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Third part


Chapter 8


The morning of September 11, when the CNN diffused the first images of one of the towers of the World Trade Center in flames and when it was not still known if it was an accident or of an attack, the commentators of that television chain of information evoked the possible responsibility of Osama Bin Laden. Progressively, this hypothesis was imposed as the only humanly acceptable explanation. Attacks of such a barbarism could only be a monster's work, radically unaware to the civilized world, full with irrational hate against West and whose hands were already covered with blood. This demented had already been identified: he/she was the enemy I publish number 1 of United States: Osama Bin Laden.
The rumor fed first with revelations to the press of Sources in general very informed or next to the investigation". it became official when Colin Powell qualifies Bin openly Laden of " Suspect ". AND he/she became dogma when George W. Bush points out it as the culprit. Until today, this accusation has not been sustained openly. But the North American authorities are considered excused of it with the publication of a videotape of Osama Bin Laden that, to their eyes, he/she has confession value.
Osama Bin Laden (1) it is one of the 54 children of sheiks Mohamed Bin Laden, founder, in 1931 of the Saudi Binladen Group (SGB). This holding, the most important in Saudi Arabia, obtains half of their volume of business of the construction and of the public works, and the other half of the engineering, the real state sector, the distribution, the telecommunications and the edition. CreцЁ a Swiss society of investigations, the SICO (Saudi Investment Company) that in turn creцЁ several societies with branches of the Commercial National Saudi Bank. The SGB possesses important actions in General Electric, Nortel Networks and Cadbury Schwepper. In their industrial activities in United States is represented by Adnan Khashoggi (former brother-in-law of Mohamed To the Fayed), while the Carlule Group negotiates its financial haberes. Up to 1996, their consultant, the Nazi banker Francois Genoud, probate executioner of the Dr. Goebbels and mecenas of the terrorism Carlos, prepared in Lausana the creation of branches of the SGB. The SGB is indisociable of the rц╘gime Wahhabita, until the point of having been during a lot of time the official and only contractor for the construction and the administration of the sacred places of the Kingdom, Medina and The Meca. Also, I win most of the bids of the military bases of United States in Saudi Arabia and the reconstructions of Kuwait after the War of the Gulf. After the sheik's accidental death Mohamed Bin Laden in 1968, their bigger son Salem, happened him. This also died in an airplane " accident " happened in Texas in 1988. From that moment, the SBG was directed by Baker, the founder's second son.

(1) many works relate the biography of Osama Bin Laden. Most is rather fruit of the propaganda or of the sensationalism that of the rigorous investigation. The sold works, as Bin Laden, The Man Who Declared War on America of Yossef Bodansky (Puclishing Prevails, 1996) [Bodansky is on the other hand consultant of the congress] or Au Nom d'Oussama Ben Laden of Roland Jacquard (Jean Picollec, 2001) they are based on not published reports of the services of information, therefore in information that cannot be proven. The investigations carried out by the magazine Frontline of PBS, especially Hunting Bin Laden" (2001) and Iside The Terror Network" (2002) they are much more rigorous. The transcriptions integrate of these last ones they can be consulted in:

Osama, was born in 1957, you diplomцЁ in administration of companies and economy in the King Abdul Aziz University. An astute businessman is considered. In December of 1979 it was required by their tutor, the prince Turki To the Faycar To the Saud (director of the secret services Saudi from 1977 until August of 2001), to negotiate the secret operations of the CO. financially in Afghanistan. In ten years, the CO. invested 2.000 million dollars in Afghanistan to achieve the failure of the Soviet Union, never making of those operations the most expensive carried out by the first one. The services Saudi and Americans recruited Islamic fundamentalists, they formed them, they armed them and they aligned them in a Jihad (sacred war) to combat and to conquer the Soviets in their place (2). Osama Bin Laden negotiated the necessities of that world heterцЁclito in a file computer call To the Qaeda" (literally " database ").

(2) cf. Richard Labц╘riviц╘re: them Dollars of the Terreur, you ц┴tats-unite Them et them Islamistes, Grasset, 1999; and Gilles Kepel: Jihad, expansion et l'islamisme'Gallimard dц╘cline, 2000.

After the defeat of the Soviet Union, United State you desintereso completely of the luck of Afghanistan, country to which left in the gentlemen's of the war hands and of the mujaidines to those that it had recruited Arabic and Muslim in the entire world to fight against the I Exercise Red. Apparently, Osama Bin Laden stopped then to work for the CO. and it recovered its combatants for its bill and risk. In 1990 he/she intended to the Saudi monarchy to put to their men to service to expel to the lay apostate Saddam Husein outside of Kuwait, and he didn't like him to be preferred to the coalition driven by Bush father (president), Dick Cheney (then secretary of Defense) and Colin Powell (then boss of Combined bigger State).
The Islamic fundamentalists were divided quickly in two decrees, depending of if they were combined or the North Americans opponents - Saudi. Osama Bin Laden you locates in the group driven by the leader sudanц╘s Hasan To the Turabi, where it was also Yasser Arafat. Together they participated of the conferences popular Arab and Islamic in Jartц╨n.
In 1992 United States it disembarked in Somalia, low flag of the UN to Restore the Esperanza" (Restore Hope). Some old combatants from Afghanistan fought against the GI. They participated in an operation in those that 18 North American soldiers found the death. Osama Bin Laden was pointed out as the responsible for the skirmishes. The army of United States put feet in dusty. In the imaginary one collective, Bin Laden had just conquered the North Americans after having sold the Soviets.
Then, to Osama Bin Laden is moved away the Saudi nationality its part of the inheritance, estimated in 300 million dollars (3). Bin Laden invested this quantity in the creation of several banks, agricultural societies and local distribution companies. First with the colonel's support Omar To the Hasan To the Bashir, and later on of To the Turabi, development several companies in Sadц║n, I build an airport, highways, I install a pipeline and I control most of the Arabic rubber production. In spite of these works, it was expelled of Sadц║n in 1996 due to the pressure of Egypt that you/they accused him of having fomented a plot to murder the president Hosni Mubarak. In that moment return to Afghanistan.

(3) on the investments of Osama Bin Laden, See you Ben Laden, the Vц╘rite Onterdite of you Jean-talk Brisard and Guillaume Dasquiц╘ (Denoц╚l, 2001).

In June of 1996, 19 North American soldiers perished in an attack in the military base of jobar (Saudi Arabia). united States accused Osama Bin Laden of being its instigator. As answer the Jihad directed against United States and Israel in its celebrated epistle you Expel the polytheists of the Arab peninsula". In her it recovers the same arguments that it had used with the CO. in Afghanistan: it is a sacred duty of all Muslim to liberate the busy territories of the Islam. The only thing that happens is that it is difficult to compare the bloody Soviet occupation of Afghanistan with the contractual installation of the North American military bases in Saudi Arabia. As the millionaire's exhortation it doesn't reach the echo waited in the popular Muslim means, in 1998 Bin Laden believes, next to the Egyptian leader Ayman To the Zawahiri, the International Islamic Front against the Jews and the crusaders.
August of 1998 two attacks 7 razed the North American embassies of Daar-be-Salam (Tanzania) and Nirobi (Kenya), causing 298 deads and more than 4.500 wounded. United States accused Osama Bin Laden of being its patron. The president Bill Clinton made that 75 cruise missiles rushed on the fields of Jalalabad and of Jost (Afghanistan) and the laboratory of To the Shifa (Sudц║n). The FBI inculpated Bin Laden and it was worth its head in five million dollars. All their financial haberes was frozen.
October 12 2000 an attack with a boat explosive damage the destructive USS Cole in the bay of Adц╘n (Yemen), killing at 17 marinates and hurting more at 39. United States accused Osama Bin Laden for the attack.
May of 2001 Donald 8 Rumsfeld revealed that the enemy public nб╨ 1 of United States didn't only have already bacteriological and chemical weapons, but rather it was about to assemble an atomic bomb and to throw a satellite.
Interviewed by the magazine Frontline (PBS) (4), Milton Bearden (former boss of the CO. in Sudц║n in the years eighty and one of the main responsible for the secret operations of the agency in Afghanistan) they expressed their scepticism: "To simplify to the maximum and to settle down an I link among Osama Bin Laden and all the terrorist acts of the lapsed decade it is an insult to (the intelligence of) most of North American. And that doesn't encourage our allies certainly to take seriously". Milton Bearden that had recovered their freedom by word of mouth when he/she went into retirement, in 1994, it continued: "Many inventions exist mainly this. An entire mythology has more than enough Osama Bin Laden that is part of the show. We don't have a national enemy. We don't have a national enemy from the Empire of the Wrong [the Soviet Union] he/she collapsed in 1991. And I believe that we like that. We like all that quite strange international terrorism in a moment in that [the true terrorism] it changes character dramatically."

(4) Hunting Bin Laden", Frontline (PBS, 2001); it can consult himself in

Anyway, the show must go on" (5): United State accuses Osama Bin Laden of being the patron of the attacks of September 11 2001. In the face of the scepticism of the world leaders, the general Colin Powell, secretary of State, they invited to the program Meet The Press (NBC), he/she announced: "We work difficultly to synthesize all the judicial information and all the data. And I think that, in a next future, we will be able to publish a document that describes the tests that we have of their bonds with this attack clearly" (6) This document, announced several times, it was not never published.

(5) the show should continue"
(6) the ambassador's letter Negroponte to the president of the Council of Security, Document UN s/2001/946. Sees you also the ambassador's letter Eldon, document UN s/2001/947.

October 4, the First British Minister, Tony Blair, presented a report in the Camera of the Common, titled Responsibility of the terrorist cruelties made in the United States (7). As only argument it can be read that: "Any other organization except for the net Al-Qaeda directed by Osama Bin Laden, he/she has the reasons and the capacity at the same time to carry out attacks of the type of those of September 11."

(7) Responsibility for the Terrorist atrocities in the Unites States", September of 2001, 11 for Tony Blair (1ra version); this document can consult himself in

This same day, the minister pakistanцґ of Foreign Matters, Riaz Muhammad Khan, declared that the North American " tests " transmitted to its government provided an enough base to take Bin Laden in the face of the justice". since these " tests " are classified as secret of Defense, they have never become public.
October 7 the American ambassadors and Britons informed to the UN on the military action undertaken by their countries in Afghanistan (8). John Negroponte (United States) he/she wrote: "My government has obtained clear and unquestionable information that the organization To the Qaeda, sustained by the rц╘gime talibц║n of Afghanistan, he has had a central paper in the attacks". This clear and unquestionable information was never transmitted to the Council of Security

(8) letter of the Ambassador Negroponte to the president of the Council of Security, document UN s/2001/947.

November 10 The Sunday Telegraph revealed the existence of a videotape (engraving October 20) in the one that apparently Osama Bin Laden claimed the attacks: "The Twin Towers were white legitimate. They constituted a pillar of the North American economic power. These events were grandiose from any point of view. What has been destroyed has not only been the Twin Towers, but the towers of the morals of that country". Bin Laden would also have threatened the North American president and the First British Minister: "Bush and Blair don't understand nothing else that the relationships of force. Every time that you/they kill us, we kill them, with the purpose of reaching a balance of forces". This revelation was confirmed the same day by Tony Blair that indicated to the Common ones that he/she had had knowledge of a retranscripcion. This mysterious videotape makes an appointment in the modernized version of the report Blair (9). it is, in fact, of an interview carried out by the chain of news 24 hours To the Jazira and diffused by the CNN in January of 2002.

