the newspaper of Arab language of London, To the Qods To the Arabi. The prince Saud To the Faycal, Saudi minister of External Matters, I declare to the press: "It has been demonstrated that five of noted people of the list of the FBI don't have relationship some with what I happen". while the prince Nayef, Saudi minister of Interior, I declare to a North American official delegation: "up to now, it doesn't exist any test that the fifteen Saudi citizens accused by the FBI were related with September 11. We have not received any fact of United States on the topic" (7).

(7) "Saudi Minister Asserts That Bin Laden Is to Б─≤Tool ' of To the Qaeda, Not to Mastermind for Duglas Jehl, in The Washington Post of December 10.

How does you identify those terrorists? If one makes reference to the lists of victims published by the air companies September 13, it surprises that they don't figure in this the names of the air pirates. It is as if the criminals had been retired of the lists to leave alone to the innocent victims and the personnel of the company. If the names are counted, 78 innocent victims appear in the flight 11 of American Airlines (the one that you shatters against the North Tower of the WTC), 46 in the flight 175 of United Airlines (that you shatters against the South Tower), 51 in the flight 77 of American Airlines (supposedly starry against the pentagon), and 36 in the flight 93 of United Airlines (that explode in Pennsylvania). These lists were incomplete, since several passengers had not still been identified. If one makes reference to the official statements (8). Of the air companies of September 11, he/she can it turns that the flight 11 transported 81 passengers, the flight 175 56, the flight 77 transported 58 passengers and the flight 93, 38.

(8) these official statements were diffused by the agency Associated Press.

It was therefore materially impossible that the flight 11 transported to more than three terrorists and the flight 93, to but of two. The absence of the names of the air pirates in the lists of passengers doesn't mean consequently that they had retired so that these they were politically correct", but simply that they were not among the passengers. Good-bye to the escalation of Atta for an assistant of I approach thanks to their I number of seat, 8D.

* * *

In summary, the FBI invention a list of air pirates starting from which you/they elaborated a portrait robot of the enemies from West. We are asked us to believe that those pirates were fundamentalist Islamic and that they acted as Kamikazes. You finishes the American internal hint. In fact, we don't know anything, neither of the identity of the " terrorists ", neither in their way of operating. All the hypotheses continue open. As in all the criminal matters, the first question that one should think about it is: " To who benefits the crime"?.
In fact, the following day of the attacks he/she was proven that you maneuver characteristic of the undue use of confidential information they were carried out in the six days precedents to the attack (9). The actions of United Airlines (company landlady of the airplanes that smashed in the South Tower of the World Trade Center and in Pittsburg) they fell 42% artificially. Those of American Airlines (Company landlady of the apparatus that you shatters against the North Tower of the World Trade Center and of the one that you shatters in the Pentagon), they fell 39%. Any other air company in the world has been object of comparable maneuvers, except for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. So that it can be deduced that an airplane of the Dutch company maybe had been chosen to be object of a fifth deviation.
Identical performances were verified in the options of sale of values of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. that had multiplied for twelve the week previous to the attacks. Now then, this company occupied 22 floors of the World Trade Center. The same thing happened to the options of sale of the actions of the first corridor of bag of the world, Merrill Lynch & Co. whose social headquarters this in a building neighbors that he/she threatened to collapse that multiplied for 25. And, mainly, with the options of sale of the actions of the implied insurers: Munich Re, Swiss Re and Axa.
The commission of Control of Market Operations of Chicago was the first one in giving the alert. It checked that, in the bag of Chicago, the possessors of the confidential information would have carried out 5 million dollars with American Airlines, 1,2 million dollars with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. And 5,5 million dollars with Merrill Lynch & Co.
Before the investigators, the possessors of confidential information gave up advisably to perceive 2,5 million dollars in benefit of American Airlines that had not had time of getting paid before the alert was given.
The authorities of control of each great market square raise the benefits carried out by the possessors of confidential information. The investigation is coordinated by the IOSCO (International organization of Commission of Values) (10). October 15 took place a videoconferencia in to the one that the national authorities prepared their reports of the season. In these he/she appeared that the illicit benefits would imply certain of millions of dollars, never constituting the biggest crime of undue use of confidential information made."

(9) the official place of IOSCO:

Osama Bin Laden whose bank bills were blocked from 1998, didn't have the necessary money for this speculation. The government taliban of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan neither had half financial.
Indeed, the president of Osama Bin Laden, of their associates, of their associations and companies, by means of the Exesutive Order 13099, symbolically signed August 7 1998 (day of the answer to the attacks of Nairobi and Daarse-Salam). This decision you internationalizes based on the Resolution 1193 of the Council of Security of National United (August 13 1998). Bill Clinton extended the measure to the bank bills of the talibanes, and to his association and satellites by virtue of the Executive Order 13129 of July 4 1999. In definitive, the world freezing of the haberes of people and organizations related with the financing of the international terrorism were pronounced by virtue of the Resolution 1269 of the advice of security of United Nations (October 19 1999). starting from that date, you totally ridiculous lathe to continue speaking of the" millionaire Osama Bin Laden" because he/she no longer had access possible to their personal fortune. The means of those that prepared alone they could come from a secret help - state or not - that could no longer be that of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
It could settle down that most of the transactions was made by Deutche Bank and their North American branch of investments, Alex Brown (11). This society was directed, it ties 1998, for a singular character, A.B. Krongrad. Capital of you Marinate, lover of the weapons and the martial arts, this banker became the director's of the CO. advice and, from March 26, I number 3 of the Agency of North American InfamaciцЁn. Keeping in mind the importance of the investigation and the influence of A.B. Krongard, was necessary to think that Alex.Brown cooperates without difficulties with the authorities to facilitate the identification of the possessors of confidential information. But it didn't happen this way.

(11) Suspicious Profits Sit Uncollected Airlines Investors Seem To Be Lying Low"por christian Berthelsen and Scott Winokur, San Francisco Chronicle, September 29 2001

For very strange that seems, the FBI gives up to explore these hints and the IOSCO hill its investigation without solving the matter. However, it is easy to rake the movements of capitals, since all the transactions interbancarias are filed by two organisms of Clearing (12).

(12) Denis Robert and Ernest Backes: Revelation $, them arenes, 2001; in

You could admit that, keeping in mind the importance of those that was in game, had been possible to force the bank secret and to find the happy beneficiaries of the attacks of September 11. But it was not this way (13).

(13) the FBI neither you interests for the proprietor of some names of premonitory domains of Internet: according to the company of registrations VeriSign, a non identified operator buys during one year, in 2000, 17 names of domain of Internet that September 14 2001 expired and that they were never used. It is of:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

* * *

The FBI, in disposition of some unprecedented investigation means, it should have clarified each one from the contradictions to those that we have referred. He/she should have studied the message of the attackers of the Secret Service prioritarily to identify them. What truly happened in the Pentagon should have settled down. They should have raked the agents financial possessors of confidential information. They should have gone until the origin from the messages of alert correspondents to Odigo two hours before the attack to prevent the occupants of the World Trade Center. Etc.
Now then, like we have pointed out, far from carrying out a criminal investigation, the FBI you care in making to disappear the tests and to gag the witness. Support the version of the external attack and I intern to give him credibility disclosing an improvised list of air pirates and manufacturing false hints according to their convenience (passport of Mohamed Atta, instructions of the Kamikazes, etc.)
This operation of manipulation was orchestrated by its director, Robert Muller III. This indispensable man was named by George W. Bush and it had assumed his presidential functions the week previous to September 11.
This pseudoinvestigacion one carries out to sense a fair process or to hide the North American responsibility - North American and to justify the coming military operations?

See you Internet Domain Yam May Have Warned Of Attacks", and Investigators Dog Access Internet Domain Dates", by Jeff Johnson, in of the 19 and 20 of September.


Second part

Death of the democracy in North America

Chapter 5

Answer or bargain?

The night of September 11 the president George W. Bush goes to the nation in a solemn message televised with mystic airs (1)": (...) United States has been target of an attack because it is the lighthouse but brilliant of freedom and the progress in the world. And nobody will make that that light goes out. Today, our nation has seen the Wickedness, the worst in the human nature. And we have reacted with the best in United States, with the courage of our rescue services, the cares to the neighbor and the neighbors that went to give blood and to help like they could. (...) we are already looking for those who are behind these evil acts. I have channeled all the resources of our intelligence and our communities that are worth for the execution of the law to find to the responsible ones and to take them in opinion. We won't make distinction some among the terrorists that have made these acts and those that protect them. (...) tonight I ask you that you pray for all those that suffer, for the children whose world has been made pieces, for all those whose security has been threatened. And I pray so that they can be comforted by a superior power whose words have arrived us through the years in the psalm 23: ' when I walk for the valley of the shade of the death, I don't fear bad some; because your these conmigo'. Today is one day in that all the Americans are united by our determination in favor of the justice and the peace. United States you already faces enemies in the past, and we make it other time again. None of us never forgot this day. For that reason, we will continue defining the freedom and all that is Exactly and Good to United States."

(1) Statement by the president in his adress to the Nation, September of 2001, 11

In spite of this unit message and in a moment in that the responsibility of Osama Bin alone Laden was considered officially like a hypothesis, in the breast of its administration two contradictory political positions are pondered. The moderate ones, contained around the secretary of State, the general Colin Powell, and of the Boss of Combined bigger State, the general Hugh Shelton, recommends a proportional answer, based on the pattern of the orderly answer in 1998 for Bill Clinton. It is that year missiles Tomahawks they rushed from submarines that crossed the sea from Oman to the fields of training of To the Qaeda (Afghanistan) and to the laboratory of training of To the Shifa (Sudц║n) as answer to the attacks perpetrated against the North American embassy in Daar-be-Salam and Nairobi. On the other hand, the " hawks " point out that those blows didn't have any effect, since To the Qaeda it had renewed their attacks. According to them, alone a military intervention in Afghan floor would allow to eradicate the bases of Osama definitively Bin Laden. But the campaign won't stop there, it will continue destroying all the other threats potentials equally, that is to say, all the organizations and susceptible States of becoming threat comparable to To the Qaeda.
The veteran Henry Kissinger (2), former secretary of State and supervisor of all the secret actions of the North American secret services of 1969 at 1976, are the regular figure, the inspiring of the " hawks ". it Hardly finishes the president's television intervention (3), it publishes an I articulate of opinion in the place of Internet of The Washington Post, in which puts the points on the цґes:

(2) Christofer Hitchens: Them Crimes of Monsieur Kissinger, Saint-SimцЁn, 2001.
(3) the president's address Bush began at 20:30 o'clock and the one articulates of opinion of the Dr. Kissinger it was hung in the net at 21:04 o'clock. Sees you Destroy the Network", by Henry Kissinger, in The Washington Post, September 11.

"The government should assume the mission of giving a systematic answer that takes, like one waits, to the same result that the one that continued to the attack of Pearl Harbor -the destruction of the system responsible for this attack -. This system is a net of terrorist organizations that takes refuge in the capitals of some countries. In a good one I number of cases, we don't penalize to those countries for the fact of giving refuge to those organizations; in other cases we even maintain almost normal relationships with them. (...) we don't still know if Osama Bin Laden is the author of those actions, although these they take the signature of an operation type Bin Laden. Not for it any Government that of I cover to groups castrates of making this type of attacks, although those groups have not participated in today's attacks, they will stop to pay an exorbitant price for it. we should calmly respond, in a reflexive but relentless way."

* * *

While the opinion publishes North American it continued under the effect of the shock and he/she cried to its deads, the days 12 and 13 of September were dominated, in the American administration and in the governments from all over the world, for three questions: George W. Bush points out to To the Qaeda like responsible for the attacks? What operation type do they order in Afghanistan? And will it Commit to their country in a war of long duration against all the real enemies and suppositions?
The North American officials multiply their revelations to the media to accuse Osama Bin Laden and to their organization. The director of the CO., George Tenet, introduces to the president Bush a series of reports on the intercepciцЁn of the communications of To the Qaeda of September 11 (4). According to these, the attacks would have been planned from toward two years and they constituted the principle of a long series of attacks in those that the Capitol and the White House figured among the targets. Apparently, the leaders of To the Qaeda they had believed, erroneously, to have reached several objectives, for what you/they had given thanks to God for the explosions in the building of the Capitol", they had praised the destruction of the White House and they had celebrated the doctor's plan" (that is to say of the doctor Ayman Zawahri, the right arm of Osama Bin Laden). The operation had been unchained by Abu Zubayda, suspect already of being the organizer of the attack against the destructive USS Cole in October of 200, that would have given the sign of the hour zero."