(9) Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities in the Unites States", September 11 2001 for Tony Blair (2 Version); it can consult himself in

Surprise: December 9, The Washington Post he/she revealed in first page the existence of a new videotape tape (10). The tape, recorded by a person close to the enemy Nб╨ 1 September 11, shows the reaction of Osama Bin Laden before the events and it certifies its responsibility definitively in the planning. According to Reuters that mentions an anonymous official, the leader of To the included Qaeda it indicates in her that most of the pirates was not Kamikazes and they ignored that they would be sacrificed.

(10) New Points to Covers Bin Laden", by Walter Pincus and Karen of Yung, in The Washington Post, December 9 2001.

Invited by This Week (ABC), the enclosed secretary of Defense, Paul Walfowitz, commented: "It is repugnant. I mean, this man is proud and he delights killing to innocent human beings' thousands. That confirms all that we already knew on him. There is not anything new or surprising here inside. It is not more than their confirmation. And I hope that makes remain silent the insane theories plotters definitively according to those that, in certain way, United States or some other one they are the culprits" (11).

(11) This Week, ABC, December 9 2001.

This videotape was diffused by the pentagon December 13 2001. Osama Bin Laden pronounces coincident " Confessions " in all the points with the official version that we already know very distant to the reality.
"He/she thought that the fire caused by the fuel of the airplane would fuse the metallic structure [of the World Trade Center] and that the affected part and the plants located above would only collapse. It is all that we waited (...) we had finished the work of the day and we put the radio (...) we change radio station to capture the news of Washington. The informative bulletin followed its course. The attack was only mentioned at the end. Then, the journalist announcement that an airplane Trade had just collided against the World Center (...) after an instant they announced that another airplane had smashed against the World Trade Center. The siblings that heard the news became crazy of happiness (...) the siblings, those that carried out the operation, the only thing that you/they knew was that they had to carry out an action martyr; to each one of them we had asked him that he/she went to North America, but they didn't know anything about the operation, neither a word.
"they were trained and we don't reveal them anything of the operation until the moment in that you/they were there and they prepared to embark in the airplanes (...) they became crazy of happiness when the first airplane you shatters against the building and I told them: ' paciencia' (...) The Lapse of time among the first airplane that you/they smashed against the towers was of twenty minutes and among the first airplane and the one that you shatters against the pentagon it was of one hour" (12).

(12) the transcription integrates of the videotape tape made by the Department of State he/she reproduces in the annexes.

Not only the agent Bin Laden gives credibility to the fable of the crumbling of the towers for effect of the combustion, that of the teams Kamikazes and even that of the crash in the pentagon, but rather he/she even takes pains in denying the evidence. The videotape finishes indeed with its acolyte's comment: "Them [the North Americans] they were panicky and they thought that it was a coup". If the enemy public nб╨ tells it 1 of United States...

* * *

The guilt of the recurrent Osama Bin Laden in the attacks of September 11 would not offer, consequently, any doubt, since he/she would even have admitted actions that they have not existed. But did it truly break up Bin Laden with the CO. and did he/she become enemy from North America?
Between 1987 and 1998 the formation of combatants of To the Qaeda it was supervised by Ali Mohamed, incorporate Egyptian official to the I exercise of United States. Did Mohamed teach at the same time in the John Special Kennedy Warfare Center and School, where it formed members of the most secret of the influence nets, the Stay Behind, and to the officials of the North American Special Forces (13). Knowing the rules of security of the North American secret services that prevц╘n a constant surveillance of the agents to each other, is possible to believe that Ali Mohamed could work alternatingly in a military base in United States and in those of To the Qaeda in Sudц║n and Afghanistan without being exposed immediately? The mediatizado arrest of Ali Mohamed, at the end of 1998, is not enough to hide that the Stay Behind formed the combatants of To the Qaeda and, consequently that Osama Bin Laden continued working at least for the CO. up to 1998!.

(13) The Masking of to Militant", by Benjamin Weiser and James Risen, in The New York Times of December 1 1998.

On the other hand, How not to realize that the legend of Osama Bin Laden a curtain of smoke is manufactured with all the pieces by the CO.? This way, we have been made believe that Bin Laden would have expelled from Somalia to the biggest army in the world just by a score of combatants!
On the other hand, the attacks of Nairobi and Daar-be-Salam they were presented as antinorteamericanos, while none of the eleven deads of Daar-be-Salam it was American and in Nairobi twelve of the 213 deads were only North American. Those that prepared those attacks falsely antinorteamericanos took pains in that others loaded with the consequences (14).

(14) Terrorism: US Response to Bombing in Kenya and Tanzania, to New Policy Direction"?, by Raphael Perl, Congressional Research Service (The Library of Congress, September 1 1998), in:; and Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against America", state department (1998), in

In fact, the CO. continued appealing to the services of Osama Bin Laden against the Russian influence as he/she made against the Soviets. A winning team is not substituted. The Arab legion of To the Qaeda it was used, in 1999, to support the rebellious Kosovares against the dictatorship of Belgrade (15). it was operative in Chechenia at least until such November of 2001, and as The he/she attests it New York Times (16). The sought hostility of Bin Laden toward United states allowed Washington to deny its responsibility in these gnarled blows.

(15) " Osmagate ", by Michel Chossudovsky, Center for Research on Globalisation, October 9 2001. and them Soldats of Ben Laden in Bosnie et au Kosovo", by Kosta Christich, in Balkans-Info of October of 2001.
(16) War on terror Casts Chechen Conflict in to New Light", by Michael Wines, in The New York Times of December 9 2001.

The bonds between the CO. and Bin Laden didn't break in 1998. Gravely sick, Bin Laden was being treated between the 4 and July 14 2001 in the North American hospital of Dubai (United Arab Emirates). During its hospitalization he/she received the visit of several members of its family, of personalities Saudi and of the emirates". During that same stay, the local representative of the CO., to which a lot of people knew in Dubai, you/he/she was seen taking the main elevator to go to the room of Osama Bin Laden", Figaro writes Him (17).

(17) the CO. to rencotrц╘ Ben Laden ц║ Dubaц╞ in juillet", by Alexandra Richard in Him Figaro of October 31 2001.

"The precedent night to the terrorist attacks of September 11, Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan (...), discreetly it was introduced in a military hospital in Rawalpindi so that a dialysis was practiced", the correspondent of CBS informs (18).

(18) hospital Worker: I saw Osama", by Barry Petersen, CBS of January of 2002

The man that the Jihad rushes against United States and Israel, the man that the FBI offered five million dollars of recompense, the man whose fields of training had been bombarded by cruise missiles, recovered in a North American hospital in Dubai where it lectured with the local boss of the CO. and then he was practiced a dialysis I lower protection of the I exercise pakistanцґ in Rawalpindi.
This deceit implies next people to Bin Laden and combatants of To the Qaeda. For example, according to the North American official version, the laboratory of To the Shifa (Sudц║n) it would have been used by Bin Laden to manufacture chemical weapons of massive destruction. For that reason it was bombarded by the North American air force in 1998. Nevertheless, the international observers that inspected the ruins, questioned that the factory belonged to Osama jointly Bin Laden and to Salah Idris. The CO. accused to this last of complicity in the production of chemical weapons and of financing of the Islamic Jihad in Egypt.
This way, the CO. froze its financial haberes, but he/she lifted the measure discreetly in May of 1999. The terrorist Salah Idris possesses 75% of Digital IES at the present time System and 20% of Protec through the company Global Offshore Security System. Now then, Digital IES Systems assures the videovigilancia of the British government and military places at the moment in Internet, such and like the baroness revealed Cox to the Camera of the Common ones (19), while protec guarantees the security of eleven British nuclear power stations.

(19) terror links TV's guard UK", by Antony Barnett and Conal Walsh, in The Observer of October of 2001, 14 e"Inquiry Call Over Compagny Guarding Nuclear UK Plant", of the same authors, in The Observer of November 4 2001.

As for Mohamed Atta, the one that the FBI accuses of being the agent of To the Qaeda that directed the commands Kamikazes of September 11 and whose bank bill would have been used to finance the operation, era an agent of the services secret pakistanцґes (ISI) that have always been considered as branches of the CO. (20). In June of 2001, the general Ahmed Suckles, director of the ISI, transferred 100.000 dollars to the bank bill of Mohamed Atta in United states, The Times of indicates India (21). The measures taken by United States against Bin Laden are no longer convincing. The 75 cruise missiles (22) rushed against the fields of training of To the Qaeda and the factory of To the Shifa they killed 21 Islamic combatants, what doesn't seem proportional neither to the used means neither the 298 deads of Nairobi and Daar-be-Salam.

(20) Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI)", by B. Raman, South Asia Analysis Group, paper 287, August of 2001 1
(21) Indian Helped FBI ISI-terririst link Traces", in The Times of India of October 9.
(22) the missiles BGM-109 Tomahawks is manufactured by General Dynamics in Cooperation with McDonnell Douglas. They are billed to the I exercise North American between 600.000 and a 1.200.000 dollars according to the models. The cost of the ammunition of this reprisal operation only reaches therefore between 45 and 90 million Dollars.

"From the time of the Cold War, Washington has supported knowingly to Osama Bin Laden, at the same time that it placed it in the list of people more looked for by the FBI. When the mujaidines was implied in the armed insurrections by bill of United States in the Balkans and in the former Soviet Union, the FBI had as order to take it to United States and to carry out a war against the terrorism. Obviously, it only is not contradictory actions, if not of a false politics toward the citizens, because the CO., from the war Soviet Union - Afghanistan, supports the international terrorism through its operations secretas"(23), the professor writes Michel Chosudovsky of the University of Ottawa.

(23) Qui est Oussama Ben Laden"? for Michel Chosudovsky, L'Autre Journal, October of 2001; in

* * *

On one hand, Osama Bin Laden is not an enemy, but an agent from United States; on the other hand, it has never broken up with their family that is an essential commercial partner of the family Bush (24).

(24) we treat these relationships detailedly in Them liens financiers accultes you give Bush et you give Ben Laden", in you Notice d'informations du Rц╘seau Voltaire, October 16 2001 with the I title financial Knots they unite to the families Bush and Bin Laden". http://www.proceso.commx/1303/1303n19.html

We have already indicated that the financial haberes of the Saudi Bin Laden Group is administered by the Carlyle Group.
This group, created in 1987, administered today in day a wallet of 12.000 million dollars. It possesses majority participation in Seven Up (that carries out the jam for Cadbury Schweppes), Federal Corporation Dates (that equipped, for example, to the Federal Aviation Administratios with its system of surveillance of I traffic air civil) and United Defence Industries Inc. (the main supplier of North American weapons, Turks and Saudi). through the companies that it controls, the Carlyle Group is located in the position I number 11 of the range of North American armament companies.
In 1990 the Carlyle Group was put in trial cloth by a matter of graft of funds. Supposedly, a lobbysta of the Republican Party, Wayne Berman, owed North American funds of pensions to finance the electoral campaign of the Bush; one of those funds had accepted to transfer a million dollars to the Carlyle Group to obtain a public contract in Connecticut.
This administration bottom is presided over by Frank C. Carlucci (former enclosed director of the CO., then secretary of Defense). Its consultant is James TO Baker III (former boss of the president's cabinet Reagan, later secretary of the Treasure, lastly secretary of State with George Bush father) and Richard Darman (former director of Budget). For his representation abroad, the Carlyle Group appeals John Major (25) (former First British Minister) and George Bush father (26) (former director of the CO., then president in United States). Among other leaders of the Carlyle Group Sami is Mubarak he/she Bellows, the manager of Khaled Ben Mahfouz, and a certain Talat Othmann. Two characters directly related with the current president from United States.

(25) John major link to Bin Laden Dynasty", in Sunday Herald of October 7 2001.
(26) Bush of Arabia", in The Nation of March of 2000, 27 and Elder Bush in Big GOP Cast Toiling for Top Equity Firm", The New York Times of March 5 2001

Indeed, George W. Bush has accumulated its personal fortune thanks to the good business that I carry out when the Harken headed Energy Corporation (27). This small Texan oil company was taken the oil concessions of Bahrein, as retrocomision of the North American contracts - Kuwaiti negotiated by the president George Bush father (28). Operation, clearing is, completely illegal.

(27) Harken Energy Corporation is called Bush initially.
(28) Fuel for Fantasy", in Forbes of September 3 1990; and Former - Bush aide Turns to Stumping for Kuwait... White Jr. Reaps Oil Windfall", in Guardian The of December 12 1990.

Khaled Ben Mahofouz possessed 11,5% of the actions of Harken approximately. Their actions were treated for not of their managers, Abdullah Taha Bakhsh. Talat Othman was the administrator. While the brother bigger than Osama Bin Laden, Salem, it was representing in the advice of administration of Harken for their North American manager, James R. Bath.
They are not the first maneuvers of all this small one I circulate (the family Bush, the beneficiaries of their political favors, their financial partners and the unavoidable CO.). they were Also in the center of the gigantic bank scandal of the years ninety: the crash of the BCCI (29).

(29) the scandal of the BCCI was object of abundant articles. We refer to The specifically BCCI Affair, report by Sen. Joseph Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. Hank Brown (it R-strained.) to the senate Committee on Foreing Relations, Subcomittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations, September 30 1992. Text integrates in Sees you also Evil Money, Encounter along the Money Trial of Rachel Ehrenfeld (Harper Business, 1992), false Profits, The Inside Story of BCCI, The world's Most Corrupt Financial Empire of Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin (Houghton, 1992), TO Full Aervice Bank, How the BCCI Stole billions around the world (SimцЁn & Schuster, 1992), the Outlaw Bank, TO Wild Ride Into The Secret Heart Of BCCI of Jonathan Beaty and S.C. Gwynne (Random House, 1993) and Bankrupt, the BCCI fraud of Nick Kochan & Bob Whittington (Victor Gollancz Ltd., 1991).

The Bank of Credit and Comerce Internaciona (BCCI) it was an establishment anglo - pakistanцґ with presence in 73 countries, and combined property of three big families: the Goka (Pakistan), the Ben Mahfouz (Saudi Arabia) and the Gaith Pharaon (30) (Abu Dhabi).

(30) the one in charge of business in France of Gaith Pharaon, Farid Djouhri, bought two you paginate of publicity in Him Figaro and it Hulls Him in October of 2001. This communication operations looked for to deny everything I link of Gaith Pharaon with Osama Bin Laden and to guarantee their honesty. with everything, Gaith Pharaon is still stopped by order of the FBI and of the IRS, from the scandal of BCCI. It is also accused in Argentina in the case of I traffic of weapons that it implies the former president Menem. C.f. Gaith Pharaon s'offre the presse francaise", in Intelligence Online of October 18 2001.

The BCCI was used by Ronald Reagan to corrupt the Iranian Government so that it retards the liberation of the North American hostages of the embassy of Teheran and to sabotage this way at the end of Jimmy's Crankcase presidency (called operation Octobrer Surprise"). Then, under the impulse of the former director of the CO. and vice-president George Bush (father), the Administration Reagan continued using the BCCI to transfer the donations Saudi to the contras of Nicaragua and the money from the CO. to the mujaidines in Afghanistan. The BCCI is also implied in the I traffic of the Syrian merchant's weapons Sarkis Sarkenalian in Afghanistan, in the scandal Keating in United States, in the merchant's business Marc Rich, in the financing of the group Abu Nest, etc.. In definitive, the bank collapsed when he/she settled down that it also whitened money of the Poster of Medellin. When he/she closed their doors it would have swindled a million small depositors.
The fact that the BCCI was manipulated, if not created, for the CO., it should not surprise. A long bank tradition exists in the North American secret services from the foundation of the OSS for jurists of business and corridors of Wall Street. Two old directors of the CO., Richard Helms and William Casey, worked in the BCCI: Adnan Khashoggi (31) (representative of the Saudi Binladen Group in United States) and Manucher Ghobanifar (Main merchant of the Irangate). Without speaking of Kamal Adham (the king's Brother-in-law Faycal and of the boss of the secret services Saudi up to 1977), of the prince Turki To the Faycal To the Saud (boss of the secret services Saudi among 1997 and I wither of 2001 and tutor of Osama Bin Laden) and of Abdul Raouf Khalid (enclosed director of the secret services Saudi).

(31) Ronald Kessler: Adnan Khashoggi: The Richest Man In The World, Warner Books Inc., 1986.

By way of reminder, we will point out that the BCCI seems also to have had a hidden paper in France. Especially, it would have been good to disguise to the transfer of technology nuclear francoamericana to Pakistan and to pay the liberation of hostages. A next businessman to you Talk Pasqua, Dominique Santini, it was inculpated abroad by their paper in the BCCI (32), independent of their prosecution in France for the matter Efl-Thinet. Three years after the crash of the bank, their former leaders were those that made of middlemen when the contract Swari was paid - II and those that organized a retrocomisiones system that - as it was considered - it was good to finance the presidential campaign of Edouard Balladur. The questions outlined by this sale shatter Saudi Arabia they drove to Jacques Chirac, from their arrival to the presidency of the Republic, to order that they are carried out you listen phone to the former minister of Defense of Edouard Balladur, Francois Lц╘otard.

(32) L'ц╘nigme Pasqua of Thierry Meyssan (Golias, 2001)

The BCCI worked in narrow collaboration with the SICO (33), Swiss branch of investments of the Saudi Binladen Group; among their administrators Salem stood out, one of the siblings of Osama Bin Laden.

(33) initially SICO CYGNET was called.

Kahaled Ben Mahfouz, considered responsible solidary of the crash of the BCCI, it was inculpated in United States in 1992. In 1995 it achieved them to retire the positions in its against after a transaction with those worthy of the bank for an amount of 245 million dollars.

* * *

If it is exact, like many North American officials seek that the family Bin Laden continues maintaining relationships with Osama Bin Laden and financing their political activities, then the Carlyle Group that negotiates the financial placements of the Saudi Binladen Group, would be necessarily implied in the crimes of the undue use of confidential information. George Bush father would be, consequently, one of the fortunate beneficiaries of the market maneuvers of September 11 2001. A good reason so that the FBI and the IOSCO closed the financial window of the investigation.


Chapter 9


October of 2001 George 7 W. Bush intervenes solemnly in television. Their speech is not transmitted from the Oval Living room, been from the room of treaties of the White House: the war has just begun (1).

1:00 P.M. EDT
THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon. On my orders, the United States military has begun strikes against al Qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. These carefully targeted actions are designed to disrupt the use of Afghanistan as a terrorist base of operations, and to attack the military capability of the Taliban regime.
We are joined in this operation by our staunch friend, Great Britain. Other close friends, including Canada, Australia, Germany and France, have pledged forces as the operation unfolds. More than 40 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and across Asia have granted air transit or landing rights. Many more have shared intelligence. We are supported by the collective will of the world.
More than two weeks ago, I gave Taliban leaders a series of clear and specific demands: Close terrorist training camps; hand over leaders of the al Qaeda network; and return all foreign nationals, including American citizens, unjustly detained in your country. None of these demands were met. And now the Taliban will pay a price. By destroying camps and disrupting communications, we will make it more difficult for the terror network to train new recruits and coordinate their evil plans.
Initially, the terrorists may burrow deeper into caves and other entrenched hiding places. Our military action is also designed to clear the way for sustained, comprehensive and relentless operations to drive them out and bring them to justice.
At the same time, the oppressed people of Afghanistan will know the generosity of America and our allies. As we strike military targets, we'll also drop food, medicine and supplies to the starving and suffering men and women and children of Afghanistan.
The United States of America is a friend to the Afghan people, and we are the friends of almost a billion worldwide who practice the Islamic faith. The United States of America is an enemy of those who aid terrorists and of the barbaric criminals who profane a great religion by committing murder in its name.
This military action is a part of our campaign against terrorism, another front in a war that has already been joined through diplomacy, intelligence, the freezing of financial assets and the arrests of known terrorists by law enforcement agents in 38 countries. Given the nature and reach of our enemies, we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes, by meeting a series of challenges with determination and will and purpose.
Today we focus on Afghanistan, but the battle is broader. Every nation has a choice to make. In this conflict, there is no neutral ground. If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents, they have become outlaws and murderers, themselves. And they will take that lonely path at their own peril.
I'm speaking to you today from the Treaty Room of the White House, a place where American Presidents have worked for peace. We're a peaceful nation. Yet, as we have learned, so suddenly and so tragically, there can be no peace in a world of sudden terror. In the face of today's new threat, the only way to pursue peace is to pursue those who threaten it.
We did not ask for this mission, but we will fulfill it. The name of today's military operation is Enduring Freedom. We defend not only our precious freedoms, but also the freedom of people everywhere to live and raise their children free from fear.
I know many Americans feel fear today. And our government is taking strong precautions. All law enforcement and intelligence agencies are working aggressively around America, around the world and around the clock. At my request, many governors have activated the National Guard to strengthen airport security. We have called up Reserves to reinforce our military capability and strengthen the protection of our homeland.
In the months ahead, our patience will be one of our strengths -- patience with the long waits that will result from tighter security; patience and understanding that it will take time to achieve our goals; patience in all the sacrifices that may come.
Today, those sacrifices are being made by members of our Armed Forces who now defend us so far from home, and by their proud and worried families. A Commander-in-Chief sends America's sons and daughters into a battle in a foreign land only after the greatest care and a lot of prayer. We ask a lot of those who wear our uniform. We ask them to leave their loved ones, to travel great distances, to risk injury, even to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. They are dedicated, they are honorable; they represent the best of our country. And we are grateful.
To all the men and women in our military -- every sailor, every soldier, every airman, every coastguardsman, every Marine -- I say this: Your mission is defined; your objectives are clear; your goal is just. You have my full confidence, and you will have every tool you need to carry out your duty.
I recently received a touching letter that says a lot about the state of America in these difficult times -- a letter from a 4th-grade girl, with a father in the military: "As much as I don't want my Dad to fight," she wrote, "I'm willing to give him to you."
This is a precious gift, the greatest she could give. This young girl knows what America is all about. Since September 11, an entire generation of young Americans has gained new understanding of the value of freedom, and its cost in duty and in sacrifice.
The battle is now joined on many fronts. We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter; and we will not fail. Peace and freedom will prevail.
Thank you. May God continue to bless America.
END 1:07 P.M, EDT