(4) Wednesday, september 12 for Bob Woodward and they Give Balz, in The Washington Post of January 28 2002

The president Bush went then to the press (5): I have just concluded a meeting with my consultants as regards national security, in which our services of information have given us the you finish bring up to date.
The deliberate and lethal attacks perpetrated yesterday against our country they were something more than terror acts. They were acts of war. Therefore, our country has to unite with a determination and stability in to the one that doesn't fit fissures. The freedom and the democracy have been attacked.
"The American town should know that the enemy to which we face doesn't resemble any enemy of the past. This he/she hides in the shade and it doesn't feel respect some for the human life. He/she is an enemy that attacks innocent and confident people, and then he/she runs to hide. But he/she won't be able to run indefinitely. He/she is an enemy that thinks that their refuges are safe, but they won't be eternally it.
"this enemy has not attacked alone to our town, but to all the towns lovers of the freedom from all over the world. United States used all the resources within its reach to conquer the enemy. We will gather to the forces of the world. We will have patience. We will concentrate on our objective and our determination will be unyielding.
"this fight will demand time and determination. But that it doesn't fit doubt: we will win. (...) but we won't allow this enemy to win the war changing our way of life or restricting our freedoms.
"this morning, I have remitted to the congress an application of emergency funds to prepare to all the necessary means for auxiliary to the victims, to help the citizens from New York and Washington to overcome this tragedy and to protect our national security.
"He/she wanted to give those thanks to the members of the congress for their unit and their support. United States this united one. The nations of the world lover of the freedom are with us. This fight of the Good against the Wrong will be monumental, but the will prevail Well."

(5) Remarks by the President in Photo Opportunity with the Nation Security Team", September 12 2001; this material can consult himself in:

Except for the Foreign British Office that multiplies the martial declarations, the leaders from all over the world observe with restlessness the president's reactions Bush. At once they find out that the German, Egyptian, French services of information, Israeli and Russian had alerted in vain to their North American homologous on what got ready, but the CO. minimizes the threat. They also wonder about the reliability of the reports - you start so indiscreet - of the CO. and of the progresses - too quick - of the investigation of the FBI. They fear that, to alert to the opinion it publishes internal, the president Bush points out to an incidental culprit hastily and commit to its country in an immediate and disproportionate military answer.
The same day, the Council of Security of United Nations adopts its resolution 1368 (6). to Recognize the inherent right of United States to it legitimates it individual or collective defense of agreement with San Francisco's Letter". they Specified that the Council of Security urges of all the States to that you/they collaborate with urgency to subject to the action from the justice to the authors, organizers and patrons of those terrorist attacks and he/she underlines that the accomplices of the authors, organizers and patrons of these acts and the responsible ones of giving them support or asylum will have to surrender bills of its acts". in other words, the Council of Security recognizes the right of United States of violating, if it is necessary, the sovereignty of the States that you/they protect the authors of the attacks to stop the terrorists and to take them in the face of the international justice. However, it doesn't authorize to United State to take the justice for their hand or to attack to States and to overthrow governments.

(6) resolution 1368 of the Council of Security of United Nations, September of 2001, 12 in

In the afternoon, the Council of the Atlantic Alliance meets to closed door. The States members decides to help United States - and not to commit its own forces - to give answer to the suffering attack. The meeting of the Council has been tense inusualmente. Some members think that the attacks have been sponsor from the interior of the apparatus of North American State and they reject hastily to a war against the terrorism whose you limit and objectives are not well defined. When leaving the meeting, the general secretary of the NATO, lord George Robertson, declares: "If you confirms that this attack has been directed from the foreigner against United States [sic], it will be assimilated to a regular action for the I articulate 5 of the treaty of Washington" (7). Worried for the direction of the events, the French president, Jacques Chirac, calls to George W. Bush. After recognizing that France the ally has always been shown but loyal to United States, although not the but docile, the one explains politely that the decision of the Council Atlantic is not a check in white, a blind support to the North American politics.

(7) the NATO reaffirms its acquired commitments of agreement with the treaty that you signs after the terrorist attacks against United States, Service of press of the NATO, September 12 2001 (

Days later, Jacques Chirac travels to United States with reasons of a visit foreseen from toward time. On one hand, it multiplies the declarations of affectionate solidarity with the North American town. For other, it organizes a press conference common with the general secretary of United Nations, Kifi Annan, to cool the North American vehemence. He/she declares without rodeos: "the North American answer should be carried out against the identified terrorists and eventualemente against the countries or the groups that have been demonstrated that they have helped to those identified terrorist groups" (8).

(8) I document of the UN SG/SM/7964; this material can consult himself in

The fear of the Chancelleries seems to be confirmed with an incident happened during the press conference (9) of the general district attorney, John Ashcroft, and of the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller III. Police's boss explains the journalists the necessity not to precipitate the even investigation to be able to gather the necessary tests that condemn the suspects when the minister of Justice interrupts it abruptly. John Ashcroft underlines that the time is urgent and that the mission of the FBI is to stop the accomplices of the terrorists as soon as possible before new crimes are made. The tests are taken the worst part!

(9) half Briefing in the headquarters of the FBI", September of 2001, 12 9:300 Hs.

September 13 the tone ascends. In the morning it is evacuated the White House partially after an antiterrorist alert - he/she has become a habit - and he/she behaves to the vice-president Cheney to a distant and sure place. False alarm and true psicodrama. On the other hand, the enclosed secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, opens the conference of press of the Pentagon (10). Wolfowitz is the spokesman noted pro the most extremist conservative group inside the military and industrial Lobby. It militates for years to finish the dirty work in Iraq and you go in the events of September 11 an easy justification for the wanted overthrow of Saddam Hussein. It doesn't mention any target in the course of their press conference, neither Afghanistan, non Iraq. But he/she underlines that the North American answer will be a campaign, don't unite isolated action". AND he/she insists: "We will pursue those people [to the terrorists] and to those that support them until this finishes. It is this way like it is necessary to act."

(10) Dod News Briefing, September 13 2001; it can be consulted in

The secretary you State, Colin Powell, believing that he/she took the leading to the " hawks ", it presents to Osama Bin Laden like the main suspect and he/she prepares an intervention at full speed - that wants limited - in Afghanistan. It throws kind of an ultimatum to Pakistan to order that it puts to disposition of United States all the military infrastructures of those that it prepares and that it puts an end immediately to all political and economic relationship with the rц╘gime taliban (11).

(11) US Ask Pakistan for Help to Track Down Bin Laden for Robin Wright and John Daniszewski, in Los Angeles Times of September 14 2001.