(1) Presidential Adress to the Nation", October 7 2001; it can consult himself in:

In London Tony Blair goes to the Britons from the number 10 of Downing Street. It confirms that troops of Their Majesty fight next to the North Americans.
While a fire rain falls on Kabul, the chain quatarцґ of continuous information To the Jazira diffuses a recorded answer of Osama Bin Laden (2): United States has been hit by Allah in its more vulnerable point, destroying, thanks to Allah, its more noted constructions and we give him for that reason thanks to Allah. United States is sowed from north terror to the south and of this to west and we give him for that reason thanks to Allah. Allah has directed the weight of a group of Muslims, a group of vanguards that you/they have destroyed North America and they implore to Allah that elevates his range and it welcomes them in the paradise.
" (...) After that happened and after the high responsible for United States, with the infidels' bosses of the world to the head, Bush, they have said, and after mobilizing their men and their horses (sic) and to get up against us to the countries that seek to be Muslim (...) they will have combatted to a group that fights for their religion and he/she is not interested in that world, they have left to combat to the Islam and to attack to the towns with the excuse of the terrorism.
" (...) these events have divided to the whole world in two parts: those that have faith and they don't have hypocrisy and the infidels of those that God liberates us. All Muslim should get up to defend his religion since the wind of the faith and of the change it has blown to annihilate the justice in the peninsula of Mahommet [the Arabic peninsula, where the prophet of the Islam was born].
"To North America I direct him counted words, I swear for Allah that North America will never know more the security before Palestine knows it and before all the armies accidental atheists abandon the sacred earth [of the Islam]."

(2) text of the declaration of Osama Bin Laden, news of DFP of October 7 2001.

This dialogue mediц║tico among the president Bush and the agent of the CO. Bin Laden confirms to the world that the war of Afghanistan is an answer to the attacks of September 11, the business can begin.

* * *

The fall of the Soviet Union and the independence of the states of central Asia reopened the Great Game" (3). The expression, forged by Rudyard in the XIX century, designates the influence fights to those that the big empires of the area were liberated avoiding this way, as much as it was them possible, to face directly.

(3) the expression the great game was put again a day by the articles of Ahmed Rasrid in the Far Eastern Economic Review. See you the new great game in central mislim Asia", by M. Ehsan Ahrari, McNair Paper nб╨47, (National defense university, 1996), in:; central Asia: To New Great Game"? for Dianne L. Smith (US Army War college, 1996), in:; The new Great game: Oil, politics in the Caucasus Central and Asia (Heritage Fundation, 1996); Jihadi Group, Nuclear Pakistan, and the new Great Game for Ehsan Ahrari (US Army War College, 2001) in:; sees you also them Rivalitц╘s author du pц╘trole of the mer even Caspienne him Committee 4 of the 51 l'Institut session give Hautes ц╘tudes of the Dц╘fense nationale,1999 (

The area possesses reservations of petroleum and of very important gas. In the mountains there are also precious stones. Also, poppy, the plant of the one is cultivated that one obtains the opium (4).

(4) Taliban and The Drug Gate", by Richard F. Perl (Congressionnal Research Service, The Library of congress, October of 2001, 5 in:; and Central Asia: Drugs and Conflict", for the international Crisis Group, in

When consenting to the White House, George W. Bush formed its government team with the big officials of the lobby of the petroleum. This way, the national consultant of security, Condoleezza Ruffles for example, (5), she is former director of CheronTexaco (6), or the secretary of Interior, Gale Norton that represented the interests of BP-Amoco (7) and those of the company Saudi Delta Oil. From January of 2001, 29 the vice-president Dick Cheney - former president of Halliburton - (8) it instituted a group of development of the national energy politics (NEPD). Their meetings are ultraseguras: the list of participants is a secret of State and it is forbidden to fix the minutes of the debates in writing. All that surrounds it is so mysterious that The Washington Post it described him quickly as species of secret society" (9).

(5) Critics Knock Naming Oil Tanker Condoleezza", by Carla Marinucci, in San Francisco Chronicle of April 5 2001.
(6) the lady. Ruffle it was administrating and shareholder of Chevron until their appointment in the National Council of Security. Chevron is the new denomination of the company been founded by John D. Rockefeller, Standard Oil of California, called Standard Esso. Chevron and Texaco fused October of 2001, 9 ( with 124 thousand million capital Eurus, the new company is the second multinational US after Exxon-Mobil (242 thousand million capital Eurus)
(7) BP (British Petroleum) - Amoco is the third oil group of the world with a capital of 157.000 million Eurus ( BP-Amoco fused some of its services in Europe with Mobil.
(8) I siege Official: with 12.500 million capital Eurus, Halliburton is the first supplier of world petroleum for before Schlumberger (10.000 million capital Eurus).
(9) Energy Task Forced Works in Secret", for it Damages Milbank and Eric Painin, in The Washington Post of April 16 2001.

The commentators - that still ignore what would be the crash of Enron, first world agent of energy - they coincided in considering that the main objective of the NEPD was to exploit the resources of hydrocarbons of the sea Caspio. The question consisted on knowing how to transport the gas and the petroleum without having to negotiate with Russia and Iran. The idea is to build a pipeline to communicate the but Caspio with the Mediterranean crossing Azerbaiyц║n, Georgia and Turkey (I project BTC of Bakц╨-Tbilisi-Cayhan). meanwhile, another pipeline was built to connect the Caspio with the Black sea, unfortunately last for Russia that charged its tithe. The pipeline connects tengiz with Novosibirsk and it was inaugurated November 27 2001. A third pipeline, the most promising, it should connect the sea Caspio with the Indian ocean (I project of the company UNOCAL with the help of Delta Oil) (10). But there is a problem: it will not only cross Pakistan, but also Afghanistan, prey of fights intestinas since all form of State has disappeared after the Soviet debacle. In December of 1997, UNOCAL had to suspend its project in front of the incorporation of the talibanes. All the intents of I unblock they have failed from then on, although the vice-president of the company, John J. Maresca, ambassador was named in United States in Afghanistan.

(10) to carry out their project, UNOCAL first creцЁ the central consortium Asia Gas (called Cent Gas) with Delta Oil, Gazprom and Turmenogaz. The agency Flanges collided with the competition unexpected ce. Then creцЁ the Central Asia Oil Pipeline Proyect with the company Saudi Delta Oil, the government of Turkmenistц║n, the Petroleum (INPEX) of Indonesia, the Japanese company ITOCHU, the Korean Hyudai and the Pakistanцґ Crescent Group.

To throw the topic again, the secretary of State, colin Powell, grants in May of 2001 a grant of 43 million dollars to the rц╘gime talibц║n for the reconversiцЁn of the farming peasants of poppy. After obtaining the agreement of the summit of the G-8 in Gц╘nova (to the one that India attended as observer), they are organized negotiations in Berlin that you/they gather to North American, Englishmen, pakistanцґes, Afghans and Russian. Germany is the hostess, since he/she presides over in the UN the group of pursuit of Afghanistan. But with what Afghans is it necessary to discuss? with the president's legal government Rabbani, grateful internationally, but that almost anything doesn't control, or with the Islamic Emirate governed by a medieval sect, the talibanes? He/she takes the decision of investing to these last ones, violating the resolution of the Council of Security of United Nations that prohibits to receive them. With authentic Visa, the dignitaries talibanes take advantage of their step for Germany to preach and to harvest funds in Hamburgo.
The talibanes (11) they are a closed fraternity, a sect sunita that professes the return to a primitive Islam. Their leaders are veteran of the war against the Soviets, all mutilated of war. They recognize the authority of a field mulah, Omar that has never traveled in their life and he/she doesn't not even know the third of their country. In the chaos that continued to the exit of the Soviets, the talibanes was able to leave to it floats appealing to the ethnic solidarity: as the bosses' of the services secret pakistanцґes bigger part (ISI), they are pastunes.

(11) Ahmed Rashid: L'ombre gives talibans, Autrement, 2001

The mulah Omar you autoproclamo Commander of the Believers and creцЁ an Emirate, only recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Without any formation in international relationships, they place their trust in some of their North American friends with those that fought against the Soviets. This way, they are represented in United Nations by Leila Helms, granddaughter of Richard Helms (director of the CO. of 1966 at 1973). In interior politics, the talibanes imposed an iron discipline to the population, discriminating against the women and prohibiting the impious acts. After tolerating the cultivation of the poppy largely, they prohibited it, depriving to a part of the peasants of all resource. The sect granted Osama Bin Laden a wide territory portion.
The talibanes, not very facts to the diplomatic customs, try to negotiate their international recognition in exchange for the step of the pipeline. As this it is not possible, since the UN recognizes other governments for Afghanistan - that of the inconsistente president Rabbani -, they break the negotiations. According to the diplomatic pakistanцґ, Niaz Naik, the North American delegation hardens its position and he/she announces by the middle of July that the differences will get ready with the weapons.

United States prevц╘ to eliminate the main leaders of the Afghan factions, either the mulah Omar or the commandant Masud (whose antiamericanismo is proverbial), and to substitute them for a government marionette. Of the former king's proclamation Zahir Shah, old forgotten king that it finishes their life in the exile in blunt, it will get an apparent genuineness.
By the middle of July the big powers give their seen good to this plan. This way, one can read in the final official statement of the encounter among Hubert Vц╘drine (French minister of External Matters) and Francesc Vendrell (boss of the special Mission of United Nations for Afghanistan), July 17 2001: "Both responsible the hints that would allow to take have exploded together to I finish a favorable evolution, in particular, the food that the international community could contribute to the king's efforts (sic) to gather to its surroundings to representatives of the Afghan society. They have also evoked the utility of reinforcing the dialogue with Pakistan. It will be necessary to meditate naturally also on what would suppose the reconstruction of Afghanistan, once it has finished the conflict (sic)" (12).

(12) he/she confers of press of July of 2001, 17 declaration of the spokesman, French ministry of External Matters; it can consult himself in

yes! From the month of July it is spoken of the fallen sovereign Zahir Shah like king from Afghanistan and they are carried out parallel debates on the " conflict " and the reconstruction of the country!
The negotiations continue in London, then in Geneva, covered by the Business Humanitarian Forum (13) (sic) - whose budget leaves taking for the oil UNOCAL thoroughly -, but with objectives and different companies (among those that Japanese are that wait much of the oil locations of the Caspio). Like the gentlemen foresaw Vц╘drine and Vendrell, he/she no longer gets ready the peace, but the war and the reconstruction.