* * *

In fact, like we will see, the debate that disturbs to Washington is not new. The two options (you attack punctual against Afghanistan or general war against the terrorism) it had been studied and prepared before the attacks. Its reason of being doesn't have I link some with the events of September 11, although these they are the alibi that opens the way to the action. From that moment, the fight is limited that is if the opinion publishes it can only admit attacks to concrete targets or this him enough moved as to accept a long term war. In definitive, the psychological impact was so important that the strategists from Washington won't have to choose and they will be able to activate both options.
By the middle of July of 2001, after checking the failure of the negotiations - among all the implied parts - of Berlin on the future of Afghanistan, the North American delegation directed by Tom Simmons (former ambassador in Pakistan), Karl Iderfurth (the secretary of State former assistant) and Lee Coldren (former expert of the Department of State) it hardens their position. According to the former ambassador from Pakistan in Paris, Niaz Naik that participated in the negotiations, the North Americans declared that they would invade the rц╘gime taliban (12).

(12) US Planned Attack on Taleban", BBC, September 18 2001 and secret Memo Reveals US Plan to Overthrow Taleban Regime", in Guardian The of September 21 2001.

At the beginning of September, under the protection of their annual maneuvers in Oman's sea, called Essential Harvest, the United Kingdom proceeded to the biggest unfolding in its fleet from the war of Malvinas and to the concentration of forces along Pakistan. Meanwhile, the NATO, with reasons of the maneuvers Bright Star in Egypt, transfer 40.000 soldiers to the area. This way, the Anglo-American forces were appropriated previously in the area before the attacks.
As for the war against the terrorism", the American Combined bigger State had prepared it during a lot of time with the help of two War Games" (shammers of war): Global Engagement IV and JEFX 99 (13). it Put to point the tactical procedures during one it finishes simulation in June of 2000. But the War Game programmed initially for June of 2001 was annulled, that made that the implied officials the they interpreted as sign from a step to the imminent action.

(13) to New Mindset For Warfare", by William M. Arkin, in The Washington Post of September 22 2001.

The Americans have always hated to take the initiative of a war. In the past, they took pains in presenting their military commitments as answers you legitimate. With the attacks of September 11, they found the dreamt opportunity.


Chapter 6


As it is strange that a war is made without putting to God of its own side, the preachers, even more than the military strategists, are those that invade the television studies. All interpret the attacks as a divine sign that he/she has called to North America to become. "Almighty God has moved away us its protection", the reverend Pat writes Robertson, leader of the very influential Christian Coalition, because we flail in search of the material pleasures and the sex."
In their program it guides, 700 Club (Fox Channel), the shepherd Pat Robertson receives its friend the shepherd Jerry Falwell. The two teleevangelistas analyzes the events that have just dismayed North America (1):

(1) God Gave US ' What we Deserve', Falwell Say", by John Harris, in The Washington Post of September 14 2001.

"God continues lifted the curtain and it allows to the enemies from North America that inflict us what we probably deserve", Falwell declares.
"Jerry, that is what I believe", Robertson answers him.
"I believe that alone we have just discovered the hall of the terror. We have not even begun to see what you/they can inflict most of the population."
Falwell becomes trained then against the ACLU [Association of Defense of the Individual Freedom], the federal tribunals and all those that expel to the Mr. of the sphere it publishes". The alborotistas should load with an it leaves of blame, since one cannot make fun of God", it continues. "And when we destroy 40 millions of you drink innocent, to God he/she gives him rage. I am convinced that the atheists, the abortionists, the feminists, the gays and the lesbians that make an effort actively so that this is an alternative way of life, the ACLU, the People for the American Way, all those that you/they have attempted secualizar North America... I point out them with the finger and I tell them: you have allowed that this happens."
In this context - in the one that the religious rhetoric serves to the political and military interests - that, showing you as the spiritual Boss from North America and of the civilized world, the president Bush publishes the following ordinance (2): Our heart this heart-stricken one for the sudden and senseless disappearance of these innocent lives. Let us pray to recover and to find the force that he/she helps us mutually and encourage us each other with the hope and in the faith. The writings say: ' Fortunate the heart-stricken ones, because they will be consolados'. I Invite to all the families of North America and the family of North America to keep a National Day of Sentence and of Memory to honor the memory of the thousands of victims of those brutal attacks and to alert those that lost to their dear beings. We will overcome this national tragedy and these lost ones personal. With the time, we will heal our wounds and we will get up again. In front of all this Bad one, we will stay strong and united, ' a nation under the look of Dios'.

(2) Proclamation by the President of the United States of America", September 13 2001 (

For that reason, the below signatory, me, George W. Bush, president from United States of America, by virtue of the authority that confers me the Constitution and the right of United States, proclaims on Friday National September of 2001 Days of the Sentence 14 and of the victims' of the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001 Memory. I request that the united town of States and the cult places take place this Day of sentence and of Memory with commemorative services the noon that you/they bend the bells at that hour, and for the night that you/they are carried out memory velatorios by the light of the candles. I exhort the managers to that you/they allow to their workers to take free time during the hour of the lunch to attend the services of sentence of the noon. I invite to the towns of the world that share our pain to unite to these solemn ceremonies.
"To give faith of it, I sign this document in this terceavo day of September of the year 2001 of Our Mr., 226б╨ year of the independence of United States of America" (3).

(3) for the North American president, the two central dates around those that it orders the Humanity's History are consequently Jesus Christ birth and the birth of United States, calls one and another to save the world.

In the National cathedral he/she takes place an unprecedented ceremony. The president Bush and their wife, four former presidents (Bill Clinton, George Bush father, James Crankcase and Gerald Ford), the almost the senators' entirety and representatives pray together. A cardinal, a rabbi, an amц║n drives for shifts the ceremony. The most famous teleevangelista in the world, the shepherd Billy Graham that converted behind fifteen years to George W. Bush, pronounces a homily (4): One of the things that need in this country is completely a spiritual renovation. We need a spiritual renovation in North America. And God has told us with Its Word, century after century that we should regret our sins, to become toward Him and Him will bless us in a new way (...) Now we can choose: or to explode and to disintegrate emotional and spiritually, like town and I eat nation, or to be stronger after those tests and to reconstruct on sure foundations. And I believe that we are beginning to reconstruct on those foundations that are our Faith in God (...) we also Know that the Mr. he/she will give wisdom, courage and it forces the president and those that surround it. And we will remember this day like that of a victory."