(13) I siege Official of the Business Humanitarian Forum:

Fearing a too strong Anglo-American pressure, Pakistan looks for new allied before the beginning of the storm. He/she invites to a Chinese delegation to Islamabad and they promise him to open a door to Chinese toward the Indian ocean in exchange for military support. Irritated, the Anglo-Americans decide to pass to the quickest offensive of those foreseen, anyway before the Chinese overturn the Great Game (14). Oman's sea is the scenario of the biggest unfolding in the British fleet from the war of Malvinas, while the NATO guides 40.000 men toward Egypt. September 9 the charismatic leader of the Islamic Front, the very anti-American major Masud, in having murdered (15). The attacks of September 11 allow to disguise like an operation legitimates what was only a classic colonial expedition.

(14) Interview vedeo of Niaz Naik", by Benoцўt Califano, Pierre Trouillet and guilhem Rondot (coproduction ITV - Dokumental, October of 2001, not diffused.
(15) the murder of Shah Masud stayed secretly several days and it was not revealed until after the attacks of United States. Then it was attributed Osama Bin Laden. Now then, the current version of its death doesn't belong together completely with the testimonies picked up in hot by the French journalist Francoise Causse. In that moment, the environment of Shah Masud attributed the murder of the services secret pakistanцґes

* * *

The operation had to be called Infinite Justice" (literally Justice without Limits or infinite Justice"), but the communication effect is deplorable in the Muslim world. Therefore, Enduring Freedom was called" (Durable Freedom") (16). it is supported by a diplomatic alliance of circumstances, the Global Coalition that gathers to 136 stages (17) that offered its military support to United States (18). The North Americans, remembered the establishment of the Soviets in the combats for earth during the first war of Afghanistan (1979-1989), he/she abstains from sending to the GI to the place. They prefer to buy to the gentlemen from the war to price of gold and to send them to fight in their place against the talibanes. This method supposes evidently to arm to factions rivals violating the seizure of United Nations. Before the direction of the events, Russia arms from a massive way to the Islamic Front, while Iran arms to the hazaris chiцґtas. The North American air force conforms to with bombarding targets to support to the forces antitalibanes, and sometimes also to contain them. Indeed, the objectives of the combatants' of the different factions war don't have any relationship with the suitable ones for the Global Coalition (to Stop Osama Bin Laden), neither with the unofficial oil ambitions.

(16) the best synthesis works about durable Freedom with those of the service of study of the British Parliament: "11 September 2001, the response" (Research Paper 01/72, and of October of 2001), operation Enduring Freedom and the Conflict in Afghanistan, an Update" (Research paper 01/81, October 31 2001) and The Campaign Against International Terrorism, Prospect After the Fall of the Taliban" (Research paper 01/112). These documents can be consulted in:;;
(17) for an analysis of the commitments, state, cf. Operation Enduring Freedom: Foreing Pledges of Military & Intelligence Support, Congressional Research Service (The Library of Congress, October 17 2001). it can consult Himself in
(18) The Globarl War on Terrorism, The First 100 Days, official document of the Coalition Information Center, it can consult himself in http://www.whitehouse.goc/news/releases/2001/12/100daysreport.pdf

The agloamericanos changes tactics then. They recover the traditional attack with bombs. The talibanes is unable to maintain their dictatorship in their territory and they are isolated in disseminated groups. Simultaneously, the Front Islamic, rebaptized Alliance of the North due to the necessities of the international communication, demolishes the disorganized lines of front of the talibanes.
The American air force is enraged then with the fugitives. The talibanes tries to regroup in Kandahar, while the winners get rid to diverse massacres, especially in Mazar-i-Sharif under the control of fanatic, talibanes and members of To the Qaeda, they meet and they hide in the mountain of Tora-Bora under a steel flood, then it negotiates their rendition at the hands of their friends pakistanцґes. In total, to Anglo-American aviation it has made 4.700 exits during those that has thrown 12.000 bombs, causing the death of more than 10.000 combatants (19) and colaterally, at least, to about 1.000 civilians (20). The military escalade leads to the American air force to abandon the theory of the concrete objectives and to use weapons of massive destruction, the bombs BLU-82 (calls cut daisies") (21), to neutralize the last combatants disseminated in the mountains.

(19) news of AFP of December 6 2001.
(20) Operation Enduring Freedom: why to Higher Rate of Civilian Bombing Casualties, project on Defense Alternatives, Briefing Report #11 (January 18 2002), in; "US Silence and Power of Weaponery Conceal Scale of Civilian Toll", in Sydney Morning Herald of January 26 2002; "Afganistans Still plows Dying ace Air Strikes Go On. But not one is Counting", by Ian Traynor, in The Guardian; and Civilian Toll in US Rainds Put at 1,000", by John Donnelly and Anthony Shadid, in Boston Globe of February 17 2002.
(21) the BLU-82 was not conceived initially for the fight, since the damages that cause are important, even for the engineers. They were good in Vietnam to destroy the forest and to rob areas of landing of helicopters.

The war finishes with the resolution 1378 (22) of the advice of Security of United Nations. Fixed the mark of spokesmen from Bonn (23) (Germany) where the different Afghan factions agree a new government (24). The round table a provisional administration that he/she wants establishes that it is presided over by the former king Zahir Shah. This gives up the position like it was foreseen, and Hamid Karzaц╞ becomes First Minister. During the war against the Soviets had been related personally with the director of the CO. of the moment, William Casey. Then, it emigrated to United States, where friend of the family Bush was made and it was hired by a branch of UNOCAL (25). The general Abdel Rachid Dostum, called Gengis Khan due to the cruelties of those that culprit was admitted a score of years ago, is able to unite on time to the Global Coalition. It will work him well: it won't be pursued by crimes of war, but rather he/she will be integrated to the new administration.

(22) resolution 1378 of the Council of Security, in
(23) I siege Official of the negotiations of Bonn:; the text of the Agreement of Bonn, it can consult himself in
(24) Strange Victory: to Critical Appraisal of Operation Enduring Freedom and Afghantistan War", by Carl Conetta, Project on Defense Alternatives, monograph #6 (January 30 2002),
(25) Afghanistan, the Taliban and the Bush Oil Team", by Wayne Madsen, in of January 23 2002.

The device been been worth, December of 2001, 6 by virtue of the resolution 1383 (26) of the advice of Security. The hundred of thousands of Afghans that you/they escaped from their country to escape to the bombings undertake the one on the way to return.

(26) resolution 1383 of the Council of Security. It can consult himself in

The operation Enduring Freedom was directed in the National Council of Security by Zalmay Khalilizad (27). the former king's consultant's Son Zahir Shah, studied its studies in North America, in the university of Chicago. It fought with the CO. in their country during the war against the Soviet Union before being nationalized American and to become consultant of the Department of State with Ronald Reagan. Under the presidency of Bush father, it was named defense undersecretary and acting a key paper in the operation Storm of Desert against Iraq. During Clinton's command he/she worked for the Rand Corporation and UNOCAL. When the negotiations went wind in stern with the talibanes, he/she took charge of their defense in the Washington Post, writing that they don't practice that antiamericanismo that professes the Iranian fundamentalists at all". it Changed tip of view when they broke the oil negotiations and he/she became the expert of reference of the Administration Bush after September 11 (28). When finishing the war, special representative was named for Afghanistan. He/she will take charge of supervising the construction of the so coveted pipeline.

(27) The Roving Eyes, Pipelineistan", investigation in two parts of Pepe Escobar, in Asia Times of the 25 and 26 of January of 2002.
(28) sees you their profile in Bush's Favorite Afghan", of Jacob Weinsberg, in Slate of October of 2001, 5 and New US Envoy to Kabul Lobbied for Taliban Oil Rights", by Jim Sengupta and Andew Gunbel, in The Independent of January 10 2002. Read you (in )con attention the writings of Zalmay Khalilzas: "Speech before the the Angeles World Affairs Council" (March 9 2000) and the one articulates written with Daniel Byrman Afghanistan: The Consolidation of to I Requested State", in The Washington Quaterly (winter 2000)

It is invited to the international press to visit the vestiges of the facilities of the talibanes and To the Qaeda, and this he/she discovers miserable shacks where they gather the inherited weapons of the war against the Soviets. But no journalist finds factories of production of chemical and bacteriological weapons, neither the centers of assembling of atomic bombs and less still the bases of launching of satellites denounced by Donald Rumsfeld.
As for the biggest army in the world, this he/she doesn't find the one sought enemy nб╨ 1 that will have stopped, while the mulah Omar escapes in motorcycle to Pakistan.
The business continue. The cultivation of the poppy can finally flourish going to the North American market (29). AND February of 2002 Hamid 9 Karzaц╞ and its homologous pakistanцґ, the general Musharraf, closes an agreement for the construction of the pipeline of central Asia (30).

(29) Opium Farmers Rejoice at Defeat of the Taliban for Richard Lloyd Parry in The Independent of November 21 2001; and Victorious Warlord Sep to Open the Opium Floodgates", by Paul Harris in The Observer of November 25 2001 (same URL that The Guardian).
(30) Musharraf, Karzai Agree Major Oil Pipeline in Co-operation Pact in Irish Times of February 9 2002.


Chapter 10


In a note edited by leonard Wong for the Institute of Strategic Studies of the American Army titled As maintaining the public's support in the military operations" (1), one can read: "the public's support in the military action is at a level comparable to which continued to the attack of Pearl Harbor. The North Americans affirm at the present time that they believe that the military action is adapted that support a lingering war and that they have the will of supporting the negative consequences of a war. Although the surveys are they favorable, the North Americans can change opinion suddenly (...) as they recover their normal life, it will diminish the support to a military action, except for if the military ones show constant progresses in the war against the terrorism, they maintain to the connected nation to their armed forces and they guarantee the interior security with effectiveness, although in a broadly invisible way". in other words, the public opinion supports the North American politics of war massively against the terrorism while the flunk lasts.

(1) Maintaining Public Support for Military Operations", by L. Wong, in Defeating Terrorism, Strategic Issues Analysis (Strategic Studie Institute). it can consult Himself:

The operation Durable Freedom began October 7 2001. The noise of the weapons goes away toward central Asia. Keeping in mind the balance of forces, the victory of the Coalition is won before liberating battle. The American public's attention begins to weaken. Indeed, when the watch is attacked of To the Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden threatens North America for television, any terrorist action of the sleeping Nets is not pointed out implanted in North American territory. You begins to doubt of the threat. What do they believe that it happened?
October 12 the press agencies diffuse alarming information. Apparently, some journalists and parliamentarian had received letters poisoned with anthrax. In total, five letters trap went correspondents to the National Enquirer, to NBC, to the New York Post and to the cabinets of the senators Daschle and Leahy. Five victims will cause. The daily life of the Americans stops. They can no longer open their mail without gloves and a handkerchief in the nose. They are drained in the trade the gas masks and the Kits of survival. The whole postal system is paralyzed. The psychosis extends for the allied countries. Everywhere of Europe they are discovered letters that contain the lethal white powder: To the Qaeda he/she has decided to pass to the attack and to use chemical and biological weapons that it has kneaded thanks to the help of technique of Saddam Hussein. United States and their allies decide to store reservations of bovine against the anthrax. Relanzan again the pharmaceutical industry when taking charge millions of dose. And then anything. Except for the five letters, the rest was not more than schoolboys' jokes and a collective hallucination. They are the five letters that contained a militarized form of anthrax that had been produced in the laboratories of the American army. The threat was internal. Bц║rbara Hatch Rosenberg, of the Federation of North American Scientists, indicates that only a fiftieth of investigators - all easily identifiable ones - they had stumps at your disposal and they were able to manipulate them (2). An anonymous letter, directed to the military base of Quantico at the end of September - that is to say before the press was informed of the anthrax attacks - it denounces the performances of old investigators of the US AMRIID, the doctor Assad. The FBI makes fusses once again and it doesn't clarify anything.