(4) Billy Graham's Message", September 14 2001 (

The president Bush ascends to the pulpit and it also pronounces a homily (5). it has been prepared by its consultant, the biblical fundamentalist Michael Gersen: " (...) Our responsibility before the History this white: we should respond to those attacks and to liberate to the world of the Wrong. He/she has gotten rid a war against us with cunning, deceit and murders. Our nation is it pacifies, but when he/she becomes furious, he/she becomes implacable (...). the signs of God are not always those that we look for. We learn with the tragedy that Their will is not always ours. However, the sentences and the suffering, either in our homes or in this great cathedral, they are listened and understood. There are sentences that you/they help us to subsist during the day or to sobrellevar the night. There are friends' sentences and strange that give us force to continue. And there are sentences that subject our will to a more powerful will that ours. (...) North America is a nation blessed by the fortune, full of favors. But we have not been excused of the suffering. During all the generations, the world has engendered enemies of the human freedom. They have attacked our country, because he/she is the soul and the defender of the freedom. And the commitment acquired by our parents has become the call of our times. In this national day of sentence and commemoration we request to almighty God that looks after our nation and it grants us the patience and the will for all that must come. We request so that He feeds and console to all those that are sunk in the affliction. We thank him for each one of the lives of those that we should cry the lost one and for each promise you a new life. He has assured us that neither the death, neither the life, neither the angels, neither the princes, neither the powers of this world, neither the present or the future, neither the heights or the depths, he/she will be able to separate the masters to God. that God blesses the souls of the deceaseds. That God consoles our own soul. And that it guides forever to our country. That God blesses North America"!.

(5) President's Remarks at Narional Day of Player and Remembrance", in

The Washington Post it analyzes with posteriority the metamorphosis of Gorge W. Bush: "for the first time since the religious conservative has become political movement, the president from United States has become her leader of Facto - a statues that even Ronald Reagan, flattered by the religious conservatives, you/he/she could not never reach -. The Christian magazines, the radios and televisions, show Bush praying, while the preachers in the pulpit qualify her leader of act of the Providence. A procession of religious leaders that you/they have met with him attests its faith, different places in Internet encourage people to help and to request for the president" (6).

(6) Religious Right Finds its Center in Oval Office", for Milbank it Damages, in the Washington Post of December 24 2001.

At noon of September 14, the 43 States of the Council of Europe (7) (included Russia) and many other tweets of all the continents, following the request of the president from United States, they keep three minutes of silence in the victims' of the attacks memory. Did all manifest this way their tacit acceptance of the leadership of an illuminated fundamentalist that he/she announces them their intention of taking to a monumental battle against the Wrong" (8). will it be contagious the political delirium and mystic of the teleevangelistas?

(7) 800 millions of European of mourning for the victims of the attacks in United States", Official statement of the Council of Europe of September 13 2001 ( .html)
(8) Remarks by the President in Photo Opprotunity with the Nation Security Team", September 12 2001 (

Neither the psychological shock, neither the respect that he/she can feel for the victims can explain this intense religious fervor. Although United States is originariamente a theocracy been founded by puritans that escaped from the intolerance of the British Crown, it is not for that reason a devout nation in which the teleevangelistas makes the times of military strategists. Also, historical precedent doesn't exist some in the one that a North American president makes a declaration of war in a cathedral.
The call of George Bush to the towns of the world that share our pain to unite to this solemn religious ceremony was even observed in the lay France. This way, the Executive's two bosses, the president Jacques Chirac and the first Minister Lionel Jospin signed, September 12, an ordinance edited as it continues: "On Friday it is declared September of 2001 day of national mourning 14 in homage to the victims of the attacks made in United States September 11 2001" (9). accompanied by a cohort of officials and of ministers, the eve attended an ecumenical service in the North American church of Paris. Together they intoned the one it celebrates song God Bless America! (10).

(9) dц╘cret NOR:HRUX0101919D, Journal Officiel of the republique Fracaise of September 13 you 2001, p. 14582
(10) God Bless America in a compound song for Irving Berlin during the Second World War. He/she has become in kind of an official national hymn.

These prayers imposed by right raised, here and there, intense polemics. The opponents pointed out that this world theater seemed to give credibility to that the thousands of American victims were worth more than all the victims of the recent genocide that were not entitled this way to a homage. We understand this controversy like a rejection to the political manipulation of the religious feeling. Three minutes of silence to take conscience that the conflicts can get ready peacefully, without appealing to the terrorism, but don't unite alone prayer for the victims of the terrorism in North American territory. These ceremonies don't express a collective aspiration for the peace, but rather they sought to justify the coming vengeance.
That prayer moment constitutes a historical thread. United States enters in war when the national hymn resonated in the cathedral, he/she will write The later Washington Post (11). A statement that can be enlarged: the world has entered in war associating to the North American mourning.

(11) War Speech in to Cathedral: To Stedfast Resolve to Prevail", for they Give Balz and Bob Woodward, in The Washington Post of January 30 2002

From then on we wonder like you organizes this unanimous homage. Contrary to the mobilization of the military alliances, any treaty international prevц╘ the withdrawal obligation goes a long way United States it is of mourning. Nevertheless, it was easier and quicker to decree the international mourning that to use the treaties of the NATO, the ANZUS and the OAS (12). Examining with more detail, it is observed that the French ordinance was signed by Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin September 12, that is to say before George W. Bush decreed the North American mourning.

(12) the NATO is the Organization of the Treaty of the North Atlantic; the ANZUS contains Australia, New Zealand and United States; while the OAS gathers to the American States.

An operation this way, to planetary scale, he/she needs the activation of a powerful net of influences able to press to almost all the leaders of the planet. This political operation pursues a political objective mainly: to manipulate the religious feeling, the North American Government has so much sacralizado to the victims of the attacks as his version of the facts. From now on, in the entire world, any setting in doubt of the official truth a sacrilege will be considered.
The device that was used to impose the international mourning you formalizes secretly in October of 2001 (13). In the pentagon one believes the Office for the Strategic Influence (Office For the Strategic Influence) (14), under the general SimцЁn's command Pete Worden, former boss of the US Space Comand. This organism is articulated in the Programs of International Information (International Informations Programs) (15) of the department of State - that understands the transmissions of the radio Voice of America - through the Military Group of International Information (International Military Information Group) of the colonel Brad Ward. Now, this organism works on time complete to manipulate the opinions you publish and the western Governments (16).