(2) Is the FBI Dragging Its Feet"?, by Bц║rbara Hatch Rosenberg, Federation of American Scientists, February 5 2002; it can consult himself in Internet:

Once overcome the panic and finished the operation lightning Durable Freedom, the public believes to be able to give turn the page. The Department of Defense takes charge of reminding him the threat. With a great reinforcement of images impactantes, particularly dangerous Terrorists are imprisoned in the military base of Guantц║namo (Cuba). The Terrorists are by plane correspondents from Afghanistan after having been drugged and bundles to their seats. In the base, they are subjected to a program of sensorial privation: mask on the eyes, helmets in the hearings, plugs in the nose.
The jurists of the defense Department (3) he/she explains without blinking that the federal laws only prohibit the he/she practices of tortures, and that these they are not applied in Guantц║namo (4), located outside of the territory of United States. As for the Constitution, he/she doesn't tell word some on the topic. The French general Paul Aussaresses that claims to have organized the torture in Algeria and that it lavished their morbid teaching ulteriorly to the North American special forces, he/she explains learnedly in television the utility of the torture (5). The international community is moved. Mary Robinson, discharge police station of United Nations for the Man's rights (and former president of the Republic of Ireland), it is indignated openly and he/she calls to the order to the North American Government (6): detained people enjoy the statute of prisoners of war defined in the Convention of Geneva. They should be treated with humanity and the judicial process should be exactly and equal.

(3) on this polemic: "Trying terrorist ace war criminals", by Jennnifer Elsea, Congressional Research Service (The Library of Congress, October 29 2001); in
(4) the base of Guantц║namo was granted to United States by 99 years for Cuba, again independent, after the Spanish American war. The lease was not renovated by Fidel Castro when it conquered. Nevertheless United States didn't evacuate Guantц║namo and it continues occupying it illegally. In international right, the Cuban law is applied in territory of the base, but the Cuban Government cannot exercise his authority.
(5) L'autre comes out guerre d'Aussaresses", by Pierre Abramivici, in him Point of June of 2001, 15 and The French Connection in the Export of Tortures for Caesar Chelala, in The International Herald Tribune of June 22 2001.
(6) declaration of the discharge would forfeit of the Man's Rights on the detention of prisoners talibanes and of To the Qaeda in Guantц║namo, United Nations, January 16 2002 (I Document HR/02/4)

* * *

While the opinion publishes he/she shivers and he/she becomes agitated, the war against the terrorism begins in the shade. Now then, the terrorism is not neither a state, neither an organization, neither a doctrine, but a world of actions. It can be used so much for governments (the dictatorship of Robespierre, in 1793, the terror was called") like for minority of the opposition. Sometimes, the terrorism is fully justified. This way, during the Second World War, the French Resistance undertook terrorist actions against the accusation forces and of collaboration, civil and military. The expression war against the terrorism doesn't have in itself more sense that war against the war."
It is certain that George W. Bush has a very limited conception of the terrorism. This way, it doesn't consider as " terrorist " the action of the squadrons of the death in Nicaragua, until the point of naming to their old one protective, John Negroponte, ambassador from United States in the UN (7). For him in a world now unipolar from the breakup of the Soviet Union, the terrorism seems to be defined as all violent form of answer to the North American leadership.

(7) Negroponte among ц║ south l'ONU a he/she votes unanimous du sц╘nat", for Jean-Guy Allard, Gramma Internationa;, October of 2001.

Bob Woodward (one of the two journalists that the Watergate uncovered), being based on the revelations of several participants and after consulting the documents of the session, there is descripto accurately in The Washington Post the meeting of the cabinet Bush during the one that the CO. obtained limitless powers to undertake the secret war against the terrorism" (8). it was September of 2001, 15 during a government seminar in Camp David.

(8) Saturday, September 15, At Camp David, Advise and Dissent", by Bob Woodward and they Give Balz, in The Washington Post of January 31 2002.

The meeting began obviously with a sentence moment that George directed W. Bush and to the one that all the assistants were invited to participate. Then, the secretary of the Treasure and the secretary of State exposed their respective participations. George Tenet, director of the CO., presented two projects based on documents with a particularly taken care presentation then. The first one was titled initial Blow: to destroy the Qaeda, to close the sanctuary [Afghan]". Tenet described the necessity to undertake secret actions against To the Qaeda, not alone in Afghanistan, but in the entire world, if it was necessary in cooperation with the services of non democratic countries. After obtaining the consent of all, he/she requested indispensable powers to carry out that objective. "Tenet wanted an attribution ordinance the quite general thing so that the CO. could drive the whole necessary secret operations without having to request a formal approval for each particular operation. Tenet assured that he/she needed new competition so that the agency could act without restrictions - and that he/she expected the president's trust to take a risk -. it Took I get a project of presidential ordinance that granted to the CO. the power of using all the instruments of the secret, included operations the murder (...) Other proposal was that the CO. reinforced its bonds with important foreign secret services. Tenet wanted to achieve the cooperation of those agencies with the hundred of millions of dollars of the budget that he/she hoped to obtain. To use such services like subcontracted it could triplicate or cuatriplicar the effectiveness of the CO. Like many things in the world of the secret operations with terrible balances as regards human rights. Some of those services have fame of being brutal and they appeal to the torture to obtain confessions."
The meeting in a less tense atmosphere. Tenet exposed its strategy in Afghanistan. Then, recovered the encouragement, presented the second document. He/she was titled Womb of the world attack". it Described secret operations in course in 90 states or operations that it recommended to begin. The actions went from the field from the routine propaganda to the murder in the preparation of military attacks". Rumsfeld, overcoming the traditional rivalries between the CO. and the Pentagon, it proved it warmly. "When the director of the CO. finished his presentation, Bush he didn't leave any doubt of those that he thought and he exclaimed with enthusiasm ' Good Trabajo'."
This secret war has already begun. In the shade, the CO. has delivered some blows everywhere from the world to the opponents to the politics of George W. Bush. The journalist Wayne Madsen has identified four celebrated victims (9):

ц╪ November 11 2001 the leader of western Papuasia, They Eluay, search was abducted a special unit of the army indonesio the KOPASSUS. This unit, implied in the massacres of Oriental Timor, it was formed by the Stay North American Behind and it is protected by the CO. Theys Eluay he/she pled for the independence of their country and it was opposed to the pillage of mining resources of Freeport McMoran, a company of Louisiana of the one that the doctor Henry Kissinger in person is managing emц╘rito.
ц╪ December of 2001, 23 Chef Ball Ige, minister of Justice of Nigeria, it was murdered in their room by a non identified command. He/she was the unfortunate candidate to the presidency on behalf of the alliance panyoruba for the democracy and it questioned the privileges granted to Chevron (of the one that Condoleezza Ruffles it was director) and Exxon Mobile (10).
ц╪ In January of 2002 the governor of the county of Aceh directed a letter to the leader of the Movement of Liberation of Aceh, Abdullah Syffi, to propose his participation in the negotiations of peace. Syffe didn't conform to with claiming the independence, it was opposed to the perforations of Exxon Mobile. It claimed the non violence - he/she was member of UNPO in the Low Countries -, and it was in the maquis. The letter contained a chip that allowed to the satellites of the NASA to locate him. A command of the KOPASSUS murdered it January 22.
ц╪ The leader of extreme right, Elie Hobeika, boss of the militias Christian Lebaneses, and their bodyguards January 24 died in an attack with car bomb. Main Hobeika responsible for the massacre of he/she will Know and Chatila (1982), he/she had faced Israel and he/she wanted to attest against Ariel Sharon in the initiate processes against this in Belgium for crimes against the humanity. The operation would have been devised jointly by the CO. and the Mossad (11).
Have they said Fight against the terrorism?"

(9) J'Accuse - Bush's Death Squards", by Wayne Madsen, in of January 31 2002.
(10) Death of to Patriot", in Newswatch of December 30 2001.
(11) Elie Hobeika, him choc d'un assassinat", and Dц╘talis exclusifs south l'attentat", in L'Hebdo Magazine of February 22 2002.

* * *

The Washington Post it publishes February 13 a long one I articulate of the doctor Henry Kissinger (12). The inspiring of the American foreign policy relates the debates in course in the capital. After the victory in Afghanistan, they are possible three options.

(12) Phase II and Iraq", by Henry Kissinger, in The Washington Post of February 13 2002.

In the first place, to consider that the work has finished and that this will suppose a lesson for those that have the temptation to imitate to the talibanes; in second place, to press to certain obliging states with the terrorists, as Somalia and the Yemen; or, in third place, to concentrate on the overthrow of Saddame Husein in Iraq to manifest the continuity of the North American will and to modify the regional balances in Half east.
And Henry Kissinger pleads for a decisive attack against Iraq combining the unfolding of forces and the support to the opposition. As the test it is positive, the Administration Bush agrees.
January 29 the president from United States pronounces among the Congress the traditional speech on the state of the Union", this time in presence of the Afghan transition Government's First Minister, Hamid Karza, and she announces the new objectives of the war against the terrorism":
"United States will pursue two big objectives without truce and with patience.
"In the first place we should close the fields of training, to destroy the plans of the terrorists and to make that they appear in the face of the justice. In second place, we should impede to the terrorists and governments that want to be endowed of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons that you/they threaten to United States and the world. Our army left the fields of the terrorists' training in Afghanistan without possibilities of harmful performances, but at least in a dozen of countries it exists others. A secret terrorist world, composed by such groups as Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad and the Jaish-i-Mohamed, operate in the forest and isolated deserts and they hide in the middle of heart of the big cities.
" (...) Our second objective consists on preventing the governments that is godfather the terrorism to threaten United States and their friends weapons of massive destruction.
"Some of those governments live calm from September 11. But we know their true character. Korea of the North is a government that is equipped with missiles with weapons of massive destruction while its population suffers famines.
"They will Leave it uses actively in to show their hostility toward United States and to sustain the terrorism. The Iraqi government plots for more than ten years to put to point the bacillus of the carbuncle, gases neurotoxicos and nuclear weapons. He/she is a government that has already used suffocating gases to kill to their own citizens' thousands, leaving the cadavers of the mothers curled up on those of their children. He/she is a government that, after having accepted the international inspections, it expelled the inspectors. In a government that hides things to the civilized world.
"Such states constitute, with their terrorist allies, a diabolical Axis and they arm to threaten the world peace"

* * *

For the allies from United States, the pressure becomes too strong. For five months they should resign in silence. During the period of mourning that continues to the attacks of September 11 it is not possible any decent critic to the American drift. And United States has taken pains exactly in to extend the mourning to its allies and to prolong it by means of all type of commemorative ceremony and televised shows.
However, February 6, the French minister of External Matters, Hubert Vц╘drine, makes a decision (13). it Acts with the First Minister's guarantee and of the President of the Republic and he/she declares in France-inter:

(12) interview of Hubert Vц╘drine with France-inter: Question Directe, February of 2002, 6 in

"We are the allies from United States, we are friends of that town. We have been sincere and deeply solidary with this tragedy of September 11, before the terrorist attack. We have committed, as many other governments, in fighting against the terrorism. Not only for solidarity with the North American town, but because it is logical and we should extirpate that wrong. It is also necessary to treat the roots. And today in day we are threatened by a new simplismo, the one of reducing all the problems from the world to the only fight against the terrorism. That is not serious.
" (...) it cannot decrease all the problems from the world to the fight against the terrorism - even although it is indispensable to fight against the terrorism - only with military means. It is necessary to treat the roots. It is necessary to treat the situations of poverty, of injustice, of humiliation, etc..
" (...) Europe should be herself. If we don't agree with the North American politics, we have to say it. We can say it and we should say it (...). to be friends of the North American town, allies from United States. We ask them that they commit, but that they commit based on the multilateralismo, to the association and to that one can speak with them. If it is necessary to go up the tone a little to make us listen, we will make it"
In Washington, Colin Powell receives the French minister's declarations with arrogance and it throws obscenities against those intellectual parisinos that are given packing". Two days later, the First Minister, Lionel Jospin, takes advantage of a meeting of the presidents of the Parliaments of the European Union to rivet the nail before an international auditory (14):

(14) address of the First Minister before the conference of presidents of the Parliaments of the European Union against the I whiten of money. National assembly February of 2002 8

"The following day of the attacks September 11, we manifest a solidarity without fissures with United States and we contribute together with them to the answer that demanded this aggression. This action against the terrorism continued with determination. But that doesn't mean at all that we should not meditate in a lucid way on the lessons that we should take out of the events of September 11. Indeed, it cannot decrease the problems from the world to the only dimension of the fight against the terrorism - whichever it is their imperious necessity -, neither to only count to solve with the predominance of the military means.
"Our conception of the world looks for to build a more balanced international community, a surer and fairrer world. This conception is based on the multilateral administration. It bets for all the cooperation forms that allow to the members of the international community; to attack the bottom problems together, since none of them can seek to solve it for itself (...) we Want that United States, without falling in the strong temptation of the unilateraliemo, commit again with us in this road, since without them, the new balances that we look for will be more difficult of reaching. As for us, we will continue working so that this conceptions prosper."
The scepticism extends for Europe. The following day he/she plays Chris Patten (European commissary in charge of the External Relationships of the Union) to Break the silence". In an interview granted to The Guardian, it develops the French critics of the absolutism and the simplismo seasoning them with sweet and sour observations about the necessity of United States of knowing how to listen their allies: "Gulliver cannot make of alone gentleman and it is not good that we consider ourselves as liliputienses that don't dare to lift the voice" (15). February 10 the infection arrives to the conference of ministers of External Matters, gathered in Cuenca (Spain). All will unite after the unexpected tandem Vedriene - Patten.
With reasons of the summit of the NATO in Berlin, the sling reaches to the alliance. The First Canadian Minister, Jean Chrц╘tien, remembers that the resolutions of the UN and the NATO only affect Afghanistan and that he/she won't understand that United States commits unilaterally in other conflicts (16).

Does he/she maybe come closer the moment of the truth?

(15) Breaking the Silence", he/she interviews with Chris Patten, in Guardian The of February 9 2002.
(16) Chrц╘tien Resists American Pressure on Iraq", by Sandra Cord, in The Halifax Herald of February of 2002, 18 and US Worries about PM's Position on Fighting Iraq", by Daniel Leblanc in Globe and Mail of February 18 2002.


Chapter 11


The elements of those that we prepare now make think that the attacks of September 11 were sponsored from the interior of the apparatus of North American State. However, this conclusion impresses us because we were accustomed to the legend of the Plot Bin Laden and because we find hard to think that the North Americans could sacrifice cynically to near 3.000 countrymen. Nevertheless, in the past, the American Combined bigger State planned - but he/she never carried out - a campaign of terrorism against its own population. It is necessary to remember the history.

* * *

In 1958, in Cuba, the rebels headed by the colonels Fidel and Raц╨l Castro, Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos overthrew to the rц╘gime marionette of Fulgencio Cambric. The new Government that is not still communist, puts an end to the systematic exploitation from the island to which you/they got rid a group of American multinationals (Standard Oil, General Motors, ITT, General Electric, Sheraton, Hilton, United Fruit, Est Indian Co.) and the family Bacardцґ from six years behind. Reciprocally, these companies convince the president Eisenhower of overthrowing the Castro supporters.
March 17 1960 the president Einserhower approves a Program of secret actions against the Castro rц╘gime comparable to the Womb of George Tenet, although only limited Cuba. Their objective is to destroy Castro's rц╘gime for other, faithfuler to the true interests of the Cuban and more acceptable town for United States, with means that avoid that it is visible the North American intervention" (1).

(1) to Program of Cover Operations Against Castro Rц╘gime", I document disqualified of the CO. with date of April 16 1961.

April 17 1961 a brigade of Cuban exiles and of mercenaries, more or less discreetly framed in the CO., he/she attempts a landing in the Bay of Pigs. The operation fails. The president John F. Kennedy that has just arrived to the White House, refuses to send to the American air force to support the mercenaries. 1.500 men are made prisoners by the Cuban authorities. Kennedy condemns the operation and it destroys the director of the CO. (Allen Dulles), to the enclosed director (you Talk Cabell) and to the director of Stay Behind (Richard Bissell). he Takes charge an internal investigation to his military consultant the general Maxwell Taylor, but he doesn't take any concrete measure. Kennedy wonders about the attitude of the Combined bigger State that gave the seen good to the operation, when it was known that it was condemned to the failure. (2)

(2) The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff", Williard J. Webb and Ronald H. Cole, DoD, 1989. "SWORDS AND PLOWSHARES", MAXWELL D. TAYLOR, 1972

Everything seems to have happened as if the generals had tried to imply United States in an open war against Cuba.
Although the President Kennedy sanctioned the methods and failures of the CO., it didn't question the politics of hostility of Washington regarding the power of the Havana. CreцЁ an enlarged special group in charge of to conceive and to carry out the anti-Castro fight. This group was compound for its brother Robert Kennedy (general District attorney), its military consultant (the general Maxwell Taylor), the national consultant of Security (Mc George Bundy), the secretary of State (Dean Rusk), attended by a consultant (Alexis Johnson), the secretary of Defense (Robert McNamara), attended by a consultant (Roswell Gillparic), the new director of the CO. (John McCone) and the boss of Combined bigger State (The general Lyman L. Lemnitzer).
This enlarged special group devised a group of secret actions contained with the generic title of operation " Mangoose " (Mangosta). to carry out them he/she takes charge the operative coordination among the Department of State, the Department of Defense and the CO. to the general Edward Lansdale (the secretary's of Defense assistant, in charge of the special operations, and in director's of the NSA quality). While, in the breast of the CO. an unit ad hoc is constituted, the Group W", directed by William Harvey.

* * *

In April of 1961 the army of United States crosses a serious crisis: the general Edward A. Walker that had raised the racist confrontations of Little Rock before taking the control you the infantry highlighted in Germany, it is deprived by Kennedy (3). it is accused of developing a proselytism of extreme right in the army. Possibly him same it belonged to the John Birch Society and to the Authentic gentlemen of the Ku Klux Klan.

(3) sees you our study them forces spц╘ciales clandestines", in you notice them d'information du reseau voltaire nб╨235. For more details, Edwin A. Walker and The Right Wing in Dallas, by Chris Cravens, South texas State University, 1993

The commission of External matters of the Senate carries out an investigation on the extreme military right. The senator Albert Gore (democratic, Tennessee), the future North American vice-president's father, takes charge of the appearances. The senators suspect that the boss of Combined bigger State, the general Lyman L. Lemnitzer, it has participated in the Plot Walker" (4). Gore knows that Lemnitzer is a specialist in secret action: in 1943 it had directed the negotiations that you/they tried that Italy put on against the Reich personally; later on, in 1944 it drove to Allen Duller the secret negotiations with the Nazi in Ascona (Switzerland) preparing their capitulation (operation Sunrise) (5). it Participated in the creation of the net Stay Behind of the NATO, aligning Nazi agents for the fight against the Soviet Union, and in the operations that allowed that those responsible for crimes against the humanity found refuge in Latin America. But Gore was not able to demonstrate its responsibility in the contemporary events.

(4) from the end of the war of Korea, the biggest general Edwin Walker was convinced that the government of united states was committed in a poetic of abandonment in front of the communist progression. After being deprived of their functions by the defense secretary, Robert McNmara, and to be censored, I foment a mutiny in the university of Mississipi to protest for the recruiting of a black professor. Then it was pursued by the general district attorney, Robert Kennedy, and stopped by seditious conspiracy, insurrection and rebellion. Benefitted by the support of the conservative press that pointed out them as the Kennedy's prisoner", it was put in freedom after paying a deposit of 100.000 dollars. Later on they found it financing a plot of the OAS to murder to you Talk Gaulle, and then impelling the committee 8F suspect of having planned John's murder F. Kennedy
(5) Allen Dulles: them Secret d'une reddition, Calmann-Lц╘vy, 1967

The secret correspondence of the general Lemnitzer, publishes recently, it demonstrates that I conspire with the commandant of the North American Forces in Europe (the general Lauris Norstad) and other officials of very high range to sabotage John's politics F. Kennedy.
The military extremists denounce the rejection from Kennedy to the military intervention in Cuba. They consider the civilians of the CO. like responsible for the bad planning of the landing in the Bay of Pigs and to the president Kennedy like a traitor to have rejected the support of the American air force. To unblock the situation they plan to give a political pretext to Kennedy to undertake a military investigation. This plan, called operation " Northwoods " (Wood of the north), he/she gives place to advanced studies formalized by the brigade general William H. Craig. The own general Lemnitzer presents the plan of Enlarged Special Group March 13 1962. The meeting takes place in the pentagon, in the secretary's of Defense office, from 14:30 o'clock up to 17:30 o'clock. it Finishes very bad: Robert McNamara rejects the plan in its group, while the general Lemnitzer hardens its opinion. They continue six months of permanent hostility among the Administration Kennedy and the Combined bigger State, then the estrangement of Lemnitzer and their appointment like boss of the armed forces of United States take place in Europe. Before leaving, the general gives the order of destroying all the prints of the project Northwodds, but Robert McNamara it conserves the copy of the memo that had been given him (6) (picture TO-1, TO-2, TO-3)

(6) the documents of the operation Northwoods was initially published in Australia by Jon Elliston (Psy War on Cuba, The Declassified History of US Anti-Castro Propaganda, Ocean Press, 1999) without it caused reaction in United States. They were exploited again by the newspaper of New ABC, James Bamford, in their history of the NASA (Body of Secret, Anatomy od The Ultrasecret National Security Agency from The Cold War to Dawn od to New Century, Doubleday, 2001) raising a great shock then among the historians.

The realization of this operation necessarily implied the death of numerous North American, civil and military citizens. But their human cost is in fact it he/she makes effective the relationships of manipulation.

* * *

For John F. Kennedy, Lemnitzer is a hysterical anticommunist supported by multinationals without scruples. The new president understands the sense of her predecessor's warning now, the president Eisenhower, one year before, during her speech of final of command: "In Government's advice, we should guard against of the acquisition of an illegitimate influence, either looked for or not, of the military and industrial complex. It exists and the risk of a tragic development of an usurped power will persist. We should never let that the weight of this conjunction threatens our freedoms or the democratic processes. We should not consider anything as experience. Alone the surveillance and the civic conscience can guarantee the balance between the influence of the gigantic industrial and military machinery of defense and our methods and peaceful objectives, so that the security and the freedom can grow meetings" (9).

(9) Dwight Eisenhower, Farewell Burns", January 17 1961.

In definitive, John F. Kennedy before the general Walker, Lamnitzer and their friends, and it rejects to commit more North America in a war to ultranza against the communism, in Cuba, Laos, Vietnam or where it is. It is murdered November 22 1963 (10).

(10) William Reymand: JFK, AUTOPSIE D'UN CRIME D'ETAT, FLAMMARION, 1998.

The general Lemnitzer goes into retirement in 1969. But in 1975, when the Senator begins the investigations on the exact paper of the CO. during the Administration Nixon, Gerald Ford that provisionally exercises the presidency from the scandal of the Watergate, asks him him to participate in this investigation. After helping to bury the polemic, Ford requires it again to encourage a group of pressure, the CPD (Committee on The present Danger). This association is a creation of the CO., then directed by George Bush father that is carrying out the campaign against the Soviet danger. Among their administrators it is several responsible for the CO. and Paul D. Wolfowitz (Current enclosed secretary of Defense, in charge of the operations in Afghanistan). Parallelly, Gerald Ford promotes the brigade general William H. Craig that directed the preliminary studies of the operations Northwoods, director of the NSA (National Security Agency).
The general Lyaman L. Lamnitzer dies November 12 1988.
In 1992 the North American public opinion wonders what it passed with the president's murder Kennedy after the diffusion of Oliver's movie Stone that shows the incoherences of the official version. The president Clinton orders the desclasificaciцЁn of many files of the period Kennedy. Among the papers of the secretaries of Defense Robert McNamara is the only copy that it has conserved of the project Northwoods.

* * *

This historical president reminds us that, unfortunately, you/he/she is not impossible an internal American conspiracy that had foreseen to sacrifice North American citizens in the mark of a terrorist campaign. In 1962 John F. Kennedy resisted to the raving of his bigger State. I probably pay it with their life. We don't know which it would have been the reaction of George W. Bush if has had to face the same situation.
The history of United States shows us that the internal terrorism is one he/she practices in development. From 1966 the FBI publishes a he/she informs current on the acts of interior terrorism (11): 4 in 1995, 8 in 1996, 25 in 1997, 17 in 1998, 19 in 1999. These anteados was perpetuated for the most part by military and paramilitary groups of extreme right.

(11) Terrorism in United States, FBI". it can consult Himself in: /

* * *

The lieutenant's declaration Delamrt Edward Vreeland before the Superior tribunal of Toronto (Canada) (12) he/she adds credibility to the existence of a conspiracy in the breast of the armed forces of United States to perpetrate the attacks of September 11.

(12) this topic has been object of four articles of Nick Pron in the Toronto Star: "Did this Man Predict Sep. 11"? (October 23), US looks Into Inmate's Story, Jail Man Said has tried To Warn About Attacks" (October 25) and Was Emassy Worker Poisoned"? (January 21 2002) do the third articulate reference he/she also makes to a testimony in the preparation of the murder of a magistrate. The total change of the police in this other matter seems to have been used to try to discredit Vreeland. On the other hand, Michael Ruppert, editor of From The Wildeness that is in contact with the lawyers of Vreeland, dedicates several articles to this matter in

Stopped by fraud with credit card, the lieutenant Vreeland defended alleging its ownership to the American Marina secret services (Naval Intelligence). it Counted to the police that had gathered information in Russia on the murder of Marc Bastien, an employee money of the embassy of Canada in Moscow, and on the preparation of the attacks in New York. After checking that Marc Bastien had not been murdered, but rather he/she had died when ingesting an overdose of antidepressants when it was in state of drunkenness, the police discarded the words of Vreeland that I compare to a lamentable defense. It was imprisoned.
August of 2001 Vreeland 12 gave a closed envelope to the penitentiary authority that contained their declaration on the future attacks. The Canadian authorities didn't give him any importance. September 14 opened the envelope and they found a precise description of the attacks before made three days in New York. Immediately it was interrogated to the Pentagon, but the answer was received it was that Delmart " Mike " Vreeland the Marina had abandoned in 1986 due to her limited capacity and that I/you/he/she had never been dedicated to the Naval Intelligence. The federal procurator discarded the statements of Vreeland exclaiming before the Superior Tribunal of Toronto: " Is this history possible? I cannot say that it is impossible, only it is not commendable."
First repercussion: the forensic doctor, line Duchesne, retracts on the causes of death of the diplomatic Marc Bartien and it concludes that it was murdered. The words of Vreeland recover their credibility. Second repercussion: during a public audience of the Supreme Tribunal of Toronto January 25 2002: the lieutenant's lawyers Vreeland, Mister Rocco Galati and Paul Dlansky, calls with speaker to the power station of the Pentagon. Before the magistrates that listen the conversation they obtain the confirmation that their client was in active service in Marina. Also, when they request to speak with their superiors, the operator communicates them for a direct line with Naval Intelligence.

* * *

Consequently these attacks were known by five services of informations (German, Egyptian, French, Israeli and Russian), for an agent of the Naval Intelligence, for anonymous authors of messages of alert correspondents to Odigo, without speaking of the possessors of confidential information that it speculates in the Bag. Up to where the filtrations arrived? Until where do the implications extend?
Bruce Hoffman, vice-president of the Rand Corporation, declared during its appearance in the Camera of the Representatives that, for its magnitude, the attacks were unimaginable (13). it is the most sought-after expert's unquestionable opinion. With an annual budget of 160 millions, the Rand Corporation (14) it is the biggest private center of investigations as regards strategy and military organization of the world.

(13) appearance of September 26 2001; it can consult himself in: http//
(14) I siege official of the Rand Corporation:

it is the noted expression of the North American military and industrial lobby. Presided over by James Thomson, it has among their administrators Ann McLaughin Korologos (former president of the Insitut Aspen) and Franck Carlucci (president of the Carlyle Group). Condoleezza Ruffles and Donald Rumsfeld was administrating of this while its official officials allowed it to him. Zalmay Khalilzad was also its analyst.
But Bruce Hoffman lies: in a conference it publishes for the US Air I Forced Academy in March of 2001 (that is to say six months before the attacks), it in fact considered the unimaginable script of September 11 (15). Going to an auditory of superior officials of the American air force, it indicated that we try to prepare our weapons against To the Qaeda, the organization - or maybe the movement - associated to Bin Laden (...) they Think for a moment what was the attack with bombs against the World Trade Center in 1993. Now, observe that it is possible to demolish the North Tower on the south Tower and to kill 60.000 people (...) they Found other weapons, other tactics and other means to reach their targets. They have a great fan of weapons, among those that are the guided airplanes."
What future vision, not?

(15) Twenty-First Century Terrorism, in The Terrorism Threat and US Goverment Response: Operational and Organizational Factors", US Air Forced Academy, Institute for National Security Studie, March of 2001. The bruce text Hoffman is available in

* * *

to calm down to the warlike enthusiasm of the Republican party, the democrats accepted, in the voting of the law of finances of 200, the constitution of a commission of evaluation of the organization and the planning of the security of United States in special matter. The commission presented its report (16) January of 2001, 11 some days before its president, the honorable Donald Rumsfeld, became secretary of Defense of the Administration Bush and he/she abandoned its armchair in the advice of administration of the Rand Corporation. Eight of their twelve members were general retired. All were in favor of the shield antimisiles". so that the 32 days of work of the commission were not given to study the situation, but to look for arguments that justified to posteriori the convictions common of their members.

(16) report of the Commission to Assess U.S. National Security Space Management and Organization (

for the Commission Rumsfeld", the space is a military field comparable to the earth, the air and the sea. It should have their own army, equivalent to the Army, the air force and the Marina. United States should occupy this field and to prevent that any other power settles in him. Thanks to this asymmetry of means, their military supremacy will be unanswerable and limitless.

The commission Rumsfeld has presented ten proposals:

1. the Space Army should depend directly on the President.
2. the president should have a consultant in space matter so that United States exploits the best thing possible its advantage
3. the different agencies of information should be coordinated and subordinates to the Space Army in the breast of the National Council of Security.
4. the use of the Space Army, to the being at the same time a tool of information and a he/she arms lethal, it presupposes the secretary's of Defense coordination and the numerous services of information; these last first floor the unique authority of the director of the CO.
5. the secretary of Defense should have enclosed an undersecretary for the Space
6. the space commandant should be different from the air commandant.
7. the Space Army should can to use the services of the other weapons
8. the NRO (agency of space imagery) it should be linked the undersecretary of the air force.
9. the secretary of Defense should supervise in person the investigations in investigation and space development, so that the asymmetry grows between the North American forces and those of the other military powers.
10. They should unblock impotent budgetary resources for the military space program.

Besides denouncing the treaty ABM 1972, this ambitious person program of militarizaciцЁn of the space it supposes some reformations in the organization and the North American strategy that seem impossible. For it, the Commission Rumsfeld writes: "the history is full with situations in those that the warnings are ignored and resistance was opposed to the changes until an external event, tribunal until the moment ' imposible', forced the hand of the bureaucratic reticences. The question that thinks about is to know if United States will have the wisdom of it acted in a responsible way and to reduce its space vulnerability as soon as possible. Or if, I eat it already happened in the past, the only event able to galvanize the energy of the Nation and to force the Government from United States to act, be a destructive attack against the country and its population, a ' Pear tree Harbor espacial'.
"We have been alerted, but we are not alert"
For Donals Rumsfeld and the generals of the air force, the events of September 11 constitute in certain way a divine surprise", according to the expression used by the French Fascists when the defeat allowed them to overthrow the gueuse and to give full powers to phelippe Pц╘tain.
September 11, at 18:45 o'clock, Donald Rumsfeld god a press conference in the pentagon (17). to manifest the unit of North America in that difficult moment, the democratic and republican leaders of the commission senatoria of Defense had united to him. One didn't have the president's news Bush and the world waited with restlessness the North American answer. With everything, in full conference, in direct entity cameras of the international press, Donald Rumsfeld faced with the senator Carl Levin (democratic, Michigan): "You, as well as other democratic representatives in the congress, it has expressed the fear of not having enough resources to finance the important increase of the budgets of Defense requesting for the Pentagon, especially the defense antimisiles. He/she fears that one has to appeal to funds of the Social Security to finance this effort. Is this type of events that has just taken place enough to convince that it is urgent that this country increases the expenses dedicated to its defense and that, if it is necessary, it will be necessary to take out funds of the Social Security to pay the military expenses? - The increase of the military expenses? -"
A flare that could be interpreted like a confession.

(17) New DoD Briefing on Pentagon Attack; it can consult himself in