(13) him Nouvel arsenal of Washington Pour Iцґnfosphц╘re", in Intelligence Online of February 14 2002
(14) the creation of the Office for the Strategic Influence is the conclusion of a long reflection of the North American forces. Cf. "Infromation Dominance", of Matin C. Libick, in Strategic Forum Nб╨ 132 (National Defense University, November of 1997); in
(15) I siege official of the International Informations Programs: /
(16) starting from 1948, the department of State has a service of propaganda public denominated public Diplomacy". This budgetary line is used to corrupt the opinion leaders (journalists, intellectuals, political leaders) in the tweets friends. Displacing this activity from the department of State to the Department of Defense, the administration Bush tried to extend the activity field from the propaganda services to the American town, violating the Foreing Relations Authorizations Act 1972.


Chapter 7


In the dawn of September 14 the Congress of United States authorizes the president George W. Bush to appeal to all the necessary and appropriate force against all State, organization or person that it has been confirmed that he/she has prepared, authorized, executed or facilitated the terrorist attacks that he/she has given asylum to such organizations or such people, with the purpose of preventing any future act of international terrorism against United States, organizations or people"" (1).

(1) combined resolution 23 of the Senate.

This combined resolution of both cameras is adopted almost without debate, unanimously less a vote, that of the democratic deputy from California, Bц║rbara Lee (2). Its writing grants all the freedom to the president Bush to not fight against the terrorist organizations government, but the powers of urgency are not exactly powers of war". George W. Bush continues forced to inform to the Congress before unchaining hostilities against another State (3).

(2) he/she surrendered bill from their vote to their readers publishing Why I Opposed the Resolution to Authorize I Forced in San Francisco Chronicle of September 23 2001
(3) National Emergency Power for Harold C. Relyea, Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress, September 18 2001. It can consult himself in:

To carry out the first actions, the president Bush requests to the Congress a special credit of 20.000 million dollars. In a beautiful patriotic impulse, both cameras duplicate the quantity and he/she votes after five hours of debate a credit of... 40.000 million dollars (4).

(4) Congress Clear Uses of I Forced, б╨ Billons in Emergency Aid", by John Lancaster and Helen Dewar, in The Washington Post of September 15 2001 and Congress Passes б╨ Billons in Homeland Defense Funds", by Steven Kingley, in Homeland Defense Journal of January 7 2002

on the other hand, the president Bush authorizes the mobilization of 50.000 reservists as maximum (5). The secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, calls to 35.500 reservists immediately (10.000 for the I Exercise, 13.000 for the air force, 3.000 for the Marina, 7.500 for you Marinate them and 2.000 for the Coast Guard). The previous mobilization is that of the War of the Gulf. This implies to an I number of soldiers five times superior, because it was to gather to a powerful force.

(5) Executive Order, September 14 2001 (

George W. Bush pronounces an important speech (6) before the Congress, gathered in plenary session, September 20. It is accompanied by several personalities, among those that the First British Minister, Tomy is Blair. In this occasion, it finally points out from an official way to Osama Bin Laden and to their organization like those responsible for the attacks and lance an ultimatum to the rц╘gime talibц║n: "surrender to the North American authorities to all the leaders of To the Qaeda that hide in your territory. Liberate all the foreign, included citizens the North American citizens, to those that you have imprisoned wrongly and protect the journalists, the diplomats and the foreign workers in your country. To close immediately and in a permanent way all the terrorist fields of training in Afghanistan and surrender to the competent authorities to the terrorists and all the people that are part of the support structure. These demands are not subject to negotiation or discussion. The talibanes should act, and to make it immediately. They have to give to the terrorists, or they will share their luck."

(6) Address to join Session of Congres and the American Poeple, September 20 2001 (

Mainly, he/she announces the creation of an OHS (Office of Homeland Security) with ministerial range and I lower their direct control. This new organism will direct, he/she will supervise and it will coordinate a combined national strategy with a view to defend our country in front of the terrorism and to react before any eventual attack". The president announces on the march that names to the former one I/you/he/she Marinates and governor from Pennsylvania, Tom Ridge, to the front of this Office.
As continuation of this measure, the Administration Bush adopts several decisions to reinforce the secret of Defense.
From the following day to the attacks, September 12, the secretary Rumsfeld declared in its press conference in the Pentagon: "I find important to underline that when the data coming from the information put on to people's that don't have the suitability to proceed correctly, disposition the consequence it is that they decrease the possibilities that the Government from United States has of to identify and to judge people that have perpetrated the attacks against United States and that they have killed so many North Americans. In second place, when reserved information is given on the operations to people that have not received the qualification for this type of information, the forced consequence it is that he/she puts on in danger the life of men and uniform women, since this is those that will carry out those future operations" (7).

(7) DoD News Briefing, Secretary Rumsfeld", September of 2001, 12 in

When the journalists asked him, September 25, if he/she had the intention of lying to keep secrets, Rumsfeld responded that, personally, it was the quite skilled thing to act otherwise, but that their collaborators got ready them like they could (8):

(8) DoD News Briefing, Secretary Rumsfeld", September of 2001, 12 in

SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: "does that remind the famous expression of Winston evidently, Churchill that declared - but don't let us make an appointment, hey? don't I want to be mentioned, therefore don't make an appointment - that the truth, sometimes, is so valuable that he/she should go accompanied by a bodyguard of lies - did he/she Speak of the date and of the place of the landing -.
"And in fact, they not only made an effort for not speaking of the date of the landing in Normandцґa, neither of the place, neither of knowing if it would be of Normandцґa or to the north of Belgium, and they began to sow the confusion among the Germans regarding knowing if that would take place. And they had to a fictitious army to the control of Patton and things for the style. That belongs to the history and I speak of them as of a context (...) I don't remember to never have lied to the press, I don't have the intention of making it, and I don't find him to be justifiable. It exists dozens in ways of avoiding to be in situations in those that one has to lie. And I don't make it."
JOURNALIST: " And is that been worth for everybody in the Department?"
SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: "He/she jokes, I suppose" (laughs).
October 2 the defense undersecretary, Pete Aldridge Jr. , it directs a message to all the suppliers of weapons (9). it indicates Them that the secret of Defense you wide to their commercial activities, keeping in mind that seemingly anodyne data can reveal many things on the activities and intentions of the Department of Defense. Therefore, starting from then the discretion is imposed the civilians.

(9) available in

October 4, the director of purchases of the air force, Darlene Druyun, sends an electronic mail (10) to all the suppliers of that force to enlarge the letter of Aldridge. It prohibits all the suppliers to speak with the journalists, as well as to speak of the contracts in negotiation course and of those already signed and publics. The prohibition is valid as much in United States as in all the foreign countries where the suppliers can participate in fairs and colloquys it has more than enough armament.

(10) available in

October 5 the president Bush, violating the Constitution, I order several members of their cabinet that stop to transmit information to the parliamentarian (cf. Annexes).
October 18, the enclosed secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, sends a note to all the bosses of official of its ministry so that he/she spreads to the whole personnel. He/she writes: "It is vital that the agents of the Department of Defense (DoD), as well as people that come from another organizations that collaborate with the DOD, be very wise in their conversations on the activities of the DOD anyone that you/they are their responsibilities. That they don't maintain any relative conversation to their professional activities in open spaces, in public places, during their displacements between their home and work, or even for electronic means not sure. The information of confidential character will be treated exclusively in the places foreseen to the effect and with people that have a reason at the same time it specifies to consent to the information and of a qualification of security ad hoc.
"The non confidential information should be object of an identical protection from the moment in that it can be confirmed to drive to conclusions of sensitive character. Most of the information used in the mark of the missions of the DoD will be sustraцґda (sic) of the public domain in reason of their sensitive character. In the event of doubt, abstain from to diffuse or to discuss the official information, I save in the breast of the DoD."
Simultaneously, the federal authorities take measures to guarantee the secret of the investigation on the attacks. September 11, the FBI requests to the air companies that he/she doesn't contact the press. Nevertheless, their testimony will allow to clarify the absence of passengers of the airplanes, as well as the absence of the names of the air pirates in the lists of passengers. This same night, the FBI waits in its home to the siblings Jules and Gц╘dц╘on Neudet that were in Manhattan during the collisions. They confiscate the five hours of videotape recording carried out by the two journalists inside the towers and in the squares. Alone they are returned them six minutes of recording, corresponding to the collision of the first airplane. This document that could help to understand the crumbling of the World Trade Center, is sealed. The FBI requests to the company also Odigo that doesn't contact the press. However, it would be interesting to know the exact comment of the received alert message and the measures taken to limit the number of people in the Towers. Equally, the military authority prohibits all contact between its implied personnel and the press. The journalists are not able to therefore neither to ask to the hunt pilots, neither to the personnel of base of Barksdale and Offutt. As for the association of North American lawyers, it consists that the processes for damages and damages will constitute new opportunities so that they become public secret of State, he/she announces that it will exclude from the legal profession to all jurist that tries to begin a process on behalf of the families of the victims. This prohibition is only announced by six months: starting from that moment the peritajes will no longer be possible.
The president George W. Bush contacts the leaders of the Congress personally to request them that they don't put in danger the national security creating a commission of combined investigation of the two cameras... on the measures taken after September 11 to prevent other terrorist actions (11).

(11) Congressionnal Panels Join to Proved US Intelligence for Walter pincus, in The Washington Post of February 12 2001.

October 10, the national consultant of security, Condoleezza Ruffles, you/he/she summons to the White House to the directors of the big television chains (ABC, ABS, CNN, FOX, FOX News, MSNBC and NBC) to appeal to her sense of the responsibility. Although the freedom of speech continues being the norm, it is invited the journalists to exercise for themselves an editorial trial about the information and to abstain from diffusing any fact that could harm the security of the North American town (12).

(12) the ' l'ombre' guerre: them mц╘dias amц╘ricains among info et propagande", I articulate of the agency France Presse of October 11 2001.

The whole written press receives the message. Immediately, Rum Gutting (editor boss of the City Sun) and they Give Guthrie (editor boss of the Daily Courier) that had dared to criticize the line of Bush, they are discharged.
"The Pravda and the Izvestia of the former Soviet Union would have had difficulties to overcome to the North American media in their servitude to the official calendar (...) they have abandoned the notion of objectivity or even the idea of proposing a public space where the problems are discussed and debated. (...) It is a scandal that puts in evidence the existence of a propaganda system that is not that of the serious media, essential in a democratic society", Edward comments Herman, professor of Political Sciences in the University of Pennsylvania (13).

(13) mentioned by Oliver Pascal-Moussellard, them Journalistes ц║ l'epreuve du 11 septembre", in Tц╘lц╘ram of January 30 2002.

For I finish, after three weeks of debates, the Congress adopts the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tool Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (14) (whose acrцЁnimo is US PATRIOT Act). This exception law suspends several fundamental freedoms during a four year-old period in order to providing to the Administration the means to fight with effectiveness against the terrorism. He/she is not escaped to anybody that the four year-old duration covers the entirety of the command of George W. Bush, included the electoral period for its reelection. It represses the terrorists and those that support them", according to a very wide definition.

(14) law for the unit and the force of North America for the attribution of appropriate means to intercept and to impede the terrorism.

In that way, the collection of funds to support to the families of the military ones of the ANGER imprisoned in the United Kingdom becomes a federal crime. The duration of the preventive prison of the suspicious foreigners of terrorism is enlarged to one week. On the other hand (whichever it is the reason, even without being linked to the suspicion of terrorism), you can isolate the suspects during a period of six months, renewable without limits you the general district attorney estimates that its setting in freedom can threaten the national security or that of the society or that of a person". immediately, he/she stops to 1.200 immigrants for an uncertain period with positions of secret inculpaciцЁn. The agents consular foreigners denounce the violation of the fundamental rights of their citizens at the request of the general consul from Pakistan in New York that declares: "In the majorities of the cases we don't have neither the identity, neither the place of the detention of our citizens. They deign as many to give us their name (...) the authorities also press them so that they don't make use of their rights of contacting their consular representations or lawyers. It is absolutely inadmissible."
Lastly, the US PATRIOT Act allows to the FBI to intercept the communications without a magistrate's order (15). This measure is applied to the communications exchanged by foreign citizens among foreign countries, but that they traffic for the North American territory through Internet.

(15) this very controversial disposition had the agreement of the Democratic Party. Cf. He articulates of John Podesta (former general secretary of the White House during the Administration Clinton) Tools for counterterrorism", The Washington Post of September 18 2001.

October 31 the department of justice suspends the right of people in situations of preventive prison or detainees to converse to alone with its lawyer (16). starting from that moment, these encounters can be spied and engravings, and their declarations used against the suspects, what eliminates all possibility for the client and the lawyer of elaborating a defense strategy jointly.

(16) General Attorney Aschcroft Outlines Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Forced, Department of justice, October 31 2001; it can consult himself in

November 13, the president Bush decrees that the suspicious foreigners of terrorism" - what includes the members and former members of To the Qaeda and people that have helped them (even without knowing it) - they won't be judged by federal tribunals, not even for military tribunals, but for military commissions (17). These commissions discrecionalmente will be composed by the secretary of Defense and themselves established its procedure code. Their sessions will be able to stay to closed door. The military procurators won't have to communicate to the detainees and their defenders the " tests " of those that it prepares. They will make their decisions for majority of the two thirds (and not unanimously, like it demands the international norm in criminal matter).

(17) President's military Order: Detention, Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens in War Against Terrorism, November 13 2001; it can consult himself in

That same day, the department of justice stops 5.000 suspicious natives of the Near East, almost all in regular situation and that they had not made any infraction, to interrogate them."
Leaning on in the Antiterrorist Committee (18) created by virtue of the resolution 1373 (19) (September 28) of United Nations, the Department of State orders its allies through the UN that similar legislations are adopted. Today in day, 55 countries (Included France, through the law about the daily security") they have transferred to the internal right some dispositions of the US PATRIOT Act. Their object is not to protect the local populations of the terrorism, but allowing to American police's services to enlarge its activities in the rest of the world. It is essentially to prolong the terms of preventive prison in topic of terrorism, to limit the freedom of the press and to authorize the intercepcion of communications on the part of the forces of security without judicial control. In the United Kingdom the antiterrorist law authorizes the detention of foreign suspects without any instruction, violating the European Convention of human rights. In Canada the antiterrorist law forces the journalists to give its sources for judicial requirement, with immediate imprisonment pain. In Germany the services of information powers of judicial police are attributed to become political police. In Italy the secret services are authorized to make all crime type in the national territory in favor of the national defense and they don't have to surrender bills to the justice, etc. (20). In definitive, the secretary of State, Colin Powell, goes to Europe to make sure that from now on the information that you/they possess to the FBI and to install an antenna of the FBI in the local of the Europol.

(18) resolution 1373 of the Council of Security, United Nations, of September of 2001, 28 in
(19) the top 15 of the States More liberticidas for the collective libertц╘s immuables (Fц╘dц╘ration internationale gives you tie you give l'homme Droits, Human Rights Watch, Reports sans frontц╘res). it can consult Himself in

* * *

"From September 11 the Government has made vote lays, to adopt political and procedures that don't agree with our laws and established values and that it would have been unthinkable before", the noted The writes New York Review of Books (21). Exalting its patriotic mystic, the country of the free expression and of the political transparency it has been refolded on an extensive conception of the reason of State and of the secret of applicable Defense to all the secrets of the society.

(20) The Treat to Patriotism for Ronald Dworkin, in The New York Review of Books of February 28 2002.

The official version of the events of September 11 doesn't allow to justify similar landmark. Although the enemies are some wretches hidden in the caves of Afghanistan, why to have the conversations among colleagues in the enclosure of the Pentagon? How to imagine that a handful of terrorists can pick up and to process dispersed information on the armament purchase and to deduce the plans of the I exercise of United States? Why to suspend the normal operation of the institutions and to deprive the parliaments, even to closed doors, of the indispensable information for the democratic life?
And if the official version, the one that says that the attacks were perpetrated by foreign terrorists, certain is, why to impede all investigation of the Congress and all investigation of the press?
it is not an enough programmed political rц╘gime rather before September 11? In several occasions for half century, the CO. tried that a law was adopted that prohibited to the press to play the matters of State and to criminalize the officials and journalists that revealed them. In November of 200, the very reactionary senator Richard Shelby that presided over then to the Senatorial Commission of the Information, made that a law was voted on the Secret (Official Secrety Act) to the one that the president Bill Clinton opposed his vote. Richard Shelby reiterated the president's maneuver Bush (22). You the law proposal discussed when the attacks took place, and you incorporates partially to the law about the information (Intelligece Act) of December 13 2001. Subsequently the general district attorney John Ashcroft creцЁ a special unit in charge of evaluating the means to put remedy to the flight of classified information (23). This will emit a report after six months. Starting from that moment they cleaned many official places in Internet: he/she has retired a lot of public information with the excuse that their behavior could help the " terrorists " to deduce secret information.

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(22) Task Forced to review ways to combat leaks of classified information"Cf. Washington Jaloux of ses sources ouvertes", in Intelligence Online of January 3 2002.

After neutralizing to the justice, the commissions of investigation of the Congress and the press, that is to say, to all the contrapoderes, the Executive has been endowed of new structures that will allow him to already enlarge to the interior politics the methods proven by the CO. and the armed forces in the exterior.
The creation of the OHS (Office of Interior Security), announced by the president Bush in the congress September 20, he/she didn't take place up to October 8. It is not an incidental measure, but of a deep reformation of the apparatus of the North American State. From now on, the Administration will distinguish interior and external security. The director of the OHS (Tom Ridge) it will be the similar of the national consultant of security (Condoleezza Ruffles). each one will preside over an advice: the Council of Homeland Security (Council of Interior security) and the National Seurity Council (National Council of Security) respectively. They can be proven their different competitions in many fields. The president Bush has also named a national consultant of security assistant in charge of the antiterrorist fight that, although it depends on Condoleezza it Ruffles, it will be to disposition of Tom Ridge. This on hinge was confident to the general Wayne A. Downing, possessor of a particularly strong profile (24). Downing was, among other the boss of the special operations of the net Stay-behind (25). it will Guarantee the relationship between the Council and the Office for the Strategic Influence, in charge of manipulating the public opinion and the foreign governments.

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(25) the Stay Behind is the most secret service in the secret services. It was built during the liberation, and he/she tried to align the Nazi agents to fight against the growing influence of the communists. Infiltrated in the highest level in the western government, it was used to truncate the democratic processes. The Italian branch of the Stay Behind is known by people with the name of Gladio.

The Office of Interior Security Possesses wide coordination powers that he/she will be able to evolve with the time. It is difficult to say if he/she will have a paper comparable to that of the Office of Mobilization of War (OWN) during the Second World War, or to that of the current Office of National Politics of Control of the Drug (ONDCP) that supervises the military operations in Latin America (26). anyway, you took hold to an usurpation of the civil life on the part of the military ones and the agencies of information (27).

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"The historians will remember that between November of 2001 and February of 2002, the democracy - just as it had been imagined by the editors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of United States - he/she has died. When expiring the democracy he/she has been born the Fascist State and North American Teocrц║tico", two big journalists comment, John Stanton and Wayne Madsen (28).

(28) The Emergence of The Fascist American Theocratic State", by John Stanton and Wayne Madsen, February 10 2002